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    Visioness Radio with Jonathon Aslay

    in Business

    Jonathon Aslay is the founder of Understand Men Now and has incredible insight into the needs of men and women in regards to relationships
    Jonathon knows the male brain. He listens to women and what they want. Most importantly, he is gifted at bridging the gap between the two. As a “guy’s guy”, he committed years ago in the wake of his divorce to forever persevere along the path of self–knowledge and growth. Part of the process began as a tentative re–entry, followed by a full–blown immersion into, the dating world. Through dating and discussion of dating experiences with fellow singles, Jonathon not only learned volumes about himself, but developed a network of close friendships with men and women likewise seeking to “choose better” when it came to life partners
    Follow Visioness Radio for a 2 week series where we will be talking with men and women who make a difference. The Visioness & Go Passion series will touch your hear
    Visioness and Go Passion are both self-development companies specializing in helping people develop a mindset of prosperity and passion through intense training! We want to help you too. 

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    Visioness 9/11 Tribute - Freedom

    in Current Events

    Celebrate this Day as a Day To Feel Free in Heart Welcome to the 911 Edition of Visioness Radio with Carla Wynn and Brian Mauk. Today we are talking about the real meaning of Freedom. Freedom as some see it, is living in a country that has opportunity, free from tyranny. Freedom to us is having an enhanced state of well-being inside of your heart. We want you to call in talk to us today.

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    Christine Catoggio Live on Visioness Radio

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    Successful Life Transitions www.ChristineCatoggio.com
    Visioness Radio is proud to be talking with Christine Catoggio, Founder of Successful Life Transitions. Christine is a Life Transition Expert who helps people work through sudden changes in life.
    Empty Nest Reversed! Adult Child Comes back home Aging Parent Moves back in Life tragedy ?

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    Intro to the Visioness & Go Passion Rockstar Interviews

    in Current Events

    Rockstars! We want you on our show! This show is going to be the intro to the Visioness & Go Passion Rockstar Interview series beginning July 31st. We are so excited to be interviewing men and women from around the world who make a difference every day. 
    Brian and I will talk about what we hope to achieve with this series and how it can help you be a stronger entrepreneur or better person in life. Blog talk radio has given me the strength to overcome my fear of speaking and for Brian Mauk, founder of Go Passion, it's his new public speaking platform. His dream is to be on on stage public speaker. 
    Love & Smiles
    Carla Wynn

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    Visioness Rockstar Amonda Rose Igoe (I-GO)

    in Business

    Visioness Rockstar Series features Amonda Rose Igoe - CEO of 6 Figure Speaking! 
    AmondaRose is the is the author of Pain-Free Public Speaking, a contributing author in the number #1 Best Selling book series “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and was a featured expert on the FOX 4 Television Station. 
    As a Leading Expert in Speaking and Best Selling Author, AmondaRose specializes in helping business owners and entrepreneurs attract more clients and more income with speaking. She shows them how to design, deliver and book speaking engagements that sell more of their services.
    Through her coaching programs and live events, she helps her clients overcome their biggest speaking roadblocks while they learn how to dramatically increase their results and their income with speaking. http://highperformancespeaking.com/

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    Teresa Velardi on Blogtalk Radio with Visioness

    in Lifestyle

    Visioness Radio will be speaking with Teresa Velardi, also known as the "Transformational Potter
    Join us on Thursday, August 23 for a candid interview with Teresa Velardi. Teresa Velardi
    “The Transformational Potter”
    Leader, Author, Speaker, Coach, Potter
    A Certified Chapter Leader, and the National Expansion Director for Women’s Prosperity Network, Teresa is a Transformational Life Coach, Real Estate Investor, a Potter/Ceramic Artist and a published author in an anthology entitled “Visionaries with Guts.” She is currently working on her own book focused on authentic transformation.

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    A Primer on Think and Grow Rich (Desire)

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    When we have a DESIRE to do something, it burns within our soul until we bring it into our physical reality
    This is the first Blogtalk Radio by Visioness Radion with Carla Wynn & Brian Mauk that talks about the transmutation of DESIRE into the monetary equivelant of money. Visioness Mission is to Eradicate the Mindset of Poverty by teaching very valuable life skills needed to begin to see a new mindset of prosperity. 
    Think and Grow Rich is a classic book by Napoleon Hill and it talks about how men in the past have achieved great wealthy because the took an idea and nurtured it until profit appeared. It talks about everything from using Desire to create money to being a leader. Today we are focusing on chapter one and chapter two - Setting Specific Intentions, Stating a Specific Amount of Money you Desire, and latching to your DESIRE until it becomes real in your life.
    Of course money always comes at the hands of another  person who wants to know what you know, or buy what you are selling. The techniques to achieve the mindset of invincibility are found in this book. 
    NOTE THIS EPISODE will be held weekly and we will go over each chapter... 

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    "Mind Your Business" - Time Management Skills are #1

    in Business

    Are you Minding Your Business?
    Congratulations! You are a self sustaining, money making powerhouse entrepreneur! You have defied the odds, shunned the nay sayers and developed a mastermind tribe of people who love you. 
    But wait! Now you must Master the skill of Time Mastery by Minding Your Business! Money as you know, comes to use as the result of doing something right, being of service to the community and being a leader to our faithful following, but our time must be managed in a professional way in order for us to keep our creative juices flowing to provide even more service and attract an even larger following
    Visioness is co-operated by Carla Wynn and Brian Mauk with the intention that we give you tools to become a wealthy and loved money making entrepreneurial success. 

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    *LIVE* with Nancy Matthews (WPN)

    in Business

    Nancy Matthews will be our "Very Special Guest" on Thursday, August 30th
    International Speaker, Author and Business Success Strategist. I am committed to supporting YOU in achieving your goals and dreams. Through my gifts of word wizardry, marketing magic and understanding of mindset mastery, together we create sensational, sizzling results in your business and your life.
    Nancy is the CEO of Women's Prosperity Network http://www.wpnglobal.com and will be hosting the 5th Annual Un-Conference on September 28, 29 and 30 at the W. Palm Beach Hilton. Visioness is honored to be interviewing Nancy and want you to make your plans to join us live on the air.
    A copy of this recording will be one of my FREE gifts to you. 

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    Stephanie Kathan - Live with Carla & Brian

    in Culture

    Visioness Presents...Stephanie Kathan Stephanie Kathan is a Visionary, Talk Show Host, Speaker, Spirtual Workshop Leader, and a Sought After Energy Alignment Coach in the Personal Growth Indusctry, aligning clients with Well-Being since 2012. She is the Author of "From Despair to Aware" and of the soon to be released book "Aware to Millionaire" 

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    Amping your Game - A winning Facebook Image!

    in Business

    Join me on Sunday, July 15th along with Brian Mauk, founder of Go Passion for Amping your Game - A Winning Facebook Image. We are going to be discussing how Facebook can be used as a valuable tool in your business or movement. Learn how to make a few changes that will increase your reach and help you develop an improved self image of yourself. 

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