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    Sports Debate Network

    in Sports

    Sports Debate Network Radio returns to the ariwaves Sunday May 31st at 8PM Eastern Standard time!!! 

    SDNR will welcome an informed panel of guest to discuss the many issus in the Wide World of Sports. Lebron James and the NBA Finals, Deflate Gate, FIFA, MLB, the NBA draft, and the future of Tom Brady will all be under discussion.

    Feel free to call in!!!

    If you miss the show, you can stream it through our archives!

    Be sure to check the SDN family of networks for updates!!





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    Sports Debate Network Radio

    in Sports

    Sports Debate Network Radio will make its antipciated debut on Friday May 22nd at 12:OO PM Eastern Standard time. SDNR will welcome an informed panel of guest to discuss the many issus in the Wide World of Sports.


    Please tune in to hear insight and banter from SDN Staff!

    Deflate Gate, Roger Goodell, the NBA Playoffs, the NHL Playoffs, and a host of other discussions are on tap.

    Please call in!

    Check in with the SDN family of networks for updates!

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    The Debate Desk

    in Basketball

    A Sports talk show.

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    Ep #30 - MCFL First Take Debate w/ Special Guest BladeBrown

    in Football

    MCFL First Take Debate is taking on a new look to the show.  Each week we will interview a differnet user/owner to discuss their disposition in the league, hot topics and expections.  This week, we have an old favortite "Blizzardinho" Blade Brown to join the debate desk.  Blade will be on the show to discuss the altercation several months ago that lead to his departure from the league and how he now feels about rejoining the MCFL, his expecations for the Packers and whether this team can break through the crowd and snatch a wildcard playoff spot w/ just a few weeks left on the schedule.  This will be a candid and straight talk conversation w/ the new Packers owner who has taken his team from a playoff mishap to a potential playoff contender.

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    Deuteronomy 28 (DEBATE) Moreh Yisrael Vs Laron G.Konsciousness Campbell

    in Spirituality

    Moreh Yisrael




    Laron 'G.Konsciousness" Campbell



    Email - Laron498@gmail.co

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    Are The Original Arabs Africans? (DEBATE) Rahim Ali Vs Minister Blanche

    in Spirituality

    Check out the SEASON 5 finale of Debate Talk 4 U.  

    Rahim Ali


    Representing Islam

    Email - Rahim4411@gmail.com

    VS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Black Jesus Minister Blanche



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    Ep #29 - MCFL First Take Debate w/ Special Guests (COACH HUDRICO and JBdaDude)

    in Football

    This week's episode of First Take Debate we'll discuss the recent annoucement of the new Madden 16 rules pertaining to Trades, Free Agency, Wavier Wire and more.  Special guest Coach Hudrico and JBdaDude will debate the playoff race that is heating up with the league being in Week 9 of the season.  The unfortunate departure of two good owners in the league has opened the door for 2 new owners who will come and try to shake up both the AFC and NFC standings.  How will these guys fit in and whether or not they will be contenders going forward.  Get your popcorn ready and let's get set for First Take Debate.

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    Ep #28 - MCFL First Take Debate w/ Special Guests (NFC South and The ICON)

    in Football

    MCFL introduces it's first episode of First Take Debate; which is a debate show designed to get insight from league owners regarding the action going down in the MCFL.  Each week, 2 new owners are invited to the show to debate the related MCFL topics such as Game of the Week, Power Rankings, Playoff Race and more.  The audience will get real and candid talk about the MCFL from the guys who play the game.  We'll see exactly how well these owners know the game of Madden NFL football and better yet get their perspective on how things are shaping out in the MCFL.  Your boy, MadMoneey, is the host and this week's special guest debaters are NFCSouth (Seattle Seahawks) and The ICON (Steelers).  LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!  First Take Debate Coming at You!!!!




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    T.R.S Carbon Radio Vs Debate Talk 4 U: Game ON w/Various Guest

    in Spirituality

    Two top debate brands will collide this month as TRS Carbon Radio host Elijah Garvey challenged all Black Hebrew Israelites that's been inside the LIONS DEN right here on Debate Talk 4 U.  Challenged excepted.  Hear from all the contenders that will be apart of this huge extravaganza.  Remember you can call in live and share your perspective by dialing 646-716-7320 then press 1.  Some of the debate will be held on TRS Carbon Radio.  Hear the debate schedule and hear from all contestants live.  

    Check out Talk Real Solutions




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    Are Black Hebrew Israelites Ham Or Shem? (DEBATE) Min.Blanche Vs Mikha'el

    in Spirituality

    Black Jesus Minister Blanche


    * T.R.S Carbon Radio Champion 

    Email - 

    vs >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Mikhael Ben Yisrael


    Email - 


    Call in on Friday @ 9 PM ET to cast your vote live on TRS CARBON RADIO.  Tell us who won this debate live.  Call in via phone or Skype by dialing 1-858-357-8453.  All votes will be counted and the official winner will be announced.  

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    Is Jesus GOD? (DEBATE) Frank Nowak Vs Black Jesus Minister Blanche

    in Spirituality

    Frank Nowak


    Vs >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Black Jesus Minister Blanche