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    Voodu pt 1

    in Paranormal

    We all know the mystical stories of Voodu.  Join us as we talk about the facts behind this controversial religion from 11:30pm to 12:30am EST.

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    Weekly Witchy Wednesday

    in Spirituality

    Join us each Wednesday at 6:30pm EST to get tips on herbs, oils, spells and tales with amazing guest from around the globe.

    The week's feature is Lady Lavender of The Purple Witchs Mystical Realm of Magick

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    The Healing Wisdom of Africa - Mentors and The Life of Youth

    in Health

    In this fascinating, detailed journey through the traditional healing practices of the Dagara people of West Africa, shaman and scholar Dr.Malidoma Some, introduces Western readers to the rituals that breathe meaning into the daily lives of African seekers. Educated in the West,Dr.Some holds three masters and two Ph.Ds.and is the author of four books,including his autobiography:"Of Water and The Spirit".and"The Healing Wisdom of Africa". .Dr.Some' is an initiated Elder and shaman or high priest, he expounds on the significance of"Initiating Change".  As a house quest of BabaWesley Gray and his wife SpiritChange,Dr.Malidoma Some',introduced the Grays to the African Yam and other vegetables along with the diet and health customs of his community,the Dagara people of Burkiina Faso,West Africa."There is no doubt that,at this time in history,Western civilization is suffering from a great sickness of the soul.The West'sprogressive turning away from functioning spiritual values;its total disregard for the environment and the protection of natural resources;the violence of inner cities with their problems of poverty,drugs,andcrime;spiraling unemployment and economic disarray;and growing intolerance toward people of color and the values of other cultures all of these trends,if unchecked,will eventually bring about a terrible self-destruction.In the face of all this global chaos,the only possible hope is self-transformation.Unless we find new ways that can touch and transform the heart and soul deeply,both indigenous cultures and those in the West will continue to fade away,dismayed that all the wonders of technology,all the many philosophical'isms'and all the planning of the global corporations will be helpless to reverse this trend."Dr.Malidoma Patrice Some 

    Be sure to visit sites:- www.drumsofchangedotcom  and 


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    in Spirituality

    THE DIVA IS BACK!!!! AND WILL BE HOSTING AN EXPLOSIVE AND EXCITING 90 MINUTE SHOW ON THIS COMING SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 29,2013 AT 8:00 P.M...  I ALSO HAVE A VERY SPECIAL AND RETURNED GUEST BY POPULAT DEMAND.. "LADY ANGEL ROSE." Sister Angel Rose a Seer at msangelrose.com and sisterangelrpsychic.com, hoodoodoctor.com , voodooworker.com  and miracleutopia.com specializes in: christian magic, hoodoo, hoodoo root work,  rootwork and voodoo spiritual advisement and services.  Sister angel rose, being a rootworker deals in spirituality and  spiritualism of all forms including hoodoo rootwork and conjure related to christianity and christian rootwork. Sister Angel Rose is a spiritualist. She is a world renown and famous psychic and root doctor from Mississippi who know lives in Florida. Through the use of hoodoo, and root work, as a root doctor Sister Angel Rose uses Christian magic to make miracles occur for her clients and Sister Angel Rose is known for being the most powerful root doctor and most powerful voodoo doctor and the most accurate psychic reader and seer. Sister Angel brings back lost loves and returns lovers in difficult situations. Through the use of Christian hoodoo and voodoo Sister Angel Rose as a Root Doctor helps thousands of people.   This type of christian magic often associated with the  occult includes services such as pyschic phone readings and spiritual phone readings. Sister Angel Rose, has a deep understanding of what other occultist and  hoodoo rootworkings in general. Sister Angel Rose is also an initiate of Voodoo, also known as voudo, voodu, and voudun. Many people question how rootwork , tarot, and  tarot spells are intertwined. Sister Angel Rose's hoodoo rootwork includes working with  amulets and talisman, mojo bags.

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    Spells & Spirits

    in Spirituality

    What is a spell? I scalling on spirits bad? Did the Ancients use this as a form of power or prayer?

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    Stephanie Keith’s current work focuses on the Hatian America Vodou community in Brooklyn, this work has been shown in the Brooklyn Public Library, the Carribean Cultural Center and the Museum of Contemporary African Diaspora Arts and produced as an audio slide show by the ‘’speaking in Faith’’ radio program American Public Media. The Carribean studies Press has published a photo book of the Haitian Vodou ceremonies. ‘’Vodou Brooklyn: Five Ceremonies with Mambo Marie Carnel”. Her intimate portrayal of this group led Patick Bellegrade-Smith, Hougan Asogwe and Professor of Africology University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to say ‘’… I have never seen photography as respectful, as transcendent, as perfect as that of Stephanie Keith’s’’
    <excerpt from website http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=30857&clcid=0x409 >