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    21st Century Homekeeper

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    January 26th – Sylvia’s guest is Michael Bunker, Christian Agrarian Separatist living in community and homesteading in central Texas. He is the author of several books including Surviving Off Off-Grid:Decolonizing the Industrial Mind, Modern Religious Idols and the fictional work, The Last Pilgrims, an account of the Vallenses, an Amish-like “plain people” living and surviving in  a post-apocalyptic Texas.
    His latest work of fiction is W1CK, which is a prequel to The Last Pilgrims. Michael and Sylvia will talk about the book and its importance for preppers and survivalists.Though it is a work of fiction, W1CK is based on historical fact. You can find his books at Amazon.com or at his web site






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    Doctor Prepper CPR

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    Today Doctor Prepper is pleased to welcome Michael Bunker
    Michael Bunker is an off-grid farmer, author, historian, philosopher, iconoclast, husband, and father of four living children. He lives with his family in a "plain" community in Central Texas where he reads and writes books... and occasionally tilts at windmills. Michael's thriller smash series W1CK was launched in late December and was on the top 20 charts on Amazon.com in its categories within a month. WICK Part 2, The Charm School, was released in mid-February and joined WICK 1 on the Amazon.com bestsellers list. WICK 3: Exodus, is due to be released in early March, and the fourth and final part of the WICK series should be available in April. Time-travel / sci-fi thriller FUTURITY has now been released to rave reviews, and zombie/comedy/satire piece #NaNoWri War Z is also in the top 20 in its categories. Michael interacts with his readers at facebook.com/michaelbunker, and on Twitter as @mbunker

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    Preparedness, Preppers and Agrarians

    in Current Events

    Join Scott Terry and Tony Konvalin for a discussion on the serious differences between the modern "prepper movement" and Christian agrarianism.  Michael Bunker Joins us in the 2nd hour for a live update on the W1CK Book Bomb progress.

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    Dec 12, 2012

    in Lifestyle

    Topics include the community's holy reading/commentary of John Owen, The Glory of Christ, Chapter 17, Part 3; Mr. Bunker's new booklet "The Beard"; Mr. Bunker's work in progress "W1CK"; and the possible rising again of the Papal States.