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    NZ's Gayle Dickson Petitions Health Ministry Against Gardasil ~ Host Elkordy

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    Guest Gayle Dickson www.ga-nz.com

    Host Sallie O. Elkordy for Mayor, Vaccine Free NYC & http://tinyurl.com/VaccineFree2015 and blog http://BillionToddlerMarchForSurvival.blogspot.com/

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    David Meltzer, Rick Dickson, Tony Collins, Rickey Foggie, Marco Iannuzzi...

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    This week on Thursday Night Tailgate our guests are: former University of Minnesota and CFL star QB Rickey Foggie, BC Lions WR and winner of Canada's Smartest Person contest Marco Iannuzzi, and Lincoln Financial Field Turf Manager Tony Leonard. Plus in our 12th Man segment with Sports 1 Marketing CEO David Meltzer, his special guest this week is Tulane Athletic Director Rick Dickson, and former Patriots Pro Bowl RB Tony Collins will join us for our 5 Star Picks of the Week.

    Join Chris Mascaro and Bob Lazzari every Thursday night from 8:00-10:00 PM EST as they talk with current and former players and coaches from around the NFL & CFL on "Thursday Night Tailgate." Chris and Bob talk football with the greats of the game year round so set a reminder, you don't want to miss an episode. Plus, check out the TNT web site: www.thursdaynighttailgate.com to keep track of upcoming guests, stream or download any of our archived episodes, plus see what players are saying about the show.

    “I want to congratulate you on your outstanding show. I’m extraordinarily impressed. I’ve been on a lot of shows over the years in various cities but this one is exceptional."  Andy Russell, Former Pittsburgh Steelers LB

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    Cairo Qween's Taste Of Technology with Juarez Jackson guest Vivian Johnson

    in Technology

    Cairo Qween's Taste Of Technology with Juarez Jackson it's 2016's first show of the new year. Juarez and Cairo will introduce the all new political agenda, let's call it the Technology State of The Union... We make technology palatable for everyday people.

    We are kicking into high gear this year, because we have moved into a space where technology Awareness is not just a privilege, it has now become our Civil Rights Agenda.

    Join us with, Lockheed Martin Engineer guest Vivian Johnson to start us off. We have sooooooooo much to cover and little time, so dont miss a secondwww.atasteotech.com or Call in 347.633.9769 PRESS #1 To speak on air.

    Share our message (Tag Us When You Share) for on air shout outs! Email this to all your friends, everyone has to tune in!!!! 

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    Celebrating Over 150 Episodes!

    Hosts: Jamel & Derrick Dwayne

    @MyRealTalkRadio interviews R&B Singer/Songwriter: @IAMVIVIANGREEN

    This album is fresh and spirited, sassy, and funny at times. Says Vivian Green of Vivid, her fifth studio album set to release in 2015 under Producer/Artist Kwame Holland's label: MakeNoise/Caroline. It's different from my other albums because of the energy; but very much still me.'

    The title is certainly fitting. Green's prior work established her as a balladeer and this album will add to that; proving her ability to deliver feel-good upbeat records. Totally produced by Kwame, (Mary J Blige,Christina Aguilera, Keyshia Cole, Fantasia) it is the first of Green's to entice you to dance; colored with ballads that showcase her effortless vocal prowess. The stand-out first single 'Get Right Back To My Baby' features a sample from Maze ft. Frankie Beverly's classic 'Before I Let Go'. It has a current bounce that makes you want to move. Green's voice is powerful, alluring, and beams over the track.

    Vivian Green's new album "VIVID" is available NOW on iTunes




    Twitter/Instagram/GooglePlus/MixCloud: @MyRealTalkRadio

    Jamel- Twitter: @L3TM3LIV3 Instagram: @L3TM3LIVE

    TUNEIN APP: #MyRealTalkRadio Show

    Derrick Dwayne: Twitter/Instagram: @MrLngHairDntCrr

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    1/6/16 w/guest Darlene Carol Dickson

    in Books

    Today's guest is Darlene Carol Dickson, author of "Musings of an Amputee."

    Many books have been written extolling the virtues of mind over matter and “how I overcame great adversity.” Darlene Carol Dickson has no intentions of attempting anything so ambitious, but she definitely has things to share. Her experiences were not mind over matter. She did not pull herself up by her bootstraps, and she found getting back on the horse to be more than a notion. The burden of such activity would have made her recovery from amputation surgery insurmountable. And she still hasn't gotten over the loss of her leg. She lives with it.

    She chronicled the events and emotions during the experience of losing her leg as best she could. Often, through the haze of Demerol and Morphine, she wrote in her journal while recuperating in the hospital. "Musings of an Amputee" is her story.

    Check her out at https://store.bookbaby.com/book/musings-of-an-amputee.


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    M.L.K Day, Cops urges drivers to run over black protesters, Aunt Vivian Rant

    in Entertainment

    M.L.K Day, Cops urges drivers to run over black protesters, Aunt Vivian Rant

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    Dr. Vivian Anderson: The Trouble In Virginia, Part 3

    in Politics Progressive

    Dr. Vivian Anderson, The Trouble In Virginia: racism, government corruption, Part 3. Guests may call 347.857.3293. Guests may not be able to speak on air, because the computer of MaryLovesJustice Neal, director of Human Rigths Demand, experienced technical difficulties this week. Callers should be able to listen to the live broadcasts, if "they" let you. Enjoy, learn from, and share this progressive, political braodcast and Parts 1 and 2 of this program at "Human Rights Demand" channel.

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    Astrological 2015 Challenge/Reward-Saturn/Neptune-Vivian Carol LIVE 2 Day

    in Spirituality

    BOOK MARK the NEW HOME of Weekly Videos from LOVE CAFE & The Black Hole Report !  with Scott Cluthe and Seymore Foxhole( aka scott cluthe)  Comedy and Wisdom - A Unique Video Community Cafe   

    Join Scott Cluthe on FACE BOOK HERE

    Scott Cluthe LIVE with Vivian Carol-Master Astrologer and much more. Satrun and Neptune are Squared Off-This is a Universal Challenge-How Does it Effect Your Sign ? Call in LIVE for Vivian Carol at 347-308-8478

    About Vivian Carol -Vivian Carol has been a professional astrologer since 1975 with a specialty in psychological interpretation and future projections. She maintains a nationwide private practice based in Charlotte, NC. Non-local clients are scheduled for appointments by phone and tape recordings or MP3's are available at client request.

     Vivian emphasizes understanding of one's individual history as well as the deeper meanings and purposes behind the events in life today.  She believes that we are born with personal intentions and gifts and that our challenge is to find the path that will be most fulfilling in utilizing our unique abilities.  As this is accomplished, each of us is then enabled to contribute our natural skills to the larger collective of society.

    Vivian is a Registered Nurse with a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology. She manages a local and national psychotherapy practice in addition to astrology, and is a Licensed Professional Counselor in North Carolina. Vivian is also board certified as a hypnotherapist by the National Guild of Hypnotists.

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    Let's Talk Moor 101 with Noble Dickson Bey

    in Culture

    Noble Dickson Bey, of the Let's Talk Moor 101 class, discusses the classes and current topics, "The Power of the Mighty Pen."
    We will talks about nationality, and why It's very important.
    This is just a building session With Noble Dickson Bey, so Let's Talk Moor 101

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    Let's Talk Moor with SisStar Noble Dickson Bey

    in Culture

    Let's Talk Moor with the Beautiful Noble Dickson Bey, the Owner of Yoki's Bath Products and Fine Soaps.

    She Specialize in all natural products, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Aloe Oil, 100% Pure Essential Oils.. 

    We will also be discussing what we can do as the Wombman to help rebuild our nation.

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    NZ at Heart of HPV Scandal Media Silent & No Official Response Dicksons/Elkordy

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    Gayle Dickson returns for another interview about the HPV Vaccine, this time with her Daughter Tawni.  We open with the important issue of Censorship, which I contend is a greater DANGER than Vaccines Themselves! -Host Sallie O. Elkordy for Mayor, Vaccine Free NYC

    Articles by Gayle Dicson, "BREAKING NEWS – Charges of Manipulation of Data and Science regards HPV vaccine safety" http://bit.ly/1PptIsX & BREAKING NEWS – Charges of Manipulation of Data and Science regards HPV vaccine safety http://bit.ly/1nVfENi