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    PWN 2015.4.4: Preservation & Environmentalism

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    Wednesday April 22nd was Earth Day. For 45 years people around the world, especially in the United States, Canada, and Europe, have celebrated April 22nd as a day to remember the Earth and what She means to us. Often times those who participate in Earth Day celebrations go through the rest of the year not even thinking about the damage that they may be causing to the very planet they celebrate once a year. In this week's edition of PWN KaliSara and RevKess will be talking about Earth Day and how to celebrate it year round.

    In the beginning of the show one of the collaborators on "A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment", David Dashifen Kees, will be joining the hosts to talk about that Statement. David is a contributor to Pagan Activist. On Wednesday David shared the press release from EcoPagan announcing the statement's final draft - which was released in time for Earth Day. Many notable Pagans have already signed onto the Statement, which is open to any and all to sign. It is a statement from the Pagan community, but not the ultimate statement. Some will not agree with it in its entirety. Tune in to PWN and read the Statement to help decide for yourself.

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    Environmentalism and The Limits of Growth

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    A week after the People’s Climate March in NYC, we discuss the impact of the growing environmentalism movement, how capitalism is destroying the environment, and how a real socialist transformation must be a system that works for both the people and the planet. We must seize the momement for real change.  

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    Arron “The Legal Guy” - “Just Talking Business”, Wednesday, 11am PST

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    Business Information and How to Save Money

    You can lead your business with peace of mind knowing you’ll have access to advice when you need it. Listen to the show for some great ideas to help you GROW your business.

    Some Business Services Ideas:


    Business expertise

    Importance of Contract and Document Review


    Social Media

    For information or call Arron Gonzales at 336-782-8858 or G. L. Giddings at (502) 209-8326. Listeners call-in at (718) 664-6324.




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    Honoring Mother Earth on Talk-N-Angels Radio Show

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    That's not pretty, is it?  You don't need to see this picture in great detail to really see that the continuous stream of garbage dumped into landfills all over our world are not ever going to break down and go peacefully back into Mother Nature's bosom


    This is just one truck dumping it's collection on top of millions of tons of the same variety of materials.  On Earth day, we could talk about all the ways human population growth and modern agricultural and industrial practices are poisoning our air and water, wiping out species and destroying pristine, delicate habitats for millions of species. But instead, we're going to talk about what YOU can do to stop the madness.

    Whereas last week, we spoke about the Collective Consciousness and how we contribute to the vibration that affects all sentient beings, this week, we're going to talk about how our daily habits, our preferences and our decisions affect the community, and the wider planet. 


    Let's Honor Mother Earth by waking up to the very simple fact that we cannot continue certain activities and expect the earth to remain unchanged.  The good news is that Earth will survive.  She will heal.  The bad news is that we, along with many other species, will not.  Please join us to begin a conversation that hopefully takes us into a new way of thinking about what is possible for humanity and this planet.



    Please join the conversation Wednesday from 7pm to 8pm.

    Visit our website at www.talknangels.com

    Rita's website www.iamadivinebeing.com

    Mike's website www.beyourownwingman.com

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    Private Exchanges and Pet Insurance

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    On this morning's program, the hosts will be discussing private health insurance exchanges, pet insurance and more with special guests from Accenture and Hartville Pet Insurance Group.

    For the first segment on today's program, Scott Brown, Private Exchange Offering Lead at Accenture, will be joining the program to discuss the firm's latest private exchange research. Accenture estimates enrollment in private health insurance exchanges doubled to six million individuals for the 2015 plan year. The company projects hypergrowth will continue through 2018, as a number of factors inhibiting early growth will dissipate, while several accelerators will spur further adoption. These factors, combined with the employer’s desire to meet consumers’ demand for choice and flexibility in a retail-like shopping experience, will lead to 40 million members on private exchanges by 2018.

    The second guest on this week's program will be JoAnne Novak, AVP Business Development at Hartville Pet Insurance Group, providers of ASPCA Pet Health Insurance.  As one of the oldest and largest pet insurance providers in the U.S., Hartville has committed itself to helping more pet parents have access to reliable and affordable pet insurance plans. According to the American Pet Products Association, roughly 68 percent of U.S. households have a pet, and last year, over $15 billion was spent on veterinary care. In this segment, JoAnne will discuss what’s driving the increasing demand for pet health insurance as a voluntary benefit as well as what makes pet insurance relevant for the workforce in connection with health care consumerism and private exchanges.  

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    TechnoVersify Show on WIRN Internet Radio

    in Energy

    Techno-Versify your perspective with sustainable solutions through biotech and sustainable tech that will support communities to be more eco conscience.

    Your Panelists: Amy Stewart Hale - Activist / Artist

    Matt Snyder- Environmental Engineer 


    Keith Ervin - Contamination/Infectious Disease/Water Purification/Alternative Energy Specialist. Environmental Enginee

    Please call in at 310-982-4253 with youre questions and comments or join us in our chatroom on blogtalkradio at http://blogtalkradio.com/joeygiggles

    Please invite youre friends to learn about Techo- Versify

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    Schedule...Draft.... & A Tebow Sighting!!

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            Voluntary workouts show teams that are serious about getting to the top!!  We see throughout the league {A.K.A. Antonio brown, Adrian peterson (he gets a bit of a pass from me for what he's goin through) ) and others.  But there were folks placing bets on whether Ndamukhan Suh would show up for the volunteers at this time of year!  And this is PRE-DRAFT TOO!!!

        Speaking of draft...  Josh has been workin for weeks on this special edition of "Josh's Corner" with positional hopefuls and needs the Dolphins will have opportunities to address.  He will introduce players and the schools they are from to all of us and why we feel they could be seriously considered to move to South Beach!

       What about you??  Do you think we NEED to get a WR or DB at #14?  Or do you believe in Dennis Hickey's philosophy of BPA (Best player available)?  Here is what ya do to get your opinion out there...  you call (516) 453-9433 and talk to Dave, Justin, Josh & Hez about why you feel the way you do!!  6:30PM Thursday is the place and if it's anything like last weeks show....  It's gonna get heated!!  :)

    Seeya then!!

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    The Climate Science Article Greenpeace Doesn't Want You to Read

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    The Climate Science Article Greenpeace Doesn't Want You to Read: An Interview with Willie Soon  

    On a special Earth Day episode, guest hosts Keith Lockitch and Amanda Maxham will interview climate scientist Willie Soon about his recent scientific paper challenging IPCC warming estimates. Dr. Soon has been the target of a witch-hunt orchestrated by Greenpeace over false allegations of failure to disclose conflicts of interest. Could it be that Greenpeace is trying to distract attention from the paper’s important scientific conclusions? 

    Keith and Amanda will give a hearty Earth Day “thank you” to “the nearest, grimiest, sootiest smokestacks” they can find. Plus, they plan to eat food made from GMOs, live on the air. Are they putting their lives at risk? Tune in to find out what happens. 


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    Tigers off to impressive 11-2 start. Can they keep it up. Injury updates on Verlander, V-Mart and J. Nathan. NBA playoff insights. Is this a coming out party for Anthony Davis? Is San Antonio in trouble? Can Chicago deal with another injury (Mirotic)?UM's caris Levert returns to school.  MSU def dominates in spring Scrimmage. Spring game is Sat at noon. Harbaughs special on HBO gives us good insight. Is he a great coach, does he wear out his welcome?Will college be a better fit for him? NFL news and notes. AP reinstated. Tebow is back in the league does it matter?Suh participates in voluntary workouts with MIA u care?Lions start OTA's and Ihedigbo is absent. Positional Preview OL.

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    Hard Starboard Radio: Environmentalist Civil War?

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    The criminal negligence of Barack Obama's pro-terror policies; No, barry, the Cuban people are suffering because of their repressive communist government you love so much, not the U.S. embargo; Is there really a growing schism within American environmentalism?; "Reforiconservatism" has a strong "abandoning free market principles to save the free market system" vibe to it; and, if we must, as little Hillary Clinton crap as possible.