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    Welcome To THE DARKSIDE...

    in Paranormal

    The ‘first’ episode of this fun paranormal entertainment show by W. Aymerich and his cast of crazy professional paranormal investigators from THE DARKSIDE SYNDICATE. Listen as they give their advice and opinions about popular topics in the paranormal. Or open the door to new things topics and guests you may have never heard or known of. Nothing is sacred on THE DARKSIDE so grab a beer, coffee, wine and sit back and get ready to be entertained with the unknown... On This weeks show
    Club 27 (Amy Winehouse dies), KXAS TV in Dallas, TX UFO sighting on highway camera CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO, Ghost - Fourth Horseman Of The Apocalypse CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO,The Parsonage in Historic Norcross CLICK HERE FOR EVIDENCE & INFO, The UFO sighting in Oslo, Norway CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO, Vrillon TV Broadcast Interuption in 1977 CLICK HERE FOR INFO. Oh and DARKSIDE girl of the week! THE MODEL SAMMI

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    Telephone Call...From Danger.

    in Entertainment

    Join Frank White, Pepe and the whole gang as they hail the confirmation of Vrillon to the high court. This is really a great day for us all here at The Drunkard's Dream. One of our own has finally made it. Empathy and alien love, that's exactly what this country needs. I'll tell you, when I was a young copy writer, I'd always say...wait a sec...just being handed something. Apparently a being named So-to-mayer...meyer...has been nominated and confirmed...dang.
    SIGH...anyway...join us at The Drunkard's Dream as we drink and talk, drink and talk.
    Seriously, make it worth our while.
    Listen, Call, Love...