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    Former Tennessee Volunteer RB Charlie Garner

    in Football

    Former Tennessee Volunteer and NFL running back Charlie Garner joins Joe Lisi on The Weekly Blitz. 

    Garner was a standout for Tennessee from 1992-1993. Garner rushed for 2,089 and 10 touchdowns. Garner was a second round draft pick for the Philadelphia Eagles and played for the Eagles, San Francisco, Oakland and Tampa Bay from 1994-2004. 

    In his NFL career, Garner rushed for 7,097 ruhsing yards averaging 4.6 yards per carry and 39 touchdowns. He was an excellent receiver who caught 419 passes for 3,711 yards and 12 touchdowns.

    Garner had great excelleration and quickness. His great vision allowed him to cut on a dime and has some of the most incredible runs in NFL history. 

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    Episode 914: The Professional Volunteer Fire Department

    in Training

    Examinig issues and challenges faced by the volunteer firefighter today.  Being a professional firefighter has nothing to do with earning a paycheck but has everything to do with attitude, appearance, commitment and dedication.

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    Show #93: Engaging a Volunteer Workforce

    in Business

    Special Guest: Helen Timbrell, Volunteer and Community Involvement Director, National Trust

    This week's show is all about volunteering and the challenges of engaging a volunteer workforce. Helen Timbrell, Volunteering and Community Involvement Director at the National Trust, shares her experience from her work with the Trust as well as a wider perspective from other charities represented at the Association of Volunteer Managers.

    Host: Jo Moffatt


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    Episode 884: The Professional Volunteer Fire Department

    in Training

    Examinig issues and challenges faced by the volunteer firefighter today.  Being a professional firefighter has nothing to do with earning a paycheck but has everything to do with attitude, appearance, commitment and dedication.

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    Momma Joyce Messages of Hope Standing Upon Gods Word!

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to my show this week. This show tonight will be aired 7pm pacific time, and will of course include prayer and music. The main core of this show is how we are to stand upon Gods word...To be able to wait...To Trust God and to Obey. Accomplishing these very principals in our lives will bring about not Only Gods will, but blessings beyond measure. I am so excitd to share these truths with all of you.God has revealed to me how important it is to WAIT for Him, and be obedient, and to trust Him, as He has a perfect TIME and WAY to bless us. It may not always be in ways we desire, or even with what we have in our hearts to be blessed with. As long as we trust Him to choose what is best and allow Him to work in our lives, wewill never be disappointed because we are in His will! Tune in tonight, and give a listen to Gods loving heart and word, for you and call in for any prayer requests you may have.









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    What's Your Story? Create Irresistible Idea Messaging With Sally Strackbein

    in Entrepreneur

    How do you move people to believe in and support your ideas with their hearts as well as their heads? Find out in my interview with Sally Strackbein (DefiningStory.com) & learn how to create stories so that listeners find your ideas irresistible and go all-in to help you turn them to reality.

  • GNIP Discussion Group 01/26/2015

    in Education


    GNIP is a volunteer driven subgroup of Kate of Gaia and www.losethename.com. We call those perpetuating the legal game and alert them to the fraud they commit.
    Our call in # is (914) 803-4058
    Also 'Like' us on Facebook, www.facebook.com/gonamelessitspainless

    This show is an extension to 'Outside of The Box'.
    7 days a week @ 7 PM EST
    (661) 467-2401


    Also visit www.losethename.com as well as www.kateofgaia.wordpress.com for everything you need to know about the legal name fraud. 


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    Election Countdown 2014 - Volunteer!

    in Current Events

    The 2014 midterm election is coming up on November 4, 2014. Get involved!


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    Episode 264: The American Military in WWI

    in Military

    Well inside an officer's career arch, we saw the American Navy move from the Great White Fleet, The Spanish American War to the age of the Dreadnought. Our Army, from ad-hoc volunteer units to a professional army going head-to-head with the finest professional army on the planet.

    How did our military and our Navy build up to WWI, and how did that experience inform the evolution of our national defense infrastructure.

    Our guest for the full hour will be Dr. John T. Kuehn , the General William Stofft Chair for Historical Research at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College CGSC). He retired from the U.S. Navy 2004 at the rank of commander after 23 years of service as a naval flight officer flying both land-based and carrier-based aircraft. He has taught a variety of subjects, including military history, at CGSC since 2000. He authored Agents of Innovation (2008), A Military History of Japan: From the Age of the Samurai to the 21st Century (2014), and co-authored Eyewitness Pacific Theater (2008) with D.M. Giangreco as well as numerous articles and editorials and was awarded a Moncado Prize from the Society for Military History in 2011. His latest book, due out from Praeger just in time for the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo is Napoleonic Warfare: The Operational Art of the Great Campaigns.

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    Talk Jamaica- Jan 25

    in Current Events

    TALK JAMAICA TODAY at 4 p.m...would condom distribution in high schools reduce teen pregnancy and contraction of STIs...

    We’ll be joined by Dr. Sandra Knight, Chairman of the National Family Planning Board and Chairman of the National Youth Council, Nackadian Jones.

    In part two of that discussion we continue to examine the issue with Education Minister Rev. Ronald Thwaites and President Elect of the Jamaica Association of Guidance Counsellors in Education (JAGCE), Mrs. NinaDixon.

    Nicole Nation of Volunteer Nation joins us for our feature segment...Talk Vault Listen live today between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. viawww.talkjamaicaradio.com or via the Talk Jamaica Radio App (download from GooglePlaystore).

    In the US, listen live via AudioNow by dialing 712-432-3203. Listen live also on Carib Riddims Radio at caribriddims.com

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    in Football

           Will be celebrating the LYAA Coaches in volunteer for another successful season.

    We will be interviewing all coaches for the up coming season. We also will be talking about the LYAA league

    and it success in Pop Warner........... So congradulation on the league for having two teams in the "NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME".



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