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    Twot Waffle Hour is the newest show on the radio

    in Comedy

    This is the first live show of the twot Waffle hour. We hope you all tune in and listen live.


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    The Waffle House Robbery Story

    in Religion

     As the story goes, two “good natured” young men entered a Waffle House soliciting donations.  Those in the Waffle House couldn’t help but have “sympathy” for one of them.  The young man was “woefully burdened” with a “fire arm”.  He “begrudgingly” made sure they all had a good view of his “infirmary”, as this made getting donations much easier.  Becoming aware of the infirmed young man’s “woeful burden”, the employees and customers donated generously out of “charitable” hearts.

    Unbeknownst to the two kind young men, one “nasty” customer was carrying “sleeping medicine” in the form of a concealed weapon.  The “nasty” customer also had one of those “despicable” permits to carry the weapon and the will and skill to use it.  When one of the “highly respectable” young men approached him, the customer wasted no time in administering the “medicine” at which time the “angelic” young man began his celestial dirt nap.  Yes, the kind, fun loving, young man that was “woefully burdened” with the “fire arm” was now relieved of his burden and permanently sleeping. 

    Remember there were two young men in need of money.  After seeing his friend begin his dirt nap, the other “kind” young man, convinced the “mean nasty” citizen that he was in no need of medicine and was not ready for a nap.  He turned and departed in haste. No innocent bystanders were injured by the “benign” actions of the “kind” young men as they solicited donations at Waffle House. 



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    The Gospel According To Waffle House

    in Christianity

    Interview with Ronnie McBrayer, author of The Gospel According To Waffle House. Be sure to check out Jesustrucksandcoffee.com for full show notes and links to Ronnie's work.

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    Late Night with Waffle House Radio

    in Comedy

    Please Join us while the crew of Waffle House Radio come live to you from a lonely Waffle house deep in the woods of Alabama. bringing you today's hot gossip, prank calls, and mixing the hits with a side of grits! Please call in to the show and share what is on your mind! Big Breasted women are always welcome!

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    Transformed Traveler features Expedia's Sarah Waffle Gavin

    in Lifestyle

    The Transformed Traveler welcomes Expedia to discuss upcoming summer vacations.

    After months of  freezing temperatures, it’s FINALLY time to plan a warm weather getaway. And while Florida beaches and Caribbean cruises usually top the list for many travelers, our next guest has some alternative deals to get you to the water’s edge.

     Joining us live from Seattle with the inside scoop is Expedia Senior Editor and all-around travel expert Sarah Gavin.

    1.     Traditionally, Memorial Day weekend is one of the most popular weekends for travelers to hit the beach. Do you have any destination ideas to help us avoid the beach crowds?

    2.     What are some of the best options out there to get the most for your money this summer?  

    3.     Being smart and aware of your surroundings when traveling abroad is key. Do you have any tips for travelers to remain safe and sound?

    4.     Are there certain parts of Mexico that are better travel destinations for families versus couples looking for a quick getaway?


    Biography - Sarah Gavin

    As Head of Communications for Expedia, Sarah Waffle Gavin holds responsibility for corporate and consumer media relations, influential programs across press, bloggers, and social media for the Expedia brand. Foodie, tech geek, traveler and mom of four, when she's not strolling through the shops of Manhattan or sitting poolside in Mexico, she hangs her hat in the burbs of Seattle, Washington at the intersection of travel, technology, and motherhood.



    This show is presented by Rowman Littlefield's latest book- Life Lessons from Family Vacation. Purchase at www.amazon.com today.

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    Waffle House Radio - Prank Calls and More!

    in Comedy

    Live from a waffle house in Alabama, Southern Comedy at its finest. Please Call in!

  • Make the Most of Monday

    in Fun

    It's International Strange Music Day, and sometimes strange music can be iritating, but don't blow your top, just because Mt. Vesuvius did on this day in the year 79. Have a piece of Peach Pie, or a plate of Waffles, be cool, and remember that Monday sets the pace for the rest of the week.


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    Muddy Monday

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    It's International Mud Day, Waffle Iron Day, and Please Take my Children to Work Day. And just so you have many fond memories of celebrating these events, it's also Camera Day. But that's not all - listen in to find out what you can be celebrating.

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    SIDETRACKED Episode 122: Draw the Prophet Contest

    in Fun

    Main Topic: Draw the Prophet Contest

    Side Topics:  Failing Federal Benefit Programs.  Waffle House masturbator fired.  San Francisco criminal cases are being dropped due to.... Offensive TEXTS from the arresting Officers?  Chinese amusement park has a ride that simulates Cremation.  A Mother enters legal battle in order to give birth to her dead daughter's baby.  BBQ joint to host White Appreciation Day... wait till you hear the kicker.

    All This in 30 Minutes!!

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    (WUN) Love Radio - Chicken & Waffle Comedy Wake Up

    in Radio

    The Worldwide Underground Nation Radio  (WUN) was created on December 5, 2009. Our original format was athletes of color in action sports. Interviews, music, fashion and sports news were the key elements of (WUN) Love Radio. 

    As voices were raised by current social events the show began to grow and mature into a very successful radio program. (WUN) Love Radio has kept its underground ground roots by refusing offers from mainstream media outlets.

    Join us tonight as we discuss current events, surf news and music. Your host for this evening is the craziest female on radio - the Queen of Xtreme Rokki. Tune in at 9:30 PST

    Catch us at www.wunmagazine.com or Twitter: WUNMagazine Facebook: (WUN) Magazine & (WUN) Love Radio

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    in Current Events

    Obama wants to make voting mandatory; guy becomes unglued and attacks a  man at the waffle house who's choking the woman he's with; Shoot the Gays initiative likely to be circulated for signatures