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    visioning and commitment

    in Culture

    This Friday's show is all about visioning for the future and then committing to that vision for the highest success you can experience. Join Jennifer and Jim as they invite you to search within for the truest vision you could wish for your life, and then to hold the courage, persistence, and wherewithal to make that vision a reality. There will be quotes, sayings, fun stories, some audience participation and refreshments!  Join us.

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    Visioning and Reacting

    in Spirituality

    We are accustom to reacting to life. Things happen. Yet, there is a perspective to have in which we are mindful always of what we want, rather than just accept information as it comes or defer our power to others by accepting their information without question. No matter who the source is. A fear-based reaction is an incomplete thought, not a complete vision. A complete vision includes what you want and is infused with love. Love of life. Love of your purpose. Love of everything. Love.
    In this show, we'll discuss the difference between reacting and visioning.
    You can ask question and share your thought during the show on Twitter (https://twitter.com/markmezadourian) or on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Angelic.Infusions)

  • Psychic Visioning- The Infinite Reality

    in Spirituality

    This psychic visioning episode is about how to open up our psychic perception and how to use our third eye to open up the understanding of our life path.

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    Visioning - Attracting Your Divine Partner

    in Spirituality

    This episode is a 9 minute visioning of what you want. Simple and to the point.
    Instantly download mp3's and get information on events and readings at www.markmezadourian.comFacebook page: Mark Mezadourian - Angelic InfusionsFacebook Group: Attracting Your Divine Partner

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    Visioning The New Earth

    in Spirituality

    The Shift is happening...Consciousness is changing and the Earth is ascending into a new dimensional realm.

    What does this mean?

    What does this mean for humanity? 

    What does this mean for the planet?

    What do we mean by 'The New Earth'? 

    What do we wish for The New Earth to look like? 

    What would we like to change about our current planet...how can the New Earth be better?

    Join us for a lively conversation and 'visioning session'! 

    What dreams would YOU like to see come true on the New Earth?


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    What Do You Want? - Episode 125 - What Are You Seeing?

    in Self Help

    Today we are talking about visioning and what you are seeing and how seeing what it is you want in your life adds to the conscious creation of a new life.  What is more fun than that?  

    Join in on the fun.

    Love, Light and Laughter, 


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    Visualization with Dr. Brown

    in Self Help

    Clinical Psychologist and Author Dr. E.Douglass Brown will be speaking on this re-broadcast show today.  He states that, "Visualization is the ability to see one self in a situation yet to unfold. It is not an external process but an internal spiritual endeavor." When you visualize you materialize.

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    VISUALIZATION TO VISIONING with Robert Brzezinski

    in Self Help

    Our guest for today, Robert Brzezinski, will talk about how we go from Visualizing to Visioning as we evolve from the first and second kingdoms of consciousness into the third and fourth kingdoms of consciousness. This is a re-broadcast show from 11/20/2010. This might be a new concept to many of you so Robert's topic today can help you make the next step after you visualize where you want to be to living from where you want to be.

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    Life Visioning – Tuning Into the Extraordinary Life that Is

    in Self Help

    The purpose of Mindful Change Exchange is to learn, share and grow. Your host, Billie Frances, founder of Guiding Mindful Change, will help you discover techniques of personal transformation. Learn how to achieve balance in your personal and professional lives. Find new ways to consistently honor your values so that who you are shows up in everything you think, say, and do.
    Billie welcomes Deborah Haass to this week's show!
    Life Visioning is a lifestyle tool that over time cultivates a deeper connection to one's own inner wisdom and infinite creative potential. The practice is non-directive, meditative, relaxing, and promotes an expanded state of receptivity. It consists of quieting the mind, stilling the body, and from within the stillness asking five fundamental questions of the Wise Self. Life visioning, like meditation, facilitates a surrender into non-doing, a surrender of preconceived ideas, a release of struggle and strain to make things happen. As one deepens into the practice of listening, a extraordinary vision for one's life begins to communicate itself. Life visioning empowers a greater trust in one's own ability to effectively respond to their inner

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    Robin Rose Bennett’s LIVE talk on, "Magic and Medicine of the Moon" ~

    in Spirituality

    Join me for an exciting episode with renowned Herbalist and Wise Woman Healer, Robin Rose Bennett. 

    Her talk will focus on the moon, its cycles, and the medicine it has to offer both women and men.  We will explore the array of herbs associated with the moon from visioning to creating healthy lunar cycles for women.  She will also share stories, rituals, and guidance on the benefits of becoming more consciously connected with the moon.  Many of her wise teachings will be drawn from the 10th Anniversary Edition of her book, Healing Magic-A Green Witch Guidebook to Conscious Living.

    Call and talk with Robin Rose Bennett LIVE.  As with each episode, calls will be taken in the latter part of the program. Questions and comments related to the topic of the show are always welcome. Robin Rose and I would love to hear from you!

    I look forward to sharing in this magickal episode together!

    seeing you soon~
    love, peace, and harmony, siempre~

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    Visioning Your Way to More Money

    in Finance

    In this episode: Tim talks about using visioning to bring more money into your life.  You will hear a success story on how it works.  Check it out

    Also listen in on the In the News segment -  What is Financial infidelity?  How it may apply to your life.  Also update on Bitcoin.

    Finally hear the Smart Money Minute - as Tim coaches you on something smart to do with your Money.  This Week: What percentages to use in your budget.

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