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    114th MLB winter meetings providing heat across the nation

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    The 114th MLB winter meetings started on December 6th and will wrap up on the 10th. Day one started with no trades and only the Detroit Tigers signing two free agents. Day two the ball started rolling with one trade. The Boston Red Sox traded pitchers Jonathon Aro and Wade Miley to the Seattle Mariners. Big names moved teams on day three as Zack Greinke signed a free agent deal with the Arizona Diamonbacks. The Chicago Cubs dealt Starlin Castro to the Yankees, and then signed free agent pither John Lackey. Not satisfied with one new pitcher, the Diamonbacks traded top prospects to the Atlanta Braves for Shelby Miller. The meetings wrap up tomorrow but there will still be plenty of moves made before spring training. Listen in and call the show with your thoughts.

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    The Evolution of Survivor

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    Join Tim Gross and Survivor legend Coach Wade as they discuss the evolution of Survivor.

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    Pro-Life Dying in the GOP

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    We welcome National Advisor Myra Jean Myers & CEO and Founder Allen Parker of the Justice Foundation/Operation Outcry. 

    Myra Jean Myers:

    Myra is a Published Public Speaker who represents 30 million women harmed by legalized abortion.  She is among the vast majority of these (more than 94 percent) who would never have considered abortion had it been illegal.

    In 1965, she was a single college student and pregnant; abortion never occurred to her - nor the dad of their child; instead, she married.  Expecting their third child in 1968, they felt it was too soon for another child but the idea of abortion was never conceived in their minds until January 1973.  When expecting their sixth child, her husband believed the lie of legalized abortion: not a child yet! Co-dependent on him, she felt verbally and emotionally pushed to abort.

    Allen Parker: Mr. Parker serves as the lead legal counsel for Norma McCorvey, who was “Jane Roe” of Roe v. Wade, and Sandra Cano, who was “Mary Doe” of Doe v. Bolton, in the legal effort to overturn their landmark Supreme Court rulings that brought legalized abortion on demand in America. He is currently co-host of the television program, Faces of Abortion. He is a frequent speaker on Roe v. Wade and the harm caused to women by abortion.

    Mr. Parker has been featured in numerous interviews or articles in national and international media, including the “Hannity and Colmes” television show, the “O’Reilly Factor,” C-SPAN, BBC radio, the Wall Street Journal, the “Jim Lehrer News Hour,” Focus on the Family magazine, Charisma magazine, Vogue magazine, the Dutch magazine, Visie, and newspapers and radio programs around the world.

    As part of WE the PEOPLE, it IS Important for YOU to Stand Up and BE HEARD. Call in with YOUR thoughts on today's issues.

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    Ep. 71: The One About Eric Thames

    in Baseball

    Baseball Prospectus signature fantasy podcast, Flags Fly Forever covers the vast fantasy landscape in greater detail than a replacement-level podcast. Bret Sayre, Mike Gianella and George Bissell take a deep dive into current fantasy topics, combining traditional scouting with statistical analysis to provide fantasy owners with an unparalleled perspective.  

    This week’s topics include:

    Listener Emails

    - Jung-Ho Kang or Trea Turner in 2016?

    - What round should fantasy owners target Carlos Correa and Francisco Lindor next season?

    Offseason Transaction Analysis

    - Zack Greinke

    - David Price

    - Jordan Zimmermann

    - Jeff Samardzija

    - John Lackey

    - Hisashi Iwakuma

    - J.A. Happ

    - Wade Miley

    - Rich Hill

    - Mark Trumbo

    - Cameron Maybin

    - Byung-ho Park

    American League - Retrospective Player Valuations

    Our second installment, recapping Mike Gianella’s 2015 Retrospective Player Valuation series with an extensive look at the junior circuit’s top earning hitters and pitcher, highlighting a few of the biggest surprises and disappointments. A few of the names we hit on include: Manny Machado, Josh Donaldson, Mookie Betts, Dallas Keuchel, Chris Archer, Carlos Carrasco, Masahiro Tanaka, Eric Hosmer and Yu Darvish.

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    in Christianity

    An hour of power and praise

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    The Holiday Season Kick-off w/ Music Artist Googsz Kinnard & Author Lynn Hobson

    in Entertainment

    She's a beautiful woman with one hell of a story to tell. She's an author, life coach, and publicist whose current work "Diary of a Hip Hop Publicist" attracts many to understand the she has traveled so far to this point as she has worked with and around some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Lynn K. Hobson discusses her motivation to write this book, being a publicist to more than one star in this cut throat hip-hop business, and more including what's next for her.

    Our "Fresh Face Artist of the Week" is a very young and gifted hip-hop artist, singer, lyricist, and member of Lyricist Lab who works extremely hard to get his name in bigger lights! From Petersburg, VA is the versatile Googsz Kinnard letting us know about his music, background, and what's next for the talented young artist!

    To get the holiday season started, it's only one man and one man only, who we had to call on in order to get us in the spirit here at Da BlackTop Radio the right way. Comedian, singer, songwriter, entertainer, actor, CEO of PhillWadeTV on YouTube from the "Land of the Trill" Houston, TX - Phill Wade! We debut his Christmas single "HOme for the Holidays" thats not only to put you in the mood just for a tree or food, but to give you single fellas ho-ho-hope to land a very special and sexy present under your tree.

    Joining us to kick off the Christmas flow providing knowledge and educated insights on hip-hop and the black community is the CEO of nowarningshotsfired.com - "The Truth Minista" Paul Scott.

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    Stephanie Erickson : 4 Keys to Better Eldercare

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    November is National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month.The statistics are truly staggering – 1 in 9 Americans over 65 has Alzheimer’s Disease. That’s more than 5 million people. Scarier still, some estimates say by the year 2030, that number will be 13 million. The strain of caregiving often rips families apart–but my guest today says it doesn’t have to be that way. Stephanie Erickson says it’s high time to talk about aging, whether it involves medical care for a parent, if Mom should stop driving, or even where the important papers are kept. Today she’ll discuss the four steps to get the discussion going, and how being proactive will help everyone age by design, not default.

    A licensed social worker, Stephanie has worked with seniors and theirfamilies for over 20 years by providing training and consultation to them, the Alzheimer’s Society as well as financial and legal institutions. Her website is www.ericksonresource.com.

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    Fed spending out of control - Muslims want safe spaces - Global something!

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    Hr1  Oklahoma US Senator James Lankford exposes government waste in his Federal Fumbles report. You know, like $283k to track gnatcatchers (it's a bird), but we can't track illegals?

    Muslim students accuse female human rights speaker of violating their ‘safe space’, and feminists side with Muslim students... because civil discourse it extinct and Muslim's rights to oppress women trumps even women's rights. I guess logic is dying out too.

    Hr2  The number of abortions and the ratio of abortions to live births continued their steady decline, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's report on 2012 data. In fact, according to the report, the abortion rate is at its lowest ever abortion was legalized in 1973 by the Supreme Court's decision in Roe v. Wade

    Most populous states, California and New York, with unrestricted abortions show declining numbers. WOW!

    Senator Barbara Boxer said California proved that sensible gun laws work...
    Proof that we need term limits in the US Senate. Voters aren't doing their job.

    Is there an underground Christian revival happening in the Middle East?

    People bashing God and prayer wouldn't know a Bible if they tripped over it.

    Why is the media so afraid to use the words Muslim and terrorist together? But they'll throw the words Christian and terrorist together without giving it a second thought. Cowards.

    Hr3   Black student fakes racist threats to incite fear and hatred on campus. Director of African Studies Dept says it's ok, because she was just making a point on racism. WHAT?!?! This professor has no business molding young minds.

    If we can't condemn Islam for Muslim terrorists, why do we condemn Christians?

    Global warming study put on hold...why? Too much ice. HUH!

    God is not going to help! No kidding you wont let him!

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    PWTorch Livecast - Wade Keller & Jason Powell of Prowrestling.net

    in Wrestling

    PWTorch editor Wade Keller and ProWrestling.net's head honcho Jason Powell discuss with live callers last night’s Raw including bad ratings, looking ahead to WrestleMania, Bailey's tremendous upside, Damien Sandow, Sting DVD preview, Ziggler-Lana-Rusev mess, and more.

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    Just felt it was neccessary, to go on air and share my thoughts about the great Kobe Bryant, who announced his impending retirement from the NBA at the end of this season, last night. Listen as I discuss everything Kobe when it comes to his retirement, my favorite memories of him, his impact on the game and how he's a prime example of today's relationships between athletes, fans and the media... check it out!


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    in Christianity

    An hour of power and praise