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    LeeAnn Maxwell - Vixen Vodka

    in Family

    MGN Radio welcomes LeeAnn Maxwell co-founder of Vixen Vodka. LeeAnn spent over 28 years in the financial industry and about as long in a marriage.Once both those chapters were over, she realized she wanted more out of life; to rediscover the woman she used to be and the one she wanted to become. Her varied experiences have contributed to an extremely detail-oriented work ethic along with a very savvy business acumen. Vixen Vodka is a pure, gluten-free vodka made for women by women. Join us on Tuesday at 9pm EST and learn how this Southern Belle is making waves in the male dominated Liquor Industry. 

    Check out Vixen Vodka

    MGN Radio is a proud sponsor of the 5th Dare 2 Aspire Conference in Atlanta, GA. Click HERE for more deets!

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    Peak Auto, Peak Airlines...Peak Vodka?

    in Finance

    Apple falls on weak guidance. Boeing drops 10% for even weaker guidance. Plus we discuss the case for owning AT&T, America reaching “peak vodka”, and listener suggestions for a Fool podcast drinking game.

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    Equality Vodka: Doug & Bert Talk Giving Back!

    in Entertainment

    Doug Jacobson & Bert Gallagher with Equality Vodka are the VIP Superstar Guest Stars on tonight's show.  These straight allies talk about their journey into the world of creating strong brand recognition and an excellent product appealing to the LGBT community.  

    They will share their philosophies on life, giving back to the communities, unique sponsorship opportunities they've encountered, and so much more!

    Call 323 657-1493 to ask a question and join in the fun!

    Check out Equailty Vodka's website here!

    Like the Equality Vodka Facebook page here!


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    Left of Str8 Show, Episode 2: Movies, Foodies, Vodka (Replay) Live on Tuesdays

    in LGBT

    On the second Left of Str8 Show, guests Emerson Smith, John Brickner, and Eric Feliciano, discuss their video production company, "A Day Before Productions." The three men met in Ohio and got together in L.A. to form their company as they write, produce, and direct, original pieces together. Their first full-length feature film, "Beach House Way" premieres in L.A. next Tuesday, July 14th.

    Home chef turned professional, Sharon Damante, was a competitor on the Food Network competition, All-Star Academy, where she was paired with mentor Chef, Curtis Stone and was one away from competing in the finale. She had what many say was one of the best dishes of the entire competition. Now working as a private chef for wineries in the Napa Valley region of California, Sharon is enjoying life as a professional chef, and working on her book about her travels and cooking in Umbria, Italy.

    Bert Gallegher, along with his partner Doug Jacobson, found themselves out of a job and working with each other in a job neither of them loved. Thru the right events happening, they are now owners and lgbt allies, creating the fine spirit, Equality Vodka, and give back to the lgbt community with each bottle sold. Based out of Texas and trying to grow their brand nationwide, Bert comes on to tell a bit of their story and what the goals for Equality Vodka in the future are.

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    January Jones- "A Change of Habit" with - Sister Mary Vodka/ Patty Kogutek

    in Religion

    Meet Patty Kogutek, author of “A Change of Habit: A Spiritual journey from sister Mary Kateri to Sister Mary Vodka” has helped thousands cure their anxiety, living “guilt-free”.  Living as a Catholic nun for 7 years, and working her way through a 12 year failed marriage, Patty gathered “7 Secrets to Guilt-Free Living” that gave her the courage and the permission to finally follow her heart putting the expectation of others aside. 

    Although Patty has earned her doctorate degree in Educational Administration from the University of Southern California, she has learned her most valuable lessons through the “school of hard knocks” teaching her how to effectively protect her own happiness, living life on her own terms.  You don’t have to be a former nun to have your happiness slip away.

    Patty works with “women at risk” who try to please everyone, who have a difficult time saying “no”, and feel that they have to juggle life’s stresses taking care of everyone but themselves. 


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    Wet Your Whistle Series Continues with Tito's Handmade Vodka!

    in Lifestyle

    “I make a filet mignon at a pot roast price.”  Tito Beveridge, founder and owner of Tito’s Handmade Vodka, wasn’t talking about steaks when he said this; he was talking about his double gold medal winning vodka.  Wednesday, December 3rd at noon our Fall “Wet Your Whistle” series continues as the VP of Brand Marketing for Tito’s Vodka, Nicole Portwood, joins us.  Learn how Tito’s has become THE vodka in its less than 20 year life span.  It all started with Tito racking up 19 - yes, 19 - credit cards to the grand total of $88,000 in order to build a one man distillery and production still.

    His gamble of creating the first legal distillery in Texas paid off, not only for him, but for vodka lovers everywhere.

    We know that you want to learn more about how Tito became ‘the vodka guy’ and exactly what it is about this brand that makes it so darn good.  So join us Wednesday, December 3rd at noon and find out!

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    Cisco Wine: Takes You By Surprise

    in Entertainment

    You don't see or hear too much about Cisco Wine these days unless you an avid bumwinebob.com reader, but in early 90's Cisco was a hot topic of conversation.

    "Fortified Wine: Five Flavors Of Danger 'Liquid Crack' Should Be Pulled From Shelves By Liquor Stores"

    "Cisco Wine Is Full Of Surprises, Alcohol Officials Says"

    "Buyer beware! A 12-ounce bottle of Cisco may look harmless, but it contains the alcohol equivalent of five shots of vodka."

    "Surgeon General Calls Potent Wine a Threat".

    Headlines like these were rocking the nation. You know that when the Surgeon General gets involved, it's about to get real!

    To celebrate 25 years of controversy, we are going to hop in the bum wine time machine and go back to a time when Cisco Wine was the big craze! Have any of your own Cisco Wine stories? Call in and let the world know!

    Cisco Strawberry has been named the BWB Bum Wine Of The Week for this momentous occasion! Grab a bottle and join us!

    All that and MORE on this weeks episode! Want to be part of the show? The phone lines will be open and you are welcome to call in at 347-826-9598 to join the party. Cheers!

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    Faith, Trust, and Vodka Shots

    in Lifestyle

    Ever felt like the world was caving in on you? Like you just couldn't breath? What about that nothing is ever going to go your way? Sound familiar? Say hello to Anxiety!

    In this week's episode we will be chatting about our frenemy anxiety and why it sucks so bad. I'm your host Ashley Sears! Welcome back kids! It's been two restful weeks since our last podcast, and this episode is inspired by my own journies through the suckage of anxiety, but before we get to that. Welcome to all the new listeners. If you are just joining us, you should go back and check out our first five episodes. We talk with some amazing people like Rachel Martin from Finding Joy, Stephen Lee from Master Chef, and Julia Cameron author of the Artist's Way. Lots of amazing stuff in those podcasts talking about how you can figure out who you are, and how to make your life rock!

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    The Direct Audio with Big Buji

    in Entertainment

    Tune in tonight to hear nthe HOTTEST in indie and mainstream music coming out of the Carolinas with The Direct Audio with host, the man himself Big Buji. Call in number is 646-716-4952 and press 1 if you wanna chat with the host. So see what the fuss is about

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    The ROAD TO RECOVERY-Hosted by Daniel Czuba - This week's Special Guest...

    in Radio

    ...SURPRIZE SURPRIZE SURPRIZE! - Due to the SUPERBOWL Richard Oberbruner - our scheduled Guest for February 7th will NOT BE JOINING US - However Richard will catch up with us on February 14th, bringing his Witt and his special Gift for teaching IMPROV as a method to replace actually getting HIG on Drugs or Alcohol...What you say? Well I for one have enjoyed IMPROV since first meeting Richard and our mutual friend Deni Eads a few years ago. Since then - I attended IMPROV Classes for over 1 year and found a NEW way of "GETTING HIGH" without having to abuse Drugs or Alcohol. What a wonderful journey it has been!


    Remember that our show is LIVE and you can Call-in in Questions / comments / criticisms, or just to say Hello! Our call-in number is 323-580-5755 or you can email Daniel at daniel@daare.com. Be sure to check out our NEW Website - ROAD2RECOVERY.CLUB and get the instant link to our Broadcast every Sunday evening 7 to 9 PM CST (Central Standard Time)


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    145: The Curse is Real

    in Technology

    The Grumps strike again, RIP Abe; more income inequality news, so meditate the pain away; our robot overlords are on the way; what's going on at Twitter?; Amazon on the march; Ello, Peach; X-Files; Hipster Vodka; Tyson takes on B.O.B.; Cthulhu wallpaper!

    Full show notes at http://grumpyoldgeeks.com/145