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    If you’ve never known anyone who had some pretty rugged child custody battles, you may not know what supervised visitation is. In cases where the courts are reluctant to allow a parent to spend time with his or her children alone (maybe there are assault or domestic violence issues), the court will order the parent to use the services of a visitation supervisor. This person or organization arranges for the hand off of kids between one parent and another, or will go on the visit with the kids and the parent to be sure everything is all right. Sometimes the parent will have the visit right at a protective facility. Sounds like a great solution for situations where there could be some danger, right?

    Well, maybe. There are plenty of down sides, and like most things, there are consequences.

    Join us Saturday when Tracee Parker shares her knowledge about supervised visitation. She was the Program Director of the Safe Havens Visitation Center/Safe & Sound Visitation in the Seattle area during its operation from January 2005 through December 2012. Her background includes domestic violence advocacy, community organizing, violence prevention, mediation, nonviolent conflict resolution training, and domestic violence perpetrator treatment. Tracee is currently working on her doctorate in clinical psychology where her research focus is post-separation battering, family law and domestic violence, and coercive control.

    Join us Saturday at 11 am Pacific Time to learn more about supervised visitation.

    Call-in with your comments to (646) 378-0430.

    And if you miss the live program, you can go to the website and listen to all our archived programs whenever you like. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/3women3ways



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    Judgment in the Land Visitation Sound the Shofar Remnant Gathering

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    Judgment in the Land Visitation in America land of Prophets, Spiritual men, and the many houses of God. Yet, it is a land headed for Visitation and Recompense.


    The Prophet is a fool: According to Kiel and Delisch the expressions "ish ruach" is [a man of spirit] and is synonymous with "ish holekh ruach" [a man walking in the spirit]. It is not referring to a True Prophet seen as a madman by all the people.  A  The false prophets stood under the influence of a superior demoniacal power and were inspired by a "ruah sheqer" [a lying spirit] example - 1 Kings 22:21-22 "And there came forth a spirit, and stood before the LORD, and said, I will persuade him.   And the LORD said unto him, Wherewith?  And he said, I will go forth, and I will be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets. And he said, Thou shalt persuade him, and prevail also: go forth, and do so."

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    LEAVING FOOTPRINTS -Show # 0155 A good "Visitation" Order

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    This weeks show

    What should be in a
    Do you feel yours has to many loop wholes???
    Do you think you should have been clearer?
    What did you Miss?

    (The Radio Show)

    The Good, Bad, and small print of the "Family" Court System.

    "VISITATION" ORDER what needs to be in it??

    PLEASE call in

    Saturdays At Noon ET
    Listen "LIVE" or as a Podcast Call In 347-857-4216
    Or Download at 
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    The Glory of God and a Heavenly Visitation

    in Spirituality

    Join us as Nick Serre shares about his experience with the Glory of GOD in a heavenly visitation he had. We're going to enjoy some good stuff with this one. Let's see what Holy Spirit has for us!

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    Arizona CPS Exposed (XXI): Visitation Protocol For "Family Break-up" Victims

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    ~ How does the CPS network delegate visitation rights for their "family break up victims?

    ~ When are mothers and fathers able to see their sons and daughters?  

    ~ Where do visits take place?  Are Mom and Dad permitted to take their children out in public?  

    ~ Is there a visitation schedule created to prepare sons and daughters to return to Mom and Dad?  

    ~ Is there a way that parents may prepare for visits to show they are responsibly qualified parents? 

    Find out on Arizona CPS XXI.

    Learn more at the website of Cliff and Shelley Hoelz, CPS victors and CEO's of Arizona Project at: www.AZProject.org.

    More on "Uncle Tom Horne's Cabin" http://youtu.be/BgFtDIUR_aU

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    I have a court ordered visitation but have not seen my child

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    Sometimes, parents put children in the middle of a divorce to the detriment of the children.   This podcast will discuss what to do if you have court ordered visitation that is being denied, when court action may be necessary and what you need to know if you are being denied your court granted visitation with your children.  

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    The Appearance Portal (081614) Because You Knew Not the Time of Your Visitation

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    going where no one has gone before...

    Tonight we will broadcast the final teaching from the Restoration in the River Conference.  And I would appreciate it if some who were able to attend the conference would call in and share their testimony with the body. (646) 595-4784 - and don't forget to put your hand up!

    Luk 19:41  And when he was come near, he beheld the city, and wept over it,
    Luk 19:42  Saying, If thou hadst known, even thou, at least in this thy day, the things which belong unto thy peace! but now they are hid from thine eyes.
    Luk 19:43  For the days shall come upon thee, that thine enemies shall cast a trench about thee, and compass thee round, and keep thee in on every side,
    Luk 19:44  And shall lay thee even with the ground, and thy children within thee; and they shall not leave in thee one stone upon another; because thou knewest not the time of thy visitation.

    Links to videos:  http://youtu.be/OvXqES5Ph8I








    email:  DChurchy1@hotmail.com

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    Program 10082014 Knowing the time of our visitation.

    in Religion

    Join us for Powerful Jesus Name Preaching here on  Breaking the Silence International Evangelistic Ministries,  where  we are breaking the silence in our world that dead religion has caused to fall upon the ears of those who can hear and will hear when moved upon by the Holy Ghost.

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    Are U Prepared for Chaos or Visitation from the Lord?

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                                                Many are sensing that the Lord is about to move mightily.  Are you prepared when the Spirit of the Lord makes a visitation?  You may wonder what that means.  It means that even though His people are filled with the Holy Spirit, the Lord is about to move in unprecedented ways upon the Bride, and upon the Body of Christ.  There is a cost; have you considered it?
    Also, all who are awake know that our world is upon the precipice of changes that are cataclysmic.  Many things are threatening all the nations of the world today.  Are you ready for chaos?
    There is only ONE way to make it through what is coming.
    Also, Jason Pillow will be joining me on the program to share an important message that he is led of the Lord to share.  Keep in prayer…

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    Child Custody and Visitation~TAKING YOUR CALLS!

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    Are you going through a custody battle?  Can't see your kids?Are you tired of paying an attorney who just doesn't care except for the money you are paying them? Are you going crazy?  CALL US AT 213-943-3805.  WE ARE HERE TO HELP!
    Join Best Life Barb and Kellie as we delve deeper into the problems many face when dealing with broken families
    Stacey Tucker has been through the system.  Listen in to Stacey's story as she tells us how she fought and won a custody and visitation battle for her young son and grandson ON HER OWN.
    Call in at 213-943-3805 to ask our custody expert Stacey Tucker questions about how to go about being your own attorney like she did!  If you prefer you can send your questions to bestlifebarbshow@gmail.com. 
    Also on hand will be our Mental Health counselor intern, Brenda Stutler who will give us tips on how to deal with the stress of it all.  We all know that stress is a killer and Brenda will give examples of how we can keep our health in check while never giving up on our most precious assets, our children.
    This is all about the BEST interest at heart for our children. Get out there and create awareness!! If you have an event you would like to have us announce you can email us at www.bestlifebarbshow @gmail.com or  please visit us directly at www.bestlifebarbshow.com.  We will try to announce your event or even post it on our web site!
    Tune in every week to hear stories of false allegations of domestic violence, help with child custody and visitation. We are here to help YOU live YOUR best life!

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    Sunday Sermon: Divine Visitation and Revelation (Genesis 18)

    in Religion

    Author and teacher Randall K. Harp continues a verse-by-verse study and commentary on the Word of God. In this episode we consider three vistors who came to Abraham and the interaction between them.

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