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    The Goddess Rising Network present The Sacred Yoni

    in Current Events

    The word Yoni is a Sanskrit word. Translated, it means womb, origin, source, and vulva. It is also known as the divine passage or sacred temple. The Yoni consists of the entire female genital system. Many of us have chosen to use the word Yoni in preference to vagina as it offers us the opportunity to reclaim the sacredness and power of our sexuality as women, as goddesses. The Yoni is where we find Shakti, the universal creative energy.

    A woman’s yoni has been worshipped all over the world. In India the yoni is worshipped as the sacred symbol of the Divine Feminine, referred to as the Devi, the Great Goddess, the source of life, the Universal Womb.

    Since the beginning of time, we have created artistic expression for the forces of creation. We see Yoni symbolism as a part of spiritual traditions all over the world. We see the Yoni in naturally occurring rock formations, in Hindu temples, in early Celtic sheela-na-gig carvings as well as images in Japanese ritual. We see it in folk tales, in alchemy, in Tantric practices and in contemporary art.For those of us who practice pagan traditions, we are entering the season of Beltane, the season of the blossoming Earth. Festivals and traditions focus on fertility, creativity and sexuality. Within Goddess Traditions this season is the perfect time for honoring our sexuality as women. I recently attended a small women’s festival here in Austin and presented a Yoni Blessing Rite in the temple. Our theme for the weekend was honoring our women’s bodies. Much of this rite consists of sacred texts from eastern traditions. I offer it to you here, for it is something you may do for yourself if you wish.

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    Wombyn Studies: Vulva Astrology with Sis. Liaya

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    Join SistahGoddess Camara and SistahGoddess Liaya Aneb Nua of the Shakti Fire blogspot http://shaktifire.blogspot.com/ She been practicing yoga for over 23 years, 10 of which have been as a Tantra and Taoist yoga teacher. Her love of the stars lead her to become an astrologer over 25 years ago. She works with Tantric astrology as well as Western sidereal and seasonal, Kemetic, and Mayan astrological systems. Her own personal journey also guided her to reclaim ancient Mother worship where she first heard of Tantra, Kama Sutra, Nubian Kemetic spiritual culture, and sacred sexuality. Learning to build sacred relationship is part of her mission. She has allowed herself to become a channel for healing energies using her gift of intuition and oracular abilities as well as my training with yoga traditions and direct lineage aboriginal healers. She has also worked as a rape crisis counselor and chemical dependency counselor. She is a licensed minister and currently hold shrines for Bast, Sekhmet, Nit, Het Heru and Tripursundari. Her creative energies are currently focused on finishing her book “ Living Sacredly The Yogini Way, A Guide To Healing, Peace, Prosperity & Sacred Sexuality”, also an initiation workbook for young women and a CD “Restoring Feminine Balance.”
    SistahGoddess Liaya, will speak to us about Vulva Astrology and the path to using our Vulva to inform and guide our Divinity. She will also give some special callers a 'mini' Vulva Reading.

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    USA Trip

    in Health

    In the fall of 2012 I visited doctors who work with vulvar disease in the USA.

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    Late night with Mama Vulva

    in Comedy

    Talk to me about your problems. About the world. About your tampon. That is lost. Inside your cavernous vagina.

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    Orgasmical Medicine: Dr. Shelley Persad Talks About Sexual Healing!

    in Women

    Tonight on The LanceScurv Show we speak to the world renowned Orgasmicologist, Chiropractor, Author, Speaker, Facilitator, Blogger, Tantra Practitioner and Lover of Life Dr. Shelly Persad.

    She will share her thoughts on the state of our sexual health and why our repressed sexuality and unexplored sensual energy is the cause of our many dysfunctions and addictions and what we need to do as soon as possible to tap into its healing energies to regain that long lost enthusiasm for life that modern living has seemed to rob.

    This show is for mature audiences only and also very informative!

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    First ever Vulval Health Radio Show

    in Health

    A new radio show that will promote awareness, offer information and discuss all the challenges and issues facing women with vulva disease.  Probably the most neglected women's health issue. In this first show Carl Munson of Exeter's Phonic FM Radio will interview Fabia Brackenbury, Founder of both the Worldwide Lichen Sclerosus Support Group and the Vulval Health Awareness Campaign.

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    Potty Training Support e50

    in Parents

    Today's episode included the following topics:

    *Nursing/ Co-sleeping 16month old. Parents feel child is READY and want to be sure sleep "ducks" are in a row.

    *What do to with mushy poops and training? Child has always had thick, mushy poops. (Really fun stuff we talk about on this show :)

    *What's the appropriate time for learning to wipe vulva and labia? Mom got a dirty look from another mom for teaching this to her child.

    *21 month old stuck at "I'm peeing"

    *Second try at night training a 21 month old. Still showing NO improvement...what's the next step?

    *Mom with twins: one twin...what's prompting vs. over prompting. Other twin is very controlling about the circumstances under which he'll pee....which then leads to the other twin not being watched closely enough. TWINS! sigh.

    *Mom unclear if she's dealing with behavior or a learning glitch.

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    Vulva Astrology: Liaya Aneb Nua

    in Spirituality

    Join us as Liaya Aneb Nua talks about the connection of our sexuality to many different areas of life and how to recognize our blisscodes in the chart--those efforts that will bring the most fulfillment as well as our past life efforts at sexual liberation through kundalini work or relationships that bring liberation. We will discuss this and much more


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    yoni (S): Vulva, womb, source; the entire female genital system. A term from India's ancient language, Sanskrit or "devanagari" (divine language). It can be translated by several English concepts ("origin", "source", "womb", "female genitals") and is the most respectful word available with nothing as respectful available in our modern language. The term yoni heralds from a culture and religion in which women have long been regarded and honored as the embodiment of divine female energy - the goddess known as Shakti - and where the female genitals are seen as a sacred symbol of Her.     http://lionsroar.name/tantric_glossary.htm
      https://www.facebook.com/muthawit.wisdom   http://www.universalwomb.com/

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    Our Vulvas, Ourselves

    in Women

    The thing about self-image and cultivating positive, awesome body-love is that you have to work at it. And the first step toward working at it is recognizing that you’ve been taught lies by society, and then committing yourself to unlearning that nonsense and filling yourself with respect and admiration instead. This applies to every aspect of our lives – including our vulva and vagina love. In a world that teaches us that our genitals are offensive, it takes work to rise above it and reclaim our bodies.
    Based on our articles Our Vulvas, Ourselves and How to Start Loving Your Vagina, Melissa A. Fabello will discuss the fact that part of teaching people to accept, own, and respect their bodies and the bodies of others is helping them to unlearn the social myths that they’ve been sold and to provide accurate information about their bodies.

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    Designer Vaginas and Anti Aging Therapy

    in Health

    Next week I am happy to have Dr. Ryan Stanton on the show! Dr. Stanton is a fully credentialed, "Board Certified" Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon with over 15 years of experience. Although he was trained to operate on the entire body, he specializes in plastic surgery of the vulva and vagina (Labiaplasty, Hoodectomy, Vaginoplasty), as well as Breast and Buttock Augmentation. He just released his latest book called "Read My Lips...If Vaginas Could Talk".. a catchy and a bit spicy quick read about the true world of female genital cosmetic surgery (i.e. plastic surgery of the vulva and vagina).
     We will be discussing his book and why these procedures have become so popular... as well as a new procedure called the O-Shot.
    Besides external surgery, Dr. Stanton also focuses on internal therapy and anti-aging treatments,an important part of overall health.

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