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    Taxes and the canadets

    in Politics Conservative

    tAxes are one of the most important issues in every election . We will have a look on some of the tax programs and may favor some.



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    Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Before Retirement? (with Scott Alan Turner)

    in Business

    Scott Alan Turner from the Financial Rockstar podcast joins the fun this week. He, Len Penzo and Joe tackle financial insecurity, mortgages and horrible Valentine's gifts. ALSO - at the halfway point we have a great visit with Thomas Smyth from AskTrim.com about his new app. Trim dives into your accounts to find forgotten subscriptions you're paying and unsubscribes you (if you wish).

    AS IF that's not enough, we're excited at the end of the episode to share some time with the star of SoFi's new Super Bowl commercial, Brandon Williams. We'll talk about the experience and his investing passion - real estate.

    Thanks to MagnifyMoney.com and SoFi for sponsoring the show!

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    Tax Tips don't over pay your taxes

    in Business

    It bothers me, that thousands of my important subscribers (like you!) are about to OVERPAY their taxes by around
    $5,000!!! That’s a lot of money to waste.

    It bothers me even more that the reason that is about to happen, is that they will not see how important it is to listen to this  FREE Broadcast briefing I will be conducting to explain WHY you are about to overpay Uncle Sam, and HOW to STOP it from happening


    It depends.

    1. If you are okay with making a larger-than-required donation to the national treasury – by overpaying your income taxes – you cando nothing and that’s how it will work out. (Trust me, I say that with all sincerity.)

    2. If you believe in paying required taxes, BUT NOT paying UN-required taxes, you
    will want to listen-in on a crucialBroadcast I will be conducting – at no cost whatsoever --
    to reveal everything you need to know to keep your income taxes at the lowest legal level.

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    Should A Parent be Forced To Pay Child Support If They Willingly Provide?

    in Podcasting

    Tonight we'll be discussing Child Support and the laws that surround it. The question we're asking is do you agree with parents being forced to pay child support against their will? Some may argue "Well he or she is the parent so why shouldn't they have to pay?" Well what about the parents who have joined custody and split time down the middle? What about the parents who split custody weekly meaning one gets the child 7 days and the other parent gets the child for the other 7 days but the child has one primary address which would likely be the custodial parent's address? So because that parent is deemed the custodial parent (even though the time is split 14 days a piece in a 28 day span), you think that parent should be awarded Child Support?

    Child Support impacts millions of lives in America alone and it's a sensitive topic to some but it has to get addressed here on "It's Real Talk Radio" because there's a lot to be said and since real is what we thrive on, there's no better platform to have this discussion. Callers are welcome for this topic, so don't miss out because we're not holding back any punches!

    It Just Got Real!




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    The Skybox: Super Bowl Review and NBA All Stat Preview

    in Sports

    On Tonight's Episode of The Skybox:

    - Quick Three

    - Super Bowl 50 Review

    - NBA All Star Preview 

    - Daniel Bryan's Retirement

    - Much more

    Show starts at 10 PM EST/9 PM CST only on TSOTS Productions. Listen to the live stream at http://www.tsotsproductions.com or call 347-215-8558.

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    Some Thoughts on Anger and How To Deal With It

    in Parents

    We all get angry; it's a natural human reaction to a loss of expectations and witnessing the downward spiral of someone we love. Anger can disrupt the process of getting help for a young person if it's not acknowledged and properly directed.The ranges of anger associated with having to deal with addiction are complex. It is difficult to process acceptance of our addict’s choices without some level of resentment and antagonism. Whether we justify our irritation and reactions because of lies and manipulation, it is important to work our way through it and not around it.

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    Plenty! Some althernative thoughts about Abundance

    in Spirituality

    If we are always in REaction mode we are not filled with peace of mind. We are not maturing into our higher self we are filled with reactive emotions, drama and no able to DElight in the Diving within. As we journey further within we learn through our daily simple practice that we are no longer as reactive, in our hearts, homes, on the roads we are more at ONE with ALL and life becomes DE lightful: Filled With Light! How can we continue to enhance our self through our meditative practice? Can we clear the way for something even better to experience? YES we can and we are with this breath, Now. Join me and lets ramp up our practice and move into ACTION fearless, loving, light and moving toward Purpose, Peace of mind and FULL propserity! No matter what is happening, simple! Not always easy.

    Get your free GIFT http://www.lisagiroux.com 

    FREE FEbruary! Call to book your FREE abundance elevation meditation! 719.293.4157 lets get clear about what we want and where we are going and what and how to attract and intend for better. Quck effective coaching calls you can enjoy from the comfort of YOUR couch!! namaste


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    Cam Newton, Beyonce, Black History Month, and some politics

    in Radio

    Cam Newton and his post game interview after the superbowl

    Beyonce putting the spotlight on social injustice

    Black History Month

    Some Politics

    and whatever else I can fit in 30 minutes

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    Lent - Should that mean something to me? ~ Nothing but the truth

    in Christianity

    I had never heard of lent until I moved to Chicago.  I was at work wondering why so many of my co-workers were walking around with dirt on theiir foreheads.  It was apparent that this was acceptable.  I asked one of my friends what was it all about and was told it is Ash Wednesday.  I like the idea of getting closer to God and preparing my heart for Resurrection Sunday.  Let's look at some helpful ideas as we draw nigh unto God this Lent Season.

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    Confessions and Covenant of the LORD all caps

    in Education

    Mr Hart has found out the LORD all caps: he has found the LORD (all caps) to be a title belonging to the papacy.Other papal titles in the AVB are Father, His Holiness, Holy Father, His Grace, and His Majesty.

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    Episode 1606: All the Cubans

    in Sports

    The latest episode of the True Blue LA podcast revolves quite a bit around Cuban players and their relation to the Dodgers. We discuss the recent defections of the Gurriel brothers and when they might sign, and also talked about 16-year-old phenom Lazarito, who could pick a team any day now, with the Dodgers among his suitors.

    But it wasn't just Cubans the Dodgers might sign. We also discussed players already in the organization, including pitcher Yadier Alvarez, outfielder Yusniel Diaz and second baseman Omar Estevez, a trio in whom the Dodgers have invested a total of $75 million including overage penalties during this international signing period.

    We also touched on some other things, including whether beans have a place in chili, and we introduced a new trivia game to help pass the offseason time.

    You can send any and all questions to us at tblapodcast@gmail.com, or contact us on Twitter at @truebluela or@jacobburch.

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