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    today on The Bochcast we are broadcating live from North Point Mall. We talk about Booch's time at Jesco, The C2C Scouting Event, Jerry recites a Poem, We recap TNA, Interact with some Mall Shoppers,  Dodgers-Giants Couple Pour Beer Over Each Other's Head During 'Kiss Cam', Keanu Reeves Has Naked, Second Home Intruder, Store Pulls 'It's Not Rape It's a Snuggle With a Struggle' T-Shirt (But You Can Still Buy It Online), Eli Manning On NFL Abuse Scandal: "You Just Can't Accept That". 

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    Your Daily Dose with Dr. Len ANTIBIOTIC FAILURE

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    Tune in at noon to hear Dr. Len Brancewicz of http://thenutritionshoppe.net discuss today's hottest health topics and new from a complimentary perspective.  From colds to cancer and everything in between, Dr. Len can offer honest advice that makes sense. 

    As a Registered Pharmacist (RPh), Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN), Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (NMD), and a homeopath, Dr. Len has over 35 years experience in helping to keep you and your family healthy and happy. 

    Call in today to ask about your most pressing health concerns! so what's up with the oeveruse of antibiotics?? we see the result!!  tune in

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    Sweet Perfume and Leather Jackets!

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    Who catches your eye?  What turns you on?  From the girl next door, to the boy down the block, we're all talk!  Your host "Just Jill" will have you thinking differently before the show is over.  Also enjoy "Sabrina & Company" on Free-For-All-Fridays.  When will you take the mic?

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    Preview of Week 4 game against Chicago Bears

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    In this episode of " Talking Packers with Steve " , i shall be talking all things Green Bay Packers and more specifically the match-up of Week 3 game against the Chicago Bears on the road . I will be giving my prediction for the game and also just going over the match-up itself . IF want to be part of the show to share your thoughts , more than welcome to call in to the show . Twitter handles are as follows : @Talking_Packers and @ARMY_STRONG_06 .

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    S.A.S.S.Y. Biz Radio: Kicking the Negativity

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    It's "CRUNCH TIME" ladies and gentleman and staying on track while keeping a positive mindset is a huge challenge for most of us especially if we haven't reached our goals.

    Let's have a life check moment...look back over the past two years and ask yourself where did you make progress, what areas do you still need work on and if you're just flat out stagnant so that you'll be ready for this intense discussion.

    This Thursday we'll be discussing the following:

    1. Why it's critical to have the right circle
    2. How your daily mental intake influences your mood and actions (positive & negative)
    3. How your subconscious mind is the ruler of all of our actions
    4.Tips on how to transform your mindset to improve your results


    JOIN us this Thursday for #LunchAndLearn with DeKesha and Ke'Aundra.


    12:30pm -1:00

    Dial in - 646-478-3033

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    First Contact Radio

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    First Contact Radio 9/25/14 Show #1236 hosted by Joshua Poet



    Highlights of Tarot

    Tree of Life

    Moon Phase

    This Week’s Sky at a Glance, September 19–27

    Mayan Oracle


    Jewish Calendar

    Fleet of UFOs Recorded On An iPhone Video Above Normandy

    Mysterious NASA Photo Reveals A Perfect Sphere On Mars

    UFO Moves Intelligently and Hangs Over Eagle River Alaska, Photo

    Britian's Mod To Implement Additional UFO Disclsoure



    Daily Stories
    Bringers of the Dawn - Chapter 11

    Going Within - The Door To Higher Consciousness

    the Angels September-20-2014

    Daily Affirmations 25 September 2014

    FREE Meditation Music "Reflections"

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    Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Bereavement Life Coaching by Shirley

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    Topeka, KS – We will all lose a loved one at some point in our lives, and yet we’re never truly prepared for it. Bereavement, the period of grief and mourning after the death of a loved one, can be a transformative experience. Unfortunately, many people struggle with bereavement because our cultural training is to ignore, deny, and avoid whatever is unpleasant. We live in a society that has sought to protect us from sadness. 

    Shirley Bradley is the founder of Bereavement Life Coaching by Shirley, which offers compassionate companioning for individuals struggling with the loss of a loved one.

    “The first thing a client does when they come to see me is that they apologize for their emotions,” says Shirley. "I allow my clients to be authentically emotional by creating a safe environment for them to to express their sorrow. It’s essential to be able to honor their story and validate their emotions."

    According to Shirley, grief is not a mental health problem; it’s something everyone experiences, but they don’t have to do it alone. Having experienced grief herself, she has developed a more spiritual approach to recovery.

    “I went deeply into my sorrow and I allowed the healing to happen on its own,” recalls Shirley. “So my focus is to allow my clients to grieve so we can work toward a new beginning, a new life, a new hope and a new joy.”

    You have to create a new life in order to heal and recover. Shirley’s clients learn to utilize new skills and new ways of coping. They’re not trying to get over the pain, but rather learning how to work through the pain.

    “My hope is that I empower and inspire my clients to live their highest vision and create a joyful, fulfilling life,” says Shirley. “I give as much of myself as I can because we’re walking a very sacred journey together."

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    Interviewing The Divas .. with guest Leeza Robertson

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    Join Diva Candace Gish, from Interviewing The Divas, each week as she speaks with other entrepreneurial women. Women who have chosen to be a Woman of Business, all while managing households, families and community.

    Today Candace is speaking with Leeza Robertson. Leeza is a two time bestselling author, expert book coach, speaker and tarot deck creator. She publishers as both an indie author and through her traditional publishing contract with Llewellyn World Wide. Over the past several years she’s been blessed to take some amazing women and the occasional man on a journey that changed their lives forever. They went from thinking that being a published author was out of their reach to being up on Amazon in 12 weeks. They went from a place of, ‘I can’t ' to a place of “Let’s do it again!” Some even went from unknown to bestseller in under 7days.

    Leeza believes everyone has a story to tell and share with the world and is passionate about assisting as many people as possible to get that story written, published and out into the hands of those who need it. Which is why she created the Elite Writers Academy. If you are ready to share your story with the world join today and get started on creating your legacy. 

    You can contact Leeza at her Blog: www.LeezaRobertson.com



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    Bert Martinez speaks with Chris Haddon, Cali Gilbert and guests

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    Chris Haddon entrepreneur based in the Washington, DC Metro area operating both offline and online business. Hard Money Bankers, LLC is a commercial lending company he founded in 2007 and quickly grew to 25mm in loan volume and 7 figure revenues. This launch required him to 1) raise 25mm in investor capital when he was in his 20s AND become an expert in web marketing to so quickly disrupt a market previously dominated by old school "mom and pop" operations. His passion for internet business led Chris and his partner to build and launch their web startup, REI360.net, a tools and training membership site for real estate investors

    Cali Gilbert  #1 International Bestselling author, award winning photographer and social entrepreneur. As the creator of the IT’S SIMPLY book series, Cali has published several of her own books and now serves other writers through her company, Serendipity Publishing House

    Eric Swenson former attorney at the Internal Revenue Service Office of Chief Counsel.  Mr. Swenson has been a tax attorney for over 20 years and is currently an attorney in private practice at San Diego’s largest law firm, Procopio Cory, where he represents taxpayers before the IRS in audits and collection matters

    Thelton McMillian founder & CEO of Oakland, CA-based Comrade, a design and strategy agency that creates digital products and services like mobile and Web apps to help businesses improve their user experience


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    Sports Palooza Radio: Snowboarder Dan Brisse, frmr NBAer Jonathan Bender & more!

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    Dan Brisse is a widely regarded "urban snowboarder," meaning he leaps between buildings on his board! Crazy! He has said, " "Snowboarding satisfies something in my life that nothing else really can. Maybe people see me flying over some feature or other and think I'm crazy, but I hope they know that I put a lot of thought and effort into making sure everything I do is as safe as it can be - even if I'm trying to push myself to a new level that day." Can't wait to talk to him! 

    En Garde! Dan Collins, fencing coach Ray Gordon and members of the Chesapeake Fencing Club will be holding their 15th annual all-night-long FENCEATHON (www.fenceathon.com; http://chesapeakefencing.org/about) to raise funds for CFC and The Sisters Academy of Baltimore. We'll talk to them about fencing! 

    After entering the NBA in 1999 as the number five overall draft pick, Jonathan Bender realized that a painful growth spurt he suffered during childhood was haunting him. Desperate to take pressure off his knees, he engineered his own apparatus using a few supplies he picked up at a drugstore. He stops by to talk to us about his career and his invention.

    We'll also talk about Banned Books Week as well as what's happening in sports, from the NCAA to Jeter's last game as a New York Yankee. 

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    Keeping Up with the Growth of Voluntary Employee Benefits

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    Over the last 20 years, the availability of voluntary benefits has grown from an anomaly to a strategy for the majority of employers. According Eastbridge Consulting Group, Inc., 54 percent of all employers provided at least one voluntary benefit in 2006. Six years later, that percentage has grown to 77 percent. For Eastbridge, the definition of voluntary benefits only includes life and health benefits where the employee pays 100 percent of the premiums through payroll deduction and there is no direct contribution by the employer. In the 25 years Eastbridge has followed voluntary benefits trends, life and disability insurance remain the first and second most popular products.

    But, people like Mike Zarrillo, Vice President of Voluntary Benefits and Business Development for AIG Benefit Solutions, believe an employer's voluntary benefits strategy can go beyond the Eastbridge classification. Zarrillo sees two other categories gaining in popularity in the workplace: value-added benefits such as legal services and pet, home and auto insurance; and "beyond-value-added benefits" that play on the concept of consumerism at work. He's watched some companies give employees access to home-protection products and even home appliance purchases that the employee buys via payroll deduction.

    So, if you want to learn more about voluntary benefits and how they may manifest in your workplace, join us as we talk with Mike Zarrillo about the changing landscape of employee benefits.

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    Psychic Tena Marie Show

    in Spirituality

    Psychic Tena Marie is Today's Psychic for Today's World.  Tena broadcast from Pensacola Florida on the panhandle of the Emerald Coast.  Surrounding towns include Fort Walton Beach, Crestview, Panama City, Niceville and the area military bases including Pensacola NAS, Eglin AFB and Hurburt Air Field.

    Psychic Tena Marie is a gifted Psychic and Psychic Medium broadcasting on Blog Talk Radio on Tuesday, Wednesday , Thursday, Friday & Saturdays at 11 AM Central & 12 Noon Eastern. Tune in or call in to listen for free mini psychic readings.

    Tena is internationally recognized for both her Psychic & Paranormal abilities. Tena has volunteered countless hours by assisting the law enforcement, the community and many others who requested her skills. 

    Tena Marie has spot on psychic reading in person, over the phone, and Skype.  Reach her on her website www.misstena.com

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