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    Wildfire Season is here! Wildland Firefighters Benefit Concert

    in Lifestyle

    Listen in as author Kristen Moeller is interviewed on Salida's community radio station KHEN with Jane Carpenter.

    Moeller lost her house in a 2012 in a devastating wildfire that destroyed 21 homes and killed three of her neighbors. Her latest book Phoenix Rising: Stories of Remarkable Women Walking through Fire tells the heart-wrenching stories of twenty women who suffered devastating loss in western wildfires.

    To honor these men and women who put their lives on the line to fight our fires across the West, on April 9th from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Salida Steam Plant (220 W Sackett Ave, Salida, CO), Kristen is hosting book launch and benefit concert. 

    World-renowned band "The Kin" along with opener Salida’s own Lily Pinto for a hot night in our little Mountain town! All proceeds will benefit the Wildland Firefighter foundation.

    For more info visit www.PhoenixRisingFund.com

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    Guest: Micah Mbliz Jonah, Musician and Entrepreneur, Won the Volunteer Prize

    in Education

    Micah Mbliz Jonah is a musician and won the Volunteer Prize.  Micah-Bliz Joseph Jonah also known as Mbliz is a Nigerian. A Business Administration Undergraduate and he has a certificate in Business Ideas and Entrepreneurship Skills.He is an Entrepreneur, and the forth out of the six children of his parents.He was born and brought up in the south south region of Nigeria(Akwa  Ibom State of Nigeria). His father is a mechanical Engineer & A business man while his mother is a teacher and a business administrator. Because of his love and passion for humanitarian services getting involved wasn't difficult, Sam Edet told him about the SWACIN foundation and  he desired to join. His happiest feelings is having the opportunity to serve the needy. His worst feelings was traveling from Akwa Ibom State to Edo State by Bus because of the bad conditions of the road,The journey took more than 6 hours and he was really stressed. His community is full of hard working people and  business opportunities, and he says they are loving and peaceful people  and welcome visitors  & investors.  Nigeria is regarded as the giant of Africa, the land of so many happenings with a beautiful culture that attracts foreigners, is a place to be.  All of his life he wanted to be an Entrepreneur and a philanthropist.  Mbliz- I need You. he is working on my album and his new songs are not yet approved for publishing by the company.

    Water Project in Ikpe Ikot Nkon village I   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJCd5rfPgvk&feature=youtu.be

    Childs' Rights Rehabilitation Network   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pm8MmprFlpc

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    Episode 1218: Professional Volunteer Fire Service

    in Training

    When headlines appear featuring stories about volunteer firefighters embezzling funds from their fire department, it definitely hurts the professional reputation we work so hard to earn.

    Today, public safety agencies can no longer financially manage their operations with a checkbook and a pen. State and Federal requirements, in addition to insurance requirements now place more responsibilities on agency leaders to manage their volunteer fire and EMS organizations like a business.

    Tonight’s show will discuss financial reporting requirements and best practices for managing fire and EMS agency financial systems. My guest will be Dr. William William F. Jenaway, Vice President of VFIS Education, Training and Consulting Services; as well as President of the Board of Directors of the Congressional Fire Services Institute. We will focus on preventing theft in our volunteer firehouses and Dr. Jenaway will outline many important steps that should be implemented by the professional volunteer fire department to safeguard the department’s treasury and maintain accountability by department leaders.

    Examining issues and challenges faced by the volunteer firefighter today.  Being a professional firefighter has nothing to do with earning a paycheck but has everything to do with attitude, appearance, commitment and dedication. Hosted by Tom Merrill.

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    Volunteer at/for Genesis House !!!

    in Radio

    Volunteers Needed @ Genesis House    Down By The River Radio Leesia Champion Parrish, Call in @ 516-387-1547

    Contact :  Deborah @ 931-526-5197 or email her @   Deborah@GenesisHouseinc.com

    Genesis House is a non-profit agency in Cookeville, Tennessee dedicated to providing a pathway to a safe and self-sufficient life for past and present survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

    By choosing to volunteer at Genesis House you will be choosing to stand with us against domestic violence and sexual abuse. 


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    Why You Should Volunteer

    in Motivation

    Volunteering is extremely important and mutually beneficial for those in need and those in a position to help others. Yet, do you really know why volunteering is so beneficial, and all that you can actually get from helping others? There are spiritual, mental, and even physical benefits to helping others. Tune into this Cords of Life segment to find out the ins and outs of volunteering.

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    Stephanie Anastasi - Thailand 101

    in Entrepreneur

    Host Kevin Willett is joined by Stephanie Anastasi. Stephanie is raising funds for her volunteer trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand. She will spend one week volunteering at the Elephant Nature Park, working hands-on with the elephants and seeing first-hand how a successful NGO is run. The second week will be spent in the city of Chiang Mai, exploring the best cultural, adventure, and environmental activities that Chiang Mai has to offer.

    To help Stephanie reach her fundraising goal visit her website https://www.gofundme.com/stephanie2thailand

    For more information on the Friends of Kevin Networking Group go to http://friendsofkevin.com/

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    VOICE of RIO GRANDE - Marianne Campbell, Gallia County COC May 4, 2016 3:00 pm

    in Education

    3:00 pm May 4, 2016 - VOICE of RIO GRANDE with Host Dr. Michelle Johnston, President of the University of Rio Grande & Rio Grande Community College, features Marianne Campbell, Gallia County Chamber of Commerce volunteer and host of the ‘TALK of the TOWN’ radio show.  Marianne has been a woman pioneer in the radio broadcasting venue as well as volunteer extraordinaire promoting the quality of people that live in Southern Ohio and in Gallia County. In the last several years, Marianne has been recipient of the 2014 - Elizabeth Boles Community Service Award from the Greater Cincinnati Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association;  2014- Community Service Award from the Gallia County Health Department; 2014 - Child of Appalachia by the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio; and  the 2015 Gallia County Chamber of Commerce ChamberVolunteer of the Year Award renamed the Marianne Campbell Volunteer Award.

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    Challenging the Rhetoric with Cheri Roberts - Show #29

    in News

    Join Cheri Roberts Weds, May 4 @ 6pPDT/9pEDT for a 2nd conversation with special guest, volunteer citizen militia, AZlll% leader, Mark McConnell, McConnell was against the takeover and is responsible for talking many occupiers into leaving the armed standoff in Burns, OR ... and then some. 

    What and who is COWS and what was or is their role? 

    What REALLY happened at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge?

    You have questions, and we have answers. Don't miss this show. 

    Let's challenge the rhetoric!

    Join us in the chatroom or call-in LIVE (646) 787-1790

    CTR Website -- TWITTER @CTRNewsFeed -- CTR Facebook

    #CTR - #OregonStandoff - #BundyRanch - #LibertyRising

    No political endorsements. No corporate dollars. No hype. No lies.  

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1348

    in Self Help

    Tonight's special guest is John Gerrard from Lineville, Alabama, a rape survivor who was sexually assaulted while in prep school. John grew up in New York City in a struggling lower-middle class Catholic family and spent his formative years in Brooklyn in what he describes as "typical dysfunctional tenement living." There was a lot of corporal punishment during his 12 years of Catholic education. The worse experiences occurred at Saint Francis Prep which culminated with his being first befriended, but then violated and raped, by Brother Michael Moran, the principal. "It was the most horrible experience in my life," John says. "I laid there in shock, drugged .." When he saw Brother Michael later he wanted to vomit. "I had an overwhelming sense of despair and powerlessness." In adulthood John floundered but eventually found a career as a New York City firefighter despite heavy drinking and drug use. "I drank and drugged to forget, and the only place I ever felt I belonged was in a burning building." In 1988 he sobered up, ".. after having near heart attacks, guns in my face, blackouts, paranoia, and a state of spiritual bankruptcy where death would have come as a welcomed friend." He goes on, "The next 27 years have been an odyssey of self-examination and spiritual awakening." Today he counsels addicts on a volunteer basis in his community. "I hope to help others with my story," John says, "and plan to use all my power as a citizen to pursue legislative and systemic changes to protect children from future abuse through speaking, writing, film, social and traditional media. I stand with all victims to change the personal narrative from one of victimization to survivorship and advocacy."

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    Russ Illes Show: Wicked Duct Tape: Family Roles

    in Pop Culture

    Russ marvels at his daughter's ability to endure her physical pain associated with her latest brain surgery. He also describes the roles each of his family memebers play, dealing with this situation.

    Russ Illes is the Author of Duct Tape Won’t Fix This and an 8-year cancer hospice volunteer. He is co-founder and leader of a men’s support group that has been together for 26 years. His goal is to create a safe and supportive place for fathers of children with life-threatening illnesses begin a conversation. His book is available on Amazon.

    Please visit his website: www.DuctTapeWontFixThis.com  and his Facebook Page at The Magic Hat Project.

    Contact: Russell Illes / 617-827-0225 / Email: ssur1@verizon.net

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    Business Meets Art – Life of a Top Sculptor

    in Business

    Joseph Petrovics has created the 9/11 World Trade Center firefighters’ memorial, monumental pieces for St. John the Divine cathedral, well known governmental commissions, as well as highly popular abstract pieces in wood, bronze, and stone.  When not instructing Americas young, up-and-coming elite, he labors in his studio, transforming his dreams and visions into the tangible.  All the while, Joseph is an independent businessman.  His art must not only meet his own idealized standards – it must be salable.

    How does a sculptor, even a top sculptor, make his work known and purchased?  How does one transform a 20-inch model of clay into a 16-foot bronze monument?  Now, Joseph has brought to life a new life-size model of a very unusual, emotionally-gripping horse. Tune in and learn what tools and energy brought it from his mind to his studio, and what steps it must take to move from studio into the pubic view?