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    January Jones-Gadzooks-Adele Park

    in Entertainment

    WHEN ASSISTED SUICIDE AND COSMETICS COLLIDE . . . Gadzooks! A Comically Quirky Audio Book has been named as a finalist for a prestigious Audie Award in the Original Work Category.

    In the eyes of Nadine, a polygamist and serial bride, nudging her husbands into heaven is a testament to love.  Even Nancy Neptune, a notorious shock jock, is gobsmacked by Nadine's so-called “Celestial Send-Offs.”  Things go to hell in a hurry when Nadine offs the wrong guy and is charged with assisted suicide.    

    Meanwhile, Blue McKenna has problems of her own.  A power outage has leveled Blue's medical marijuana dispensary.  Scottie Sphincter, lead singer of a band called The Rectal Surgeons, is fingered as a suspect.  Blue makes an unusual discovery as she works to unmask the inscrutable Sphincter. 

    Using witty narratives, a cast of nine actors transport listeners to Navel, Utah, a place where voyages to the afterlife are done with God Speed.  Cosmic mirth and hilarity abound in Gadzooks! A Comically Quirky Audio Book.  You'll die laughing!     

    Get Gadzooks on Amazon.com http://tinyurl.com/GadzooksComedy 

    Get Gadzooks on Audible.com http://tinyurl.com/GadzooksAudible


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    power of perception with Alina Sayre

    in Spirituality

    Alina Sayre began her literary career chewing on board books. Now she is the award-winning author of The Voyages of the Legend, a fantasy series for ages 9-14. Her first novel, The Illuminator’s Gift, won a silver medal for Best First Book in the 2014 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards and received a 5-star review from Reader’s Favorite. Book 2, The Illuminator’s Test, released in December 2014. Her books tell stories of kids who demonstrate courage, faith, and imagination amidst fantastical settings and adventures. Alina is a member of the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and wears many different hats as an author, editor, educator, and speaker. On her blog, she writes about everything from teaching kids to love reading, to the snafus of the writing life, to the love of all things orange. When not writing, Alina enjoys hiking, photography, and reading under blankets. When she grows up, she would like to live in a castle with a large library.

    Check out Alina's books on Amazon: www.amazon.com/author/alinasayre

    And visit her website: www.alinasayre.com

    My 2nd book, The Illuminator's Test, is now available on Amazon!




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    Robert Bonville author of Voyages of Malolo

    in Books

    This month's show are sponsored by: Shaun Allan author of Sin, Welcome the Night and Zits 'n' Bits  
    Today's show is: Voyages of Malolo by Robert Bonville In approximately 1000 AD, one such story details the spiritually guided unparalleled epic voyages of a double hulled deep sea sailing canoe and its crew of sixteen courageous loyal men. Lead by a young western Polynesian mariner/warrior who is inspired by his discovery of a piece of driftwood, a wooden tablet containing undecipherable but somewhat recognizable hieroglyphic script known to these primitive people as “Rongo.“ In order to seek out and discover the meaning of the Rongo, the gods directed the creation of a great seagoing canoe appropriately named “Malolo”, (the Flying Fish).

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    Impassioned Voyages

    in Health

    Here you will find "funny, eclectic, edgy," while getting the nitty-gritty on a plethora of current and intriguing conversations on health, environment, philosophy, and perhaps down-right other-worldly, you have found the “Talk-To-Me-Guy,” Richard Olson!

    Richard guides us to a spicy feast of whatever we really need, especially if we don't know what that might be. "Try this - I think you'll like it!" He personifies “The Art of The Conversation.” You’ll find yourself laughing out loud and nodding your head, while Richard takes you on an impassioned voyage into the realms of the “latest and greatest!

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    Marc VanDeKeere: Brainwave Mind Voyages LIVE!

    in Spirituality

    Kick of December with a mental tune up!   Marc VanDeKeere, C.Ht. is the founder of Brainwave Mind Voyages.  Marc will share information about his service and talk about professional hypnosis and Brainwave Entrainment!

    If you'd like to ask Marc a question, please call 323 657-1493!

    Check out Marc's website by clicking this link!


    For centuries, it has taken years of physical, mental and spiritual training to achieve peak states of consciousness.

    Now, using new audio technologies you can tune your brainwaves to specifically designed brainwave states simply by listening to one of our brainwave entrainment CDs!


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    Impassioned Voyages

    in Health

    We will be running a Great show about Jack Abramoff an ex Congressional lobbyist that used to make $20 million or more per year, influencing government. Abramoff
    openly disusses corruption in 'our' goverment!

    **The software giveaways Sharry Edwards discusses at the opening have expired.


    Do to technical issues we will be recheduling the interview below.

    Here you will find "funny, eclectic, edgy," while getting the nitty-gritty on a plethora of current and intriguing conversations on health, environment, philosophy, and perhaps down-right other-worldly, you have found the “Talk-To-Me-Guy,” Richard Olson!

    Richard guides us to a spicy feast of whatever we really need, especially if we don't know what that might be. "Try this - I think you'll like it!" He personifies “The Art of The Conversation.” You’ll find yourself laughing out loud and nodding your head, while Richard takes you on an impassioned voyage into the realms of the “latest and greatest!

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    Arnold Says These Are the Voyages

    in Writing

    The name "Enterprise" is one that has a rich legacy and a long tradition in maritime and naval history.  In These Are The Voyages, author, Arnold van Beverhoudt, tells the story of more than 75 vessels named "Enterprise." This is a fascinating story that stretches from the very real 16th Century battles of the Spanish Armada to the fictional 26th Century voyages of Gene Roddenberry's starships "Enterprise."

    Arnold acquaints us with a French frigate that was captured by the British Royal Navy in 1705 and became the first HMS Enterprise. In 1775, the first American "Enterprise" helped to ward off the British during the Revolutionary War. In the early 1800s, the schooner USS Enterprise and her crew fought valiantly against French privateers, the ruthless Barbary pirates of the Mediterranean, the powerful ships of the Royal Navy, and the crafty pirates of the Caribbean. 

    The story continues with tales of other vessels named "Enterprise" that explored the frozen Northwest Passage, steamed the seas and rivers of the United States, Canada, Australia, and India for commercial trade, fought valiant battles during World War II, and sailed the oceans of the world for more than 50 years under nuclear power in defense of freedom. But the story of the name "Enterprise" doesn't end there. There were also hydrogen-filled balloons, Goodyear blimps, a NASA space shuttle, and a privately-owned spaceship named "Enterprise." In the fictional world of television and motion pictures, there have also been starships that carried the name "USS Enterprise" into the deepest reaches of space.

    In addition to a 130-page narrative history of vessels named Enterprise, These Are The Voyages devotes about 35 pages to appendices.

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    DTong Radio Presents... 'Conversations' Featuring Jiggy Tone & Funk Tous

    in Hip Hop Music

    Brought to you by:

    'For The Record' on Bandcamp


    'Winning Daily Fantasy Hockey' on Amazon





    and new music from:

    Jiggy Tone & Funk Tous Multi-track feature

    Marcel Seaka w/ 'Trinita'

    Apollo IX w/ 'Running Circles'

    DTong welcomes guests Jiggy Tone & Funk Tous to the show.  Throwing down a ton of their tracks from their new Mixtape/Album 'For The Record'.  We'll be talking about their upcoming project soon to be released, their voyages, and everything else going on in the lives of two University of New Hampshire grads who are paving the way in their own lane...




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    Ancient Cherokee Marine Voyages​: Berber Enigma--w/Charles Rogers & Brian Wilkes

    in Religion

    Dr. Charles L. Jahtlohi Kingfisher Rogers (website) and Grandfather Brian Wilkes (website) discuss Ancient Cherokee Cross Atlantic Migrations... The Berber Enigma. Wonder along with us as Brian Wilkes ponders tribal customs of the Cherokee Nation that match those of Berbers (Imazighen) living in the Atlas Mountains

    What Our Historical Chiefs Have Said:

    According to Chief Attakullakulla's ceremonial speech to the Cherokee Nation in 1750, we traveled here from "the rising sun" before the time of the stone age man.

    What Anthropologists Say Today

    The Cherokee migrated back and forth from Mexico twice, making the Ozark plateau our home the second time, about 800-1500 years ago. This fact has been proven scientifically by Dr. Tim Jones (a Cherokee descendant) of the University of Arizona -- who holds doctorate degrees in BOTH archeology AND anthropology.

    What Anthropologists said in 1949

    Cherokees skulls are NOT like those of other American Indians, as is shown from Anthropological evidence gathered in Archeological sites.

    From a newspaper article titled For Palefaces, by Walter Carroll, Durham Morning Herald, December 11, 1949,

    "Dr. Kelly explained that his initial concern with Cherokee Origins occurred when he came to the Cherokee reservation in 1929 as a fellow of the National Research Council. He had traveled from Harvard to make a racial study of the present tribes, principally their head forms, which are 'dolicephalic,'

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    Early Mormon Psychedelic Voyages w/ ER Trauma Dr. Robert Terry Beckstead​

    in Religion

    Prerecorded May 31, 2010 by http://GnosticMedia.com - an Interview with James W Flaming Eagle Mooney and Dr. Robert Terry Beckstead author of Restoration And The Sacred Mushroom available for free reading at http://www.scribd.com/doc/70399796/Restoration-and-the-Sacred-Mushroom

    This show is titled "The Mormons: Joseph Smith’s Psychedelic Voyage" and was being released on Monday, May 31, 2010.

    James Mooney personally represents all of Oklevueha Native American Church independent branches; including Oklevueha Native American Church of; Navajo, Paiute, Cherokee, Chippewa, Lakota Sioux, Narragansett Nations (led by federally recognized card caring American Native persons) as well as 45 Utah Oklevueha Native American Church independent branches. His list of acolades is more than 10 pages long, so for today I’m going to keep it brief.

    Robert T. Beckstead, MD has practiced as a board certified emergency physician for 32 years with training in hypnosis from the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and Jungian dream analysis from Pacifica Graduate Institute. His interest in the possibility that Joseph Smith used psychedelic plants, cactus, and mushrooms to facilitate visionary experience and spiritual ecstasies arises from readings in Mormon history and his emergency medicine practice. This includes training and experience in diagnosing the class of hallucinogen intoxication from its manifesting symptoms (toxidrome) and the administration of Ketamine as a powerful dissociative anesthetic for painful procedures in the emergency department. Dr. Beckstead is Affiliate Faculty, Idaho State University Portnuef Medical Center, Department of Emergency Medicine, Pocatello Idaho.


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    "Part 2 - Christopher Columbus & The African Holocaust" with Dr. David Imhotep

    in Culture

    Listen to The African History Network Show Monday, Oct. 13th, 9:00pm-11:00pm EST with host Michael Imhotep.  “PART 2: CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS & THE AFRICAN HOLOCAUST” with guest Dr. David Imhotep author of “The First Americans Were Africans: Documented Evidence”  1) We’ll deal with some history surrounding Christopher Columbus and his 4 voyages which laid the foundation for Slavery, Racism, Capitalism and the exploitation of Indigenous People including Africans.   2) This date in African American History and inventor, Benjamin Banneker.  3) Update on the Vonderitt Myers shooting in St. Louis.  Why does the Police keep changing their story?

    Call in with your questions at (914) 338-1375. Episodes are also archived on www.Itunes.com.


    If you want to learn more about African History and African-American History to counteract the negative images we see of ourselves on the TEL-LIE-VISION (TV), please visit www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com.  We have information to Educate, Empower and Inspire people of African Descent throughout the Diaspora and around the world.  We have a wide selection of African History and African American History DVD Lectures including "HIDDEN COLORS 1-3" and lectures from Michael Imhotep host of The African History Network Show.

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