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    Core Consciousness Health & Wellness w/ Maya Da Traina - Season 2

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    **NEW SHOW*MONDAY MARCH 3, 2014: SPECIAL GUEST: SOKE LIL JOHN DAVIS, FOUNDER, TEACHER, WALKER OF THE PATH.  Soke Lil John Davis is the founder of Kumite Ryu Jujitsu, in which he is a 10th Dan. He is also a 10th Dan in Sanuces Ryu, which he studied directly under the late Doctor Moses Powell. He also has extensive experience in Judo, Aikido, Karate, and Arnis. Call in to listen or to ask questions @ 646.716.6825. With over 50 years of martial arts training, Soke is a member of the Martial arts Hall of Fame. Soke is a Technical Advisor & member of the Board of Directors of the World Martial Arts Center. Though hard work & dedication Soke has proven his commitment to martial arts & has dedicated much of his life to teaching anyone who is willing to learn.

    HOST BIO: Maya Freeman, Head Trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, over 15 years in the fitness, health & wellness industry. WEBSITE: www.mayadatraina.com. “Core Consciousness©". "Core Consciousness©" a functional, core training technique that improves posture, body alignment & muscle tone using your body not weights.

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    Oh You Didn't Know? Wrestling News and Rumors

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    Oh You Didn't Know? Radio comes to you LIVE Wednesday, February 6th, 2013 with special guests, FWE Wrestling Tag Team Champions Adrenaline Express!
    Oh You Didn't Know? Radio hosts Seth M. Guttenplan and John "JCD" Dimiceli are bringing you another episode of PWPRadio with lots of wrestling news, rumors and an interview!
    Joining Seth and John will be FWE Wrestling Tag Team Champions EJ Risk and VSK aka Adrenaline Express!
    Tune in as the OUDK Radio crew discusses the latest in WWE, TNA as well as Adrenaline Express's career in wrestling and their upcoming match at No Limits '13.

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    GET OFF FIRST! Sanuces Ryu Talk Show: Join us as we sit down with Grandmaster Anthony Muhammad, Soke Haisan Kaleak, Grandmaster Darrell Sargeant & Cheryl Powell to discuss the development of Strength & Unity within the Family of Sanuces. We will look at and discuss how the Beauty of Unity In Motion has excited many Members of the Sanuces Ryu Family to unite as One Unified Body, to Preserve and Promote the Legacy of The Legendary Dr. Moses Powell. LET US ALL PREPARE OURSELVES FOR APRIL. 13, 2012... DON'T MISS THIS SHOW!!!  DUE TO TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES THIS SHOW STARTS AT 13 MINUTES & 41 SECONDS... THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND PATIENCE.

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    GET OFF FIRST! Sanuces Talk Show: DUE TO PUBLIC DEMAND, We are bringing back Grandmaster Anthony Muhammad, Soke Haisan Kaleak, Professor James Simms and Sr. Professor Sayfullaah. Join us as we sit down for a candid conversation with them to discuss the road to Unity Within the Sanuces Family and The Family of Jiujitsu. See what is and what will be required of us to embark upon this WONDERFUL JOURNEY! We want the public to CALL IN AND SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS...ARE WE READY TO UNITE AND GET IT ON? ARE YOU READY TO STOP THE DISCARD & DISUNITY AND TRAVEL UPON THIS JOURNEY? COME JOIN US AND FIND OUT! DON'T MISS THIS SHOW!!!

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    Get Off First! with O'Sensei Lou Ferrer!

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    The Get Off First! SANUCES RYU TALK SHOW, Welcomes everyone to join us in a candid interview with Professor Lou Ferrer of the U.S. Kodokan Federation. Learn more about Grand-Professor Visitacion, Dr. Moses Powell, Vee Jitsu Ryu, Sanuces Ryu, Kumite Ryu, and VSK jiujitsu. Professor Ferrer will also discuss the history of the Visitacion arts, and how they personally have influenced him. This one will wake many up in the Vee jitsu/Sanuces/Kumite family!

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    The Soke Little John Show

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    Senjokai.com a warrior within branch presents on the mat interview with one Dr. Moses Powell first student and grandmaster a living legend. Interview date is to be announced.
    Shihan Salahaldin and Shabazz.

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