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    Ep 97 - 11-time WAMMY winner Patty Reese

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    Original Roots/Blues Rock and Soul artist Patty Reese joins us for this episode.  Patty is winner of eleven WAMMYs including Album of the Year, Artist of the Year and Roots Rock Vocalist! With the voice and musicianship on Patty Reese’s latest release Strong Medicine, it couldn’t be more clear that the medicine is working.

    Attitude.  Soul.  Power.


    Call in to talk with Patty -- 347.308.8792.

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    The Rant: Double Wammy

    in Sports

    Double the pleasure, double the fun........ DOUBLE THE SUCK!! In honor of not doing a show last week, and in honor of Jason Collins, we are giving you not 1 BUT 2 HOURS OF THE RANT!!!!!!!!!
    We are going all out on this episode. Double the "Top Ten". And the introduction of our new segment "Double Jeopardy".
    We will also talk sports of course. Jason Collins and his double penetration, NBA and double sweeps, the NFL and double coverage. Everything DOUBLE!!!
    So join us live every Tuesday nights at 10 pm and call in the show 347-324-3324. Join our fanpage at www.facebook.com/TheRantSports AND follow us on Twitter @TheRant_Sports

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    Larry Double Wammy The Hangover Episode

    in Fun

    Lawrence's birthday party goes into it's SECOND DAY y'all... for real.  (We party hard over here in Philly...)

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    The Larry Double Wammy Birthday Party!

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    We's celebrating Lawrence's 33rd B-Day on location @ beautiful Starlight Ballroom!  Me thinks nincompoopery, tomfofoolery utter debauchery is afoot.

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    Larry Double Wammy The Hangover Episode

    in Fun

    Lawrence's B-Day party goes into it's SECOND day y'all...

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    DOUBLE K'S CLASSROOM Episode 8 Season 1

    in Sports

    On this week’s episode of Double K’s classroom we will be discussing both the Eastern and Western Conference Finals in the NBA and the Eastern and Western Conference Finals for the NHL as well. That’s right you are getting a double wammy episode as we will be discussing both Basketball and Hockey this week. And join us after that discussion as Double K gives you his top 5 rivalries in sports today. Also be sure to get over to www.westcoastbias-wcb1.blogspot.com that’s Double K’s classroom the blog!!! And place your votefor the Tournament of champions and the week 4 matchup…

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    Black Bag talks with Carey Creed!

    in Music

    Local Washington artist Carey Creed joins us to talk about her latest CD.  Carey is an award winning musician whose honeyed vocals wrap you with each lyric and her interpretation of any song makes you listen a second and third time, appreciating each note more and more.  She has won many local Wammy awards and we know someday that she will be a Grammy award winning artist.  Join us with a cup of coffee and enjoy a chat with Carey Creed. 

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    Repopulation of the Nation -Relationship Strengthening

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    It’s about that time, no, not for the Mid Week Massacre.  It’s time for Thanksgiving.  Yes, it’s that time of year to get with your family.  The ones you like to see the ones you don’t like to see and the ones that make you uncomfortable to be around.  Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we’ll give you a rundown of what’s going on this week.
    We’ve got a brand new show for you today.  Since this is a Holiday show we have added extra time on this show so we might go a little, actually a lot over the 2 hr mark so please stay tuned for the whole thing.  We brought out everybody for this one.  The show will be hosted by: Terrra and Reese the Beast with Special Guest Sammy Wammy.  DJ Stones and Kross will be on deck as well.  We will discuss Black Friday Etiquette, Tickle Me Elmo, Relationship Building (we cannot ship your spouse anywhere), Why you should move away from the Thanksgiving Table and much more.  You ain’t gotta do sh!t tomorrow anyway.  Make sure you don’t miss this show.   
    The music this week is especially special this week.  We’ve go on the 30 Minute Massacre and our very own DJ Stones on the 1s and 2z.  Since this is another RnB extravaganza we have Brandy, Monica, Johnny Gill, Shurlock, Tank, Levert, Alicia Keys, Ashanti, Cassie, Horrace Brown, Sammy Wammy and more.  Don’t miss it!
    Listen on your SmartPhone or dial (213)943-3498

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    Independence Day

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    We’re getting back into the swing of things for the next few weeks.  The year just started, the 5 day work weeks and school scheduling will be something we are all going to have to deal with for the time to come.  Buckle up, hold on tight because there will be bumps in the road.  Never fear, we are here to make you laugh, think and unwind for a couple hrs a week.
    This is the MID WEEK MASSACRE so you know how we do!  First we are going to Give God the Glory because that’s just what we do.  For the news we are going to talk about the Meek Milli and Cassidy Beef (whatever the hell that is all about), why Peeblez The (BOOTY) Model is locked up for first degree murder and a couple of surprises.  We’ve got an interview from Dream Team Mgmt Phancy J that will talk about many aspects of her career and life.  This is our Independent Day Show so ALL music except the 30 Minute and Mass Massacre will be from Independent artists
    The Music this week will be from artists all over the country.  We’ve got Game, Ricky Rozay, French Montana, Future, Sammy Wammy, TI, Kendrick Lamar, Phancy J, Carolina Slim, Nova Supreme, Sound Bloom, and more. DJ King Supreme will man the 1s and 2z for the 30 Minute Massacre.  DJ Stones is going to take us out with the Mass Massacre.  Hosted By: Terrra and DJ Stones
    You can listen on your Smartphone or (213)943-3498.

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    Faulkner Tarot Special with the Evil Twinnies !

    in Spirituality

    Tonight it's a double wammy special with the evil twinnies!  Rhiannon Faulkner and Anne-Marie Kell (the approved faulkner trainer from Lincolnshire) are giving you an extra long show and they will both be giving free tarot readings ! Join the laughs in the chatty roomy and call in on 001 949 203 4789 to get your questions answered (: