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    Viviane Pourazary, Pourazary Wheat, LLP

    in Business

    Viviane Pourazary, is a partner of Pourazary Wheat, LLP a law firm which specializes in estate planning and small business law.  Pourazary Wheat, LLP is dedicated to providing cost-effective, high-quality, customized legal services to its clients.  
    Viviane has a wide-array of legal experience having previously worked in private practice as well as for the state and Federal Government.  Viviane received her JD from University of San Diego, School of Law & BA in Political Science & Sociology from the University of California, San Diego.

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    Organizing Your Makeup To Look Great

    in Self Help

    Do you use all the make-up you own or do you keep in just in case?  Are you still using the same products you used 5, 10 or 15 years ago?  Do you need tips to help you organize your make-up so you daily routine will be quicker?  Join me and Viviane Aires Skincare specialist and makeup artist, founder of "Be Bonita!," a women's lifestyle brand as she shares tips and techniques to help you organize your make-up.

    Viviane Aires is a makeup and skincare expert enabling women and men to realize the full potential of their inner and outer beauty.  Having specialized in skincare for over 14 years now Viviane was just a little girl when she received her first beauty lessons.  The classes met in her home in Bahia, Brazil.  At night, Viviane would watch her mother - no matter how long a day she’d had – wash her face before bed. Those early lessons filled Viviane with a passion for beauty and self-care that burns just as brightly today as it did years ago when eagerly collecting her mother’s secrets.

    In addition to those early moments of education in Brazil, Viviane has gained skincare expertise in Montreal, Panama, Tahiti, and Bermuda, observing each country’s fashion, beauty, and skincare trends.  Her lifelong study, diverse international experience (including her own beauty pageant participation in Brazil and modeling/dancing career in Japan), and cosmopolitanism make Viviane Aires a beauty expert of top caliber.


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    Viviane Oberhand - How to Be Comfortable in Your Own Shoes

    in Self Help

    Nearly ten years in the making, Viviane Oberhand, a masterful mind, body and spirit healing expert, has developed an approach, the OBERHAND METHOD, designed to help people who suffer from fibromyalgia and chronic pain become pain free quickly and with joyful lasting results.  Vivane is the master of reconnecting you with your original blueprint of health!

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    Photographer Viviane Moos Documents the lives of Brazilian s

    in Photography

    Tonight we talk to award winning photographer Viviane Moos. Viviane talks of her perilous Journey to the streets of Brazil where she lived amongst children who have endured hardships that many of us here in the United States could not fathom.
    Viviene gained the trust and love of these children of whom have allowed her to chronicle their daily lives through her powerful photos that reveal a world of poverty, drug addiction and loss. 
    Please listen in to find out ways that you can help viviane with her latest Kickstarter project  that will help to continue to raise support and awareness to these children of our world.
    click here to go directly to viviane's kickstarter to support her importact cause now! All donations make a difference!!!

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    Views and Reviews with Sally

    in Entrepreneur

    SPECIAL NOTE : The Show is on TUESDAYS FROM 7:00PM - 8:00PM  CST  and SATURDAYS FROM 3:00PM-5:00PM  CST

    Welcome to our DEBUT SHOW!! We will have a Great show.  We will have a PLEXUS CONSULTANT named DIANA PEERY that would like to share her Business with us, and answer not only my questions, but YOUR questions as well, so call in and ask anything you want (Pertaining to the Business we are speaking of at the time).

    We will also be discussing a new EXTRAORDINARY BUSINESS called MY DAILY CHOICE, It is, in my opinion, the BEST BUSINESS TO BE IN TODAY, it has an unheard of Comp plan..You have to get in on this deal!!!!

    The main topic is FIBROMYALGIA, I will have an amazingly wonderful, Very Intelligent and Caring Expert in the Field of Fibromyalgia, and closely related disorders. She also can GUARANTEE that she can make your FIBRO DISAPPEAR!  I Interviewed her for over an hour today. I am under her care and already starting to see a difference or a Light at the end of the tunnel – I know it is hard to believe that anyone can KILL THIS MONSTER called Fibromyalgia that takes over 30,000 LIVES PER YEAR because of its PAIN and lack of REAL treatment from Western Medicine that just wants to Throw a band aid at it!

    My Expert’s name is Viviane Oberhand. Her website is WWW.FIBROALIVE.COM The following is from her site:

    Viviane Oberhand works one-on-one to release the foundations of pain at the true emotional and spiritual origins.Imagine a lifetime of freedom from the grips of the constant overwhelming pain in your body and emotions.

                Views and Reviews with Sally.

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    A Tribute To A Amazing Lady,Viviane Verdonk

    in Spirituality

    Join me as I pay tribute to not just a amazing friend who I couldnt had done my show without but also a Amazing lady who had a big heart,Viviane I thank you for touching my life and the lifes of so many here is my way of saying I love you,miss you and thanks again for your support of me and my show.

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    in Politics

    Rassemblement des Citoyens et Patriotes Republicains

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    Debat sur le tourisme au senegal

    in Politics

    Ce que le tourisme nous rapporte vaut il ce qu il nous prend?

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    The SmallgGay Report 03/07/2013

    in Politics Conservative

    Is SmallgGay one of those meddling libertarian kids?
    Tonight's topics include:
    McCain and Graham- two wicked stepsisters.
    I can see Rand Paul becoming President now.
    Will the Left finally begin to understand the Tea Party?
    Chavez under glass.
    Fashion icon Viviane Westwood thinks Michelle Obama looks horrible.
    Obama's to summer at Martha's Vineyard!
    They're making a Liberace movie.
    They're making a Tanning Mom movie.
    Celebrities passing out all over.
    Remembering Divine.
    And more!

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    L amitie

    in Politics

    Impact de l amitie dans notre epanouissement

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    Aujourdhui Samedi 26 mai 2012 a 21h30 Gmt(heure de dakar) 17h30 heure de new york et 23h30 a paris sur la radio Beneen Beuss Bou Bess avec Makhtar le kagoulard,Mamie kane,Alhousseynou Ba et invites.
    Theme:Role des artistes dans le processus de rehabilitation du continent noir.
    Invite:Moussa Sene Absa,le grand cineaste africain
    Pour ecouter le show go to:
    ou appeler le:1 347 215 7327