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    Twot Waffle Hour is the newest show on the radio

    in Comedy

    This is the first live show of the twot Waffle hour. We hope you all tune in and listen live.


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    The Waffle House Robbery Story

    in Religion

     As the story goes, two “good natured” young men entered a Waffle House soliciting donations.  Those in the Waffle House couldn’t help but have “sympathy” for one of them.  The young man was “woefully burdened” with a “fire arm”.  He “begrudgingly” made sure they all had a good view of his “infirmary”, as this made getting donations much easier.  Becoming aware of the infirmed young man’s “woeful burden”, the employees and customers donated generously out of “charitable” hearts.

    Unbeknownst to the two kind young men, one “nasty” customer was carrying “sleeping medicine” in the form of a concealed weapon.  The “nasty” customer also had one of those “despicable” permits to carry the weapon and the will and skill to use it.  When one of the “highly respectable” young men approached him, the customer wasted no time in administering the “medicine” at which time the “angelic” young man began his celestial dirt nap.  Yes, the kind, fun loving, young man that was “woefully burdened” with the “fire arm” was now relieved of his burden and permanently sleeping. 

    Remember there were two young men in need of money.  After seeing his friend begin his dirt nap, the other “kind” young man, convinced the “mean nasty” citizen that he was in no need of medicine and was not ready for a nap.  He turned and departed in haste. No innocent bystanders were injured by the “benign” actions of the “kind” young men as they solicited donations at Waffle House. 



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    Late Night with Waffle House Radio

    in Comedy

    Please Join us while the crew of Waffle House Radio come live to you from a lonely Waffle house deep in the woods of Alabama. bringing you today's hot gossip, prank calls, and mixing the hits with a side of grits! Please call in to the show and share what is on your mind! Big Breasted women are always welcome!

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    The Gospel According To Waffle House

    in Christianity

    Interview with Ronnie McBrayer, author of The Gospel According To Waffle House. Be sure to check out Jesustrucksandcoffee.com for full show notes and links to Ronnie's work.

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    Transformed Traveler features Expedia's Sarah Waffle Gavin

    in Lifestyle

    The Transformed Traveler welcomes Expedia to discuss upcoming summer vacations.

    After months of  freezing temperatures, it’s FINALLY time to plan a warm weather getaway. And while Florida beaches and Caribbean cruises usually top the list for many travelers, our next guest has some alternative deals to get you to the water’s edge.

     Joining us live from Seattle with the inside scoop is Expedia Senior Editor and all-around travel expert Sarah Gavin.

    1.     Traditionally, Memorial Day weekend is one of the most popular weekends for travelers to hit the beach. Do you have any destination ideas to help us avoid the beach crowds?

    2.     What are some of the best options out there to get the most for your money this summer?  

    3.     Being smart and aware of your surroundings when traveling abroad is key. Do you have any tips for travelers to remain safe and sound?

    4.     Are there certain parts of Mexico that are better travel destinations for families versus couples looking for a quick getaway?


    Biography - Sarah Gavin

    As Head of Communications for Expedia, Sarah Waffle Gavin holds responsibility for corporate and consumer media relations, influential programs across press, bloggers, and social media for the Expedia brand. Foodie, tech geek, traveler and mom of four, when she's not strolling through the shops of Manhattan or sitting poolside in Mexico, she hangs her hat in the burbs of Seattle, Washington at the intersection of travel, technology, and motherhood.



    This show is presented by Rowman Littlefield's latest book- Life Lessons from Family Vacation. Purchase at www.amazon.com today.

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    Waffle House Radio - Prank Calls and More!

    in Comedy

    Live from a waffle house in Alabama, Southern Comedy at its finest. Please Call in!

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    in Entertainment

    One late night, the Diva and I were at the Chicken and Waffle joint eating our food and sipping our tea. At the bar was a couple at the bar having a drink and talking. Suddenly another chick joins them. What she said next made me spit my tea out! Want to hear the rest of the story? Join The Diva, Angel Dollaz and Deacon Boss Tuesday 7pm PST for The Grown FolkZ Talking Radio Show! It's simple to listen. Either click the link below or call 424.258.9216 to join the party. Join us Tuesday at 7pm pst!

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    Meet Ms. Alfreda Gerald

    in Spirituality


    “The one word that could best describe ALFREDA GERALD is "POWERHOUSE"!!! Her unparalleled vocal stylings are compared to that of Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Dorinda Clark-Cole and Fantasia”. A classically trained soprano, Alfreda is EXTREMELY versatile and can sing music from any genre.


    •Holland America Line
    • SilverSea Cruises
    • Celebrity Cruise Line
    • Cunard Line
    • Royal Caribbean International

    Yanni 1996 – 2007

    The Rupert’s Orchestra 1986 – 2012

    BACKGROUND VOCALIST (Touring and Recording)

    • Sir Elton John
    • Cher
    • Celine Dion
    • Whitney Houston
    • Gladys Knight
    • Chaka Khan 
    • Earl Klugh
    • George Howard
    • Donny Osmond
    • The Gap Band
    • Charlie Wilson
    • The SOS Band
    • Confunkshun
    • The Barkays
    • Isaac Hayes
    • The Tom Joyner Morning Show
    • Late Night with Jay Leno
    • Shawn Mullins
    • Third Day
    • The Gospel Workshop Of America
    • Lee Williams
    • The Myra Walker Singers
    • Babbie Mason
    • Deleon Richards
    • Warren Haynes Band
    • Oteil Burbridge and Roosevelt Collier


    Coke, Diet Coke, Pepsi, Spite, McDonald’s, Hardees, KFC, Church’s Chicken, Popeye’s Chicken, General Motors, Ford Motor Cars, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Texas Pete Hot Sauce, NAPA Auto Parts, Motorola, Creomulsion Cough Syrup, The Waffle House, The Georgia Lottery, Marriott, Space Ghost: Coast To Coast , The Brak Show




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    Putin is King - Penn & Teller - Dr Goznell.

    in Politics

    Hr1  If Hillary had just come clean sooner, this email scandal would probably have never come to light.

    Putin's put a coalition in Syria together in less than 6 weeks... what have WE done?

    Joe Dan Gorman, Host of Intellectual Froglegs, talks current event, the Democrat debate, and more. If anybody can win California, it's The Donald! Joe Dan is all in for Trump

    Hr2  Penn & Teller break down the 2nd Amendment for those who might be confused.

    House of Reps gets ready to try to overturn Obamacare AGAIN!

    Despite health reform, 32.3 million are uninsured.

    Is there another Dr. Goznell? Michigan abortion doctor had fetal remains in HIS CAR!

    Rand Paul calls live-streaming dumb-ass! Running for office is not for the faint-of-heart!

    Debbie Wasserman-Schultz refused to say whether her children were humans before birth. What's the big deal? State your beliefs! It's a simple yes or no.

    Hr3  Democrat presidential candidate Jim Webb's answer to enemy he's most proud of causes controversy. Sometimes it's kill or be killed. He is the true definition of a HERO. He didn't just save himself, he saved his brother in arms at his own peril.

    Sally Kohn says conservative Christians treat women no better than Islamists. She KNOWS a conservative?

    Football coach says he will defy school's prayer ban. This is what it looks like when a school district tramples religious freedom & defies the constitution.

    Waffle House doubles down on ‘No Firearms’ policy, even after concealed carry saved the day.

    BREAKING NEWS, Russ Jones with USA Radio Networks, reports 150 Palestinian Arabs have set fire to Joseph's tomb thinking it's better to destroy the tomb than allow Jewish prayer there. Palestinians declare a Day of Rage for October 16th. #HolyWar!

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    Jamiel Shaw II 17, Executed... #35-2015: #Trump2016; Dr. Drew; Cheryl Burns; &

    in Politics Conservative

    In 2008, Jamiel Shaw, II (17 yrs. young) was murdered three doors from his home by an illegal alien gangbanger from Mexico. The killer was negligently released from jail by ICE/Sheriff's Department on March 1, 2008 and he assassinated Jamiel the next day on March 2, 2008.  Jamiel's Mother was serving in Iraq at the time and she continues her service in America.  The illegal alien killer was sentenced to death row in November, 2012.  
    Jamiel Shaw, Sr will talk about the Execution of his son Jamiel Shaw, II http://www.isupportjamielslaw.com/; #JamielsLaw http://bit.ly/dqQ6c4.
    On Tonight's broadcast, Jamiel will also talk about #Trump2016 & the GOP Upcoming Debate in CA 9/16/15; Jamiel was on Dr. Drew's show 9/10/15 https://youtu.be/M8vGF-V3xlQ; Talking with Cheryl Burns & her comments on the Dr. Drew's Show 9/10/15 https://youtu.be/4gRxCZpwduY; Robin Hvidston @ http://tinyurl.com/pdpp46f will talk about SB4; Roscoe's Chicken & Waffle Discrimination Lawsuit http://tinyurl.com/pztf7kv;The bad & ugly side of illegal immigration http://www.ojjpac.org/memorial.asp, http://www.immigrationcounters.com/; Plus much more. If you can, tune in.

  • Make the Most of Monday

    in Fun

    It's International Strange Music Day, and sometimes strange music can be iritating, but don't blow your top, just because Mt. Vesuvius did on this day in the year 79. Have a piece of Peach Pie, or a plate of Waffles, be cool, and remember that Monday sets the pace for the rest of the week.