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    Mediumship Readings and guests. "Wagstaff"

    in Spirituality

    A warm welcome to todays show. Something amazing for you to day! Many of us know in the spiritual circles of a gentleman called Leslie Flint. Leslie was a Direct voice Medium. He recorded over 6,000 recordings of people from the other side. Today you are going to listen to "Wagstaff" a personal favourite of mine. He talks about his life where he is, and vivisection amongst other things. Oh yes and by the way.... Wagstaff was dead for many years before this recording was made. That’s right this is a real conversation with a dead person.

    All about mediumship, connecting with spirit, spiritual development, live readings with guests some well known. We shall talk about development, spirit problems you may have and anything to do with spiritual things. We have guests on the show from time to time and we do reading’s. I do not ask questions, genuine mediums do not ask questions!

    I am a professional, Inspirational, Clairvoyant Medium and Psychic. I have been privileged to give readings in Germany and have appeared on TV on “The Circle TV on Channel 166 the information Channel. In October of 2010 I did a small tour of New Zealand doing private readings and a theatre booking.  My Site: www.leo-bonomo.com

    My book Summerland is on sale not only from Amazon and all good bookstores both online and in book shops (shortly) but will also be available shortly as an EBook on Kindle. You can also find me on FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/Leo.S.Bonomo 

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    Anti-vivisection with PatrickRattigan

    in Health

    Uk govts own figures nearly 3 million animals Cats, dogs, monkeys, pigs, rats are poisoned surgically injured, driven insane, burnt, irradiated, starved electrocuted and kept in solitary confinement.
    Traditionally the medical industry justifies these atrocities by claiming we need to find a cure
    Scientific fraud, misdiagnosis help maitain the staus quo whick keeps large gravy trainrolling along!

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    Natalie-Marie Hart Interviews Meghan McGill from Last Chance for Animals

    in News

    Meghan McGill is the niece of Chris Derose who is the founder of Last Chance for Animals.  Last Chance for Animals began in 1984 now it has been 30 years since they have been fighting for animals. 

     A fixture in animal rights movement for over a decade, Meghan McGill has played an integral role at Last Change for Animals (LCA) for the past eight years.  As a longtime vegan and animal-welfare advocate, Meghan serves as LCA’s campaigns manager and works to educate the public on issues of animal cruelty and abuse.

    Meghan has been instrumental in leading some of the largest protests in the country against circuses, the fur industry and Puppy mills.  She oversaw the ban of fur in West Hollywood and the closing of multiple high-end pet stores in Los Angeles area.  Meghan regularly participles in speaking engagements and outreach events with children and schools, and is committed to demonstrating compassion for all beings that need a voice in our world.   

    Founded in 1984 by Hollywood actor Chris DeRose, Last Chance For Animals (LCA) has its roots in fighting and exposing the inherent cruelty of vivisection. In the organization's early years, DeRose led teams of dedicated activists employing non-violent strategies modeled after social movements led by such leaders as Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Using "Direct Action," LCA activists engaged in peaceful protest with determined resolve... to make sure their voices would be heard. When direct action was still a new concept in the American animal rights movement, every well-planned demonstration achieved tremendous media coverage. By the late 1980s, LCA was earning a national reputation for its no-nonsense approach to exposing animal cruelty.



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    Animal testing

    in Business

    Do you every think about animal cruelty when using your cosmetic items? This show will explore animal testing .
    Guest: Katherine Groff Director of Researching and investigations at Neaves.
    Mission Protecting animals. Supporting alternatives. Advancing science. Founded in 1895, the New England Anti-Vivisection Society (NEAVS) is a Boston-based, national animal advocacy organization dedicated to ending the use of animals in research, testing, and science education. Through research, outreach, education, legislation, litigatio

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    3 Doctor Panel Discussion About Vivisection show 88

    in Pets

    Please join me as I welcome Dr. Steve, Dr. Jerry, and Dr. Gary to the show. We will be discussing the perils of vivisection and why we need to end it immediately. Learn the facts from the experts.

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    Manimals and Humanzees - are they real?

    in Pets

    Last month former Govenor Jesse Ventura exposed the vivisection community and blew the lid off of a conspiracy theory that rocked the USA. I am going to bring this story to you, the listeners, so we can take action to stop this evil in its tracks.
    For those who heard the live version: No one showed up. He was CRAZY! Now the police are involved and I have a lawyer to sue him. I edited his segment completely out of the show as I will NOT give him any more air time.
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    Pawz up!

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    People For Reason In Science & Medicine

    in Science

     It is difficult when you are on this long road and you have been traveling on it for a long time. You know you are on the right path, you have received instructions, you know the way and you have been walking just fine and steady. Just when you may see the light of day, then you receive a message that you are going the wrong way. The instructions and all the information for your journey are wrong. You have done much travelling and you’re asking right about now, what about all this walking I have been doing? Has it all been for nothing? Vivisection is much similar. We all have been told what experiencing on animals will do for us but we weren’t giving the facts. Founders of People for Reason in Science & Medicine, Sandra Bell & Britt Lind have been giving people who walk for Breast Cancer and other man-made diseases enlightening information.  Many people give money and walk for these aliments. They collect money, but do they ready know who the final cash out goes to. For me at 52 watching causes that anyone would care about and nothing really changing through the years and no cure available,  People For Reason in Science and Medicine are standing strong to bring awareness to people who are open to care about  Viv•i•sec•tion   [viv-uh-sek-shuhn]  noun 1.the action of cutting into or dissecting a living body. 2.the practice of subjecting living animals to cutting operations, especially in order to advance physiological and pathological knowledge.   Hosted by Ghetto Gg Gospel                      Lisa Michelle Garrett

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    Bad Science - Bad Medicine

    in Health

    Since 2000 Animal experiments have increased 40%. Yet despite this main stream science is no nearer finding a cure for terminal diseases even though natural, safe non toxic protocols are available..
    Animals as a consequence suffer far more than we know as they have no speech and rely much more in there senses which are hightened.
    There are many pathological differences between humans and animals which makes the experiments floored. Patrick Rattigan of The British Antivivisection explains that the  trials amount to scientific fraud.
    One thing is for sure, we will never find a cure for the so called terminal diseases as the animal research business is a billion dollar a year business

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    Animal cloning

    in Pets

    In 2008, the FDA decided it was okay to let cloned animals, and their offspring, into our food supply. Despite evidence many campaigners viewed as flawed, the FDA insisted food from cloned animals was safe for human consumption. It also insisted that based on its’ safety, labelling indicating food came from those animals, was not necessary. After polls showed about 2/3 of Americans opposed cloning animals for food, the FDA imposed a voluntary ban on their use, but not use of their offspring. On this episode, we’re going to hear from Nina Mak, Research Analyst with the American Anti-Vivisection Society. Please tune in, and hear about the issues surrounding cloning that include: ethics, animal welfare, and food safety.

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    Blood Sorcery with author Sorceress Cagliastro

    in Spirituality

    Join hosts Salem Warlock Christian Day and Salem Witch Lori Bruno as they welcome their guest, author and pod caster Sorceress Cagliastro. Sorceress will openly discuss the intricacies of Blood Sorcery from the science of self-vivisection to the combination of sexual fluids and magnetics. Learn how to dip into the pot with your Left Hand and manipulate situations to your benefit.
    Sorceress Cagliastro, The Necromancer Blood Sorceress, Necromancer, Mummifier,Magnetic Sorcery researcher,teacher, author,lecturer, embalmer, forensic re-constructionist, and consigliere to the dis-incarnate, Sorceress Caliastro has spent decades in the service to the integrity of the Deceased as a trade embalmer and in years of work at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. In an entirely different area, she has also worked directly with Sir Richard Branson as on half of his team of US publicists at Virgin Media.
    Blood Sorcery Bible Volume 1: Rituals in Necromancy


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    What is animal testing, and why is it still going on?

    in Pets

    Each year in the U.S., around 25 million animals are used in biomedical research, cosmetic and product testing, and education.
    They are subjected to experiments so horrific, it’s almost too much to bear. That’s why it’s time to take our heads out of the sand, and bring this issue out into the open.
    This episode will address questions such as: What is vivisection? Is it really necessary? Are there alternatives? What can each person do to help end this practice?
    To help answer these questions, I’m so pleased to welcome Dr. Theodora Capaldo, as my guest.
    Dr Capaldo is a Massachusetts licensed psychologist, and is President and Executive Director of the New England Anti-Vivisection Society (NEAVS).
    She is also Trustee of American Fund for Alternatives to Animal Research.
    To read Dr. Capaldo’s biography in full, please click here. To learn more about NEAVS, please visit their website.