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    The Sisterhood Exchange book club, session 5

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    It's one of the book's most popular, most talked about and most thought-provoking chapters. It's 'If We Knew Then, What We Know Now,' and it shines a light on how women can become fixated on the past by replaying it over and over, imagining how their lives would be different if they'd only done "this" instead of "that."

    The chapter explores why writing letters of advice to your younger self is a waste of time and energy; who you SHOULD be writing that letter to and the two most important words you can say to your younger self.

    Join Michelle Hollinger, your host and book club facilitator, for what promises to be an enlightening and powerful discussion.

    Get your copy of the book in e-book or paperback at Amazon. For autographed copies, go to michellehollinger.com.

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    The Sisterhood Exchange Book Club, session 4

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    Join host and book club facilitator, Michelle Hollinger, for session 4 of The Sisterhood Exchange book club. The first three sessions have been awesome. We're now up to the chapter that has gotten a LOT of feedback - Listen to Your Inner Critic - and Then Tell Her That She's Been Demoted!

    We all have her. That voice within that can sometimes stop us from moving forward with important goals and dreams. This chapter shows you how to train her to be an ally, not an obstacle.

    If you haven't picked up your copy of the book, you can get it in paperback or e-book format at Amazon. If you want an autographed copy, please go to Michelle's website.

    Tune in Wednesdays at 7:30 pm. Call in at 646-595-2081  with your questions, comments or brilliant insights.



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    The Sisterhood Exchange Book Club, session 3

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    We're up to session 3 and it gets better each week. Join Michelle and women from around the country for a book club discussion that not only explores a good book, it also explores how women can discover and live their purpose by embracing their S.O.S. - The Sisterhood of Self.

    That S.O.S. is some serious, life-changing business.

    Join us Wednesday night at 7:30pm as we begin a discussion on 'Your Thoughts, Your Life.' This chapter explores how our thoughts impact our lives and our S.O.S., which is the foundation for a woman's life.

    If you haven't gotten your book, go to Amazon for either the e-book or the paperback. For autographerd copies, please go to my website.

    Thank you for tuning in!!

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    The Launch of The Sisterhood Exchange Book Club

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    The book has been updated, revised and released in paperback form, and it's getting rave reviews. Because one of the most frequent bits of feedback Michelle gets is that women are reading and re-reading the book, the idea of a book club to discuss it is the natural thing to do! The other feedback is that once a woman reads it, she doubles back to purchase additional copies for her sistahfriends! If that's not book club material, then what is?

    Join host and book club facilitator Michelle Hollinger tonight at 7:30pm as she and women from around the country embark on a very important discussion about sisterhood.

    Get the book at http://www.amazon.com/Sisterhood-Exchange-Michelle-Hollinger-ebook/dp/B00T72LPK6/ref=sr_1_1_twi_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1424898704&sr=8-1&keywords=the+sisterhood+exchange+paperback, fix yourself a cup of tea or pour a glass of wine and join us for what is likely to be the most awesome book club you've ever experienced!

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    The Sisterhood Exchange Book Club, session 2

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    The book club discussion continues. Last week's launch was awesome. We discussed the book's preface and The Sisterhood of Self (S.O.S). This week's discussion will include a quick review before we delve into chapter 1, 'Disconnect to Connect;' which essentially says that if you're really serious about reaching your goals, tuning out the external noise is absolutely essential.

    Get the book at http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_0_22?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=the+sisterhood+exchange+paperback&sprefix=the+sisterhood+exchang%2Caps%2C391 and join the discussion!

    Autographed copies available at www.michellehollinger.com.

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    The Exchange - NBA Preview Part 2 (BALONCESTO!)

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    With absolute respect to what has been a fun World Series - in advance, congratulations to both the Kansas City Royals and San Francisco Giants for stellar seasons - it seems that when it comes to the curtain call for the NBA, everybody is now... up.

    After a fun Part 1 of the NBA preview edition of The Exchange, Sumit and Jason finish with Part 2 and a division by division peek along with a few other thoughts on the season. You know the storylines that'll be discussed, but although this is the official opening night with three games, the second half of the preview is the last chance to chime in about your team before its season begins later in the week.

    Come through on The Exchange in the chat room, on Twitter (@skd_thExchange, @asportsscribe) and the phone lines at 347-202-0247. Don't forget to favorite The Exchange on Stitcher Radio!



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    The Exchange - The NFL's Clusteryouknowwhat

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    There has never been a time like this in the history of big-time American sports. Never.


    Sumit and Jason bring you another Wednesday edition of The Exchange, where they attempt to comprehend the absolute disaster that is the NFL's handling of Ray Rice after its initial and controversial two-game suspension. With new details emerging day since the infamous video of Rice striking of his now-wife, there are as many questions as there are angry fans. They'll bring up a few, including questions of the future of commissioner Roger Goodell, the short and long-term impact for the league and most importantly, where sports leagues go from here in regards to such a serious issue.


    Come through on The Exchange in the chat room, on Twitter (@skd_thExchange, @asportsscribe) and the phone lines at 347-202-0247. Of course, don't forget for favorite the show on Stitcher Radio!

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    The Exchange - NBA Preview Part 1/World Series

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    The sneakers will start squeaking a little bit louder a week from now.

    On a special Wednesday edition of The Exchange, Sumit & Jason are joined by The Sports Fan Journal hoops columnist Esau Howard as they'll start the first of two NBA preview shows. On this edition, they'll discuss some off-court matters in relation to the Association; most notably the surprising decision by the owners to retain the controversial lottery system and if the panic of labor strife in 2017 is warranted or not.

    Also, to at least start the show, a few minutes on the ongoing World Series as the San Francisco Giants look to capture their third championship in the last five years at the expense of the flawed, but exciting Kansas City Royals.

    Come through on The Exchange in the chat room, on Twitter (@skd_thExchange, @asportsscribe) and the phone lines at 347-202-0247. Don't forget to favorite The Exchange on Stitcher Radio!

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    The Exchange - It's Not Easy Being Striped

    in Sports

    It may seem like a broken record, but week after week, season after season, the early season reviews of NFL officiating have been damning. This one is no different.


    On The Exchange, Sumit and Jason delve into the way NFL games have been called by the referees, line judges and others over the season's first three weeks. They will also spend some time revisiting the continuing controversies surrounding Roger Goodell, the league office, the Baltimore Ravens and the Minnesota Vikings.


    Come through on The Exchange in the chat room, on Twitter (@skd_thExchange, @asportsscribe) and the phone lines at 347-202-0247. Of course, don't forget for favorite the show on Stitcher Radio!

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    Should You Invest In Exchange Traded Funds ETFs?

    in Education

    There are so many different ways to invest these days that many independent investors are confused, and do not know which investment instrument they should use. In this radio show Martha Stokes CMT explains who should consider ETFs, what they are commonly used for, the risks and different types of Exchange Traded Funds ETFs, Exchange Traded Notes ETNs, and other Exchange Traded Derivatives. If you are curious about what ETFs are, or want to learn about alternative investments to expand or diversify your portfolio then listen in on this radio show.

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