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    You CAN Stop the World and Get Off......90 Minutes at a Time

    in Health

    When I stepped into the pool with Julie I didn't know what to expect.  When I got out 90 minutes later, I felt like I had just returned from a 2 week vacation at the Mermaid Hilton.   
    Not many people have heard of Watsu.  All day long, I treat people whose bodies are knotted with the effects of stress. That would not be the case if everyone had a chance to receive a Watsu session on a regular basis.  
    Watsu is a wonderful experience on its own.  Sometimes it is combined with psychotherapy to help work through emotional trauma as well as other issues.  It can also be combined with traditional Swedish massage on the table for the best massage you have ever had.  
    I asked Julie Angel to come on my show explain, as well as answer questions - yours and mine - about Watsu.  She has graciously agreed to do so.
    Don't miss it!

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    #151 Guest Trudy Jaggar and Aquatic Bodywork

    in Spirituality

    Please join Dave the Mystic on Monday, 9/9/13 at 8PM MDT with guest Trudy Jagger, the owner of Celestial Seahorse, a warm salt water therapy pool located in Lakewood, CO.  Trudy discovered Watsu in 1997 and has since learned Healing Dance, Jahara Technique, Water Dance, Aqua Doula, and Reiki.  The name, Celestial Seahorse, is derived from feelings of complete freedom that clients have had in the water as if they were floating in outer space or ocean realms.
    Aquatic bodywork combines the energy of the water and the power of intention in order to provide a spaceto "let go", be taken care of, rejuvenated, and allow healing to happen innately.  Since ancient times, people have believed that "Taking the Waters" is purifying to one's soul.  Modeled after the principles of Zen Shiatsu, Watsu allows the muscles to go into deeper states of relaxation when they no longer need to support the body, which allows for calming of the sympathetic nervous system. 
    Contact info: Phone: 303-202-0684 E-mail: celestialseahorse@comcast.net www.celestialseahorse.com

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    Ms. Audrey Filardi, Full Circle Wellness LLC

    in Health

    Host, Pia Louise welcomes Healing Arts Therapist, Audrey Filardi.  A Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and Watsu Practitioner, Audrey also maintains her program as a Fitness Coach and Swim Instructor.  Pia met Audrey when they were both massage students. Audrey lives a balanced healthy lifestyle as an herbalogist, vegetarian and visual artist with a husband and lovely daughter. You are in nurturing hands and supported by a caring counselor in Audrey. Pia is happy to reunite with Audrey on the show.  
    Pia and Audrey will share the benefits of massage and water massage better known as WATSU. Increase circulation, connection and well being within your body. Reiki also comes into play because the study of massage lends itself to working with energy to support healing and wellness. More importantly than listening......if you're in the Philadelphia/SouthJersey area book a session with Audrey and experience rejuvination. 
    Audrey shares her Holistic Lifestyle philosophy with all of her clients. Full Circle Wellness LLC is located in Sweetwater, NJ.
    http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=26216129&trk=tab_pro   http://www.fullcirclewellness.abmp.com/

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    Rockin the Soul Show

    in Lifestyle

    Welcome To TouchStone Wellness Radio!
     "Rockin The Soul" with Author/ Medicine Woman, Tammi Georgia and her daughter, Sarah Skidmore, Student/ Actress is a lighthearted yet thought provoking talk show. 
    Join us for the Month of Feb-for our series "Matters of the Heart"
    Feb 4th special guests Tamara Guterman of Center for Healing and Theri Thomas of AquaTherics.
    Can You Watsu???
    Each week we will have rousing guests who will share their personal TouchStone Moments. We will hear how they manage those pivotal moments in life and what thier plan is for the greater good of humanity.
    We'll find those golden nuggets that enlighten the soul journey and create a sacred space on the air for you and I to explore the Great Mystery.

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    The Relaxing Yet Powerful Experience of Aquatic Therapy

    in Health

    Have you heard of Watsu Aquatic Therapy?  Watsu Therapist Leigh Downing (www.AustinWatsu.com) shares what it is, who can benefit, and what conditions (including stress) respond positively to this unique therapy.  She describes a Watsu session, and also shares the related therapy of Waterdance (it’s not what you think).  
    Awakening in Austin showcases the diverse and powerful community of holistic, metaphysical and energy practitioners in and around Austin, and brings the best of their knowledge to you. Awakening In Austin is a project of http://HigherSelfEnterprises.com  and hosted by Sara Pencil Blumenfeld. To be interviewed, recommend someone be interviewed, or comment on the show, please email awakeninginaustin@gmail.com.

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