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    The Apple App Store Needs An Enema!

    in News

    Apple's beloved App Store is full of great apps and games.  BUT...  Are they doing it right?  Find out why they need to clean up, clean out, or fess up to the nonsense

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    Welcome 2016 Astrologically- What Is In Store For Us - Annette and Janet

    in Spirituality


    Annette McCoy is here with regular guest Janet Hickox, a gifted and passionate Astrolger who specialises in Human Design Astrology

    Do you ever wonder about astrology, and what it could reveal about your life and personality?
    Are U wondering what 2016 may hold for U? Call in for a mini reading with Janet, have your birth date, time and place ready when U dial USA (347) 202 0232

    First show for 2016
    Welcome back to Angel Heart Radio
    We trust this year has begun well for U


    "Tapping into the Wisdom of the Cosmos to Uplift, Empower & Enlighten People to Their Personal Genius" is Janet Hickoxs passion, her joy and her brilliance. 


     Janet Hickox is a regular guest on Angel Heart Radio at this time of the month!

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    SCI Encouragement Group--Becoming a Store Customer

    in Podcasting

    In the latest edition of the Encouragement Group host David Gerber talks about becoming a store customer in recovery. We all know what a window shopper is, and many people enter into recovery "just browsing." What happens when we become store customers and dive into our recovery? The possibilities are endless. Listen in as the miracles that are experienced every day at St. Christopher's Inn will be shared.

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    Clues You Might Be Best Friends and the Horrors of Stumbling into an Adult Store

    in Women

    Host Anna Lind Thomas and co-host/best friend Laura Perkins talk about clues you might be best friends with someone. As always the podcast takes unexpected twists and turns, including the horrors of stumbling into adult stores, Facebook pet peeves, and when friend loyalty goes too far. Grab your best friend, a bottle of wine and listen and laugh with us!

    Follow @HooHasPodcast and Like our Facebook Page. 

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    Righteous Resistance or Slavish Submission to Ungodly Government?

    in Politics Conservative

    For more than 50 years an increasing number of "Christian" pulpits in America have taught the Christians must be completely obedient to all government demands.   They say Christians should not even be involved in politics.  But is that what the Bible says?  Is that doctrine encouraged / required in scripture or are there circumstances under which God's Word illustrates God's honoring and rewarding those who practice "Righteous Resistance?"

    Most of the slides presented here tonight are courtesty of RestoreAmerica.org.     The audio segment comes from Pastor JC Hall, just 26 minutes long.  After that we will take calls (See Call In Number Above) and discuss the issue of what God expects of us when the Government places itself above the "laws of Nature and of Nature's God."  Let's talk about the Biblical examples presented, perhaps you can think of a few more?

    Call in to listen @ (646) 787-1987  Press "1" to talk to the host


    Your Host:  Mike Warner
    Editor:  TennesseeWatchman.com | 3rdGA.org 

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    Next Great Awakening Success: What We Are Commanded To Do

    in Politics Conservative

    Some are not going to like this but the evidence is undeniable.  Our nation has turned away from the God of the Bible because His Church has ceased to be the people of "the book."  The Bible is the Word of God.  When we hide His word in our hearts, according to King David, helps us to resist the power of sin.  It also causes us to reflect God's light to others.  

    This program is about introducing truths and tools that, with God's help, can restore our nation to the principles upon which this nation was formed, founded and then revived at least twice before.  We will share some things found this past week we pray will make a difference in your life and in Kingdom of our dear Lord and Savior.

    "If you Love Me Keep My Commandments."  List...   David Barton

    Read Through The Bible Plans:  BackToTheBible.org Plans   |   BibleGateway.com Plans

    Learn & Teach The Constitution:  TheAmericanView.com   |   KrisanneHall.com

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    Chevron Shawty Presents... "Corner Store Legend" The mixtape

    in Hip Hop Music

    Jonathan Watson also known as Chevron$hawty hails from Huntsville, Alabama and is a very gifted rapper/songwriter who has a conscious yet gritty approach to his craft. Chevron chooses to focus more on the realness of the human conditions of life without privileges. You can hear this in the many songs that Chevron$hawty has ghost written for in the Huntsville Alabama area and throughout the whole South.
    -Chevron broke onto the music scene in 2004 with a very powerful campaign. However his debut single “She’s The One” alongside another prominent Huntsville Producer, Mista Freezy took place in early 2009 where he has been going full throttle ever since.

    Chevron$hawty has been featured on many Mix tapes including Dj Dirty Money’s TrapBoi Musik volumes 60 and 63, ChilliGrindWill Down South Hooligan’s Vol. 1, Dj Ken’s trap Monsters Vol.6, and TheRealDjAce’s Beast Mode 3, His most notable to date is on the Southern Smoke mix tape “Amount to This” which is hosted by Dj Smallz. All of these mix tapes are currently free download which can be found on datpiff.com or livemixtapes.com.

    Continue to look out for MattressKingg and the rest of the Money Hungry Mogul Family! Check out his newest Mixtape Corner Store Legend- available Free Download on Spinrilla.Com and Bando Block 3 Hosted By Chevron$hawty & Bread Winner Kane (Kevin Gates Artist) on the major side of Livemixtapes!


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    Alex's Reviews on AVN: Live Aquaria and School Of Fish INC

    in Pets

    On Alex's Reviews, I will be reviewing all sorts of things.... Restaurant reviews some LIVE on Location, fish stores, and just about anything you could imagine. I love to review things if you can't tell! I figured to start this show, I'd review the 2 fish stores I bought from this week.... my local fish store School Of Fish INC and for the first time in 6 years I bought fish online from Live Aquaria! 

    Topics for the show:

    ~ What I got from School of Fish INC and Live Aquaria

    ~ Why I shop at School of Fish INC and Live Aquaria

    ~ My thoughts and review of School of Fish INC and Live Aquaria

    ~ Diver's Den chat!

    Enjoy the show and feel free to join the chat.

    From School of Fish Inc I got:

    Naso Tang

    Blue Hippo Tang

    Snowflake eel

    One Spot Foxface

    Blue Throat Trigger

    From Live Aquaria Diver's Den:

    Yellow Belly Dogfaced Puffer










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    Interposition: The Moral; Biblical; and Legal Remedy For Unjust and Wicked Laws

    in Politics Conservative

    Host:  Mike Warner  Websites:  3rdGA.org   |   TennesseeWatchman.com  | 

    Tonight we will share an excellent message from a Pastor John Weaver on INTERPOSITION.  Those who hold power in our nation today have rejected godly wisdom and surplanted it with the wisdom of man.  You will hear tonight how from the beginning or recorded history human wisdom had brought about the distruction or near distruction of one nation after another.   The more fortunate of them found the wisdom of God interposed for the wretchedness of men's wisdom to protect the people and their nation.

    This past week I once again saw the refusal of Tennessee Legislators to uphold their oaths of office and stand in the gap between an unjust opinion of the U.S. Supremem Court and the people in favor of, at least to them, a less risky "solution" basing their confidence in the flesh.  HB1412 was killed in committee by a 4 to 1 vote preventing 94 other State Representatives AND THEIR CONSTITUENTS from having a voice in the matter.  [Article]

    I am encouraging everyone who believe God's Law is the measure by which every law written by men should be measured to run for some political office.  Let God be you campaign manager and your source of wisdom, and pray!

    If you are logged into "BlogTalkRadio.com" we can discuss the issues as they are talked about in the message being presented on the text blog below.  When the message ends we can discuss it over the phone.  May God bless you!

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    Psychic/Medium Benjamin Daniel Hall

    in Spirituality


    My own psychic visions and conversations with spirits started when he was only 5 years old. Knowledge of my near death experience simply put everything into perspective. In high school I started sharing past life dreams, showing off my psychometry skills (ability to make relevant associations from an object to the owner of that object). I would share moments of precognition with family and friends. My grandmother told me, before she passed, that I would need to get an Ouija board as I would need it in the future. While in the military and stationed at The Great Lakes Illinois, my commanding officer was told of my abilities. I was called in for a formal meeting and informed that the Navy had a place for people with my abilities. Instinctively my response was to deny my abilities. After that I decided to keep my abilities to myself until I left the Navy. I turned to Tarot as a way to make extra money while in college and it almost seemed as if college was more in the way of my spiritual work, which felt more like my life’s purpose. I would travel doing TV appearances and psychic readings while still in school. Spiritual work seemed to be my future. For the past 25 years I have owned and operated New Age Centers in Florida and Denver while holding a full time job in Nuclear Medicine. At present I am back in Florida and have opened yet another Metaphysical shop here in Tampa, Earth Angel Gifts. This is the second store of that name I have opened in Tampa Florida. This is an Angelic themed gift shop with new and used metaphysical books, stone jewelry, specialty candles from “Coventry Creations”, and oils by “Valentina Home Brewed”.  Earth Angel Gifts is a great source to finding out about local Psychics or just to hang out and talk about metaphysics.

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    Happy Chinese New Year the year of the Monkey! What does it mean for you?

    in Self Help

    Happy Chinese New Year!  February 8th marks the beginning of the year of the Monkey.  What lies in store for you? And, owing to it’s 5000 year old existence, understanding what the year of the Monkey means to you can prove to be astoundingly timely and accurate. Listen in as we discuss things to do and not do so you can have a prosperous new year!