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    How a Virtual Assistant can help you grow your Business

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    Autonnette McLaughlin is talking with us about the need for a Virtual Assistant (VA) when growing your business. So one might ask, why do I need a Virtual Assistant and what can a person in this field bring to the table for my business. Well, let's ask Autonnette since she is the Virtual Assistant and this has become her passion to assist business owners in stepping out of the box. Her virtual consulting business, MBS Administrative Services showcases the talents of business owners from around the world.

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    Administrative management is the heart of any business. Without proper administrative systems in place your business is in danger of experiencing professional nightmares that can be avoided. Join us tonight as we chat with Shayna M. Boston of BostonFirst Administrative Management Services about choosing the right time to hire a Virtual Assistant.

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    Part 2 – Going Virtual – How to Find the Best Virtual Assistant to Partner With

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    Back for part 2 of Going Virtual is Denise Griffitts.

    Working with a virtual assistant, or VA, for the first time is scary and exciting. The thought of growing, having a team, getting some time back is enticing. But there are fears and questions. Denise Griffitts is a seasoned virtual assistant who is here to answer your questions, quell your fears and help you take that leap to expansion.

    Click Here to Listen to Part 1

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    Going Virtual - How to Find the Best Virtual Assistant to Partner With

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    Every business experiences growing pains. As entrepreneurs, we are no different. Most often we start out alone, doing everything ourselves. It's not uncommon to find entrepreneurs working VERY long hours, struggling to get all the pieces and parts done in their business. We see them struggle to learn things they need to get done, but really have no business doing themselves...putting together newsletters, setting up websites, creating sales funnels, and so on.

    There comes a point for every entrepreneur...every business really...where enough is enough. It's either expand, or close shop. Working with a virtual assistant has become a well-known, yet still misunderstood concept. How can you really work with someone who's not in your office? How do you know what they are doing? What if they are working on someone else's stuff and charging you for it?

    Working with a virtual assistant, or VA, for the first time is scary and exciting. The thought of growing, having a team, getting some time back is enticing. But there are fears and questions. Denise Griffitts is a seasoned virtual assistant who is here to answer your questions, quell your fears and help you take that leap to expansion.

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    The Virtual Assistant And Client Relationship

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    The relationship between a virtual assistant and a client is like the dating game. This episode is about finding your perfect match, those you enjoy working with and look forward to their projects.

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    What Is A Virtual Assistant?

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    Not sure what a Virtual Assistant is or how a VA can help you.  listen in on this 15 minute Podcast to find out.
    Submit questions to gossiptalk_tx@yahoo.com

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    Meet Amberly- Guru of Virtual Assistant Hiring

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    On this week's episode we're speakig to the Queen og Behind the Scenes of Entrepreneurship.

    Lynan's right hand Operations Manager extraordinaire Amberly Miller.


    Amberly's talent lies in being able to take your BIG picture and turn it into a to-do list. She geeks out on technology and business operations, and loves taking a large concept and making it into a sustainable and efficient process to lead you from “Idea” to “Paid”! In small business, you have to wear several hats- something Amberly has become quite comfortable with after spending nearly a decade handling administration and operations for companies in several different industries. Coupling this experience with her innate talent for figuring out creative and profitable business processes, Amberly has truly found her bliss being able to advise clients at The Big Factor and beyond on their virtual teams and business processes and procedures.

    Her favorite quote: "Anything worth doing, is worth doing right – the FIRST time.” -My Dad

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    Need a Virtual Assistant? Meet the best in the business Dorothy Stuart

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    Dorothy Stuart is CEO of VirtuSite LLC, there  mission/vision is they specialize in virtual assistant service. They pride themselves on saving you time, money and give you peace of mind. They are able to complete the same tasks as an onsite employee without the overhead costs.

    They strive to help business owners develop a solid foundation and business strategy so they can be successful. We will work to improve sales, productivity, organization, company culture, and employee relations. Find out how we can help you and your business today!

    As your virtual support team, you have partners who are unconditionally supportive. As you grow to know us better, as you let us support you more fully, you’ll find that you’ll be able to go for ALL you want, because you have a team on your side.

    For more information contact Dorothy at http://www.virtusite.net

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    Virtual Assistance for Authors with Marketing & PR Specialist Michelle Anastasio

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    My Advertising and Marketing career began in 1998, at the advertising agency, Poster Publicity International in New York City (that later merged with Kinetic Worldwide). My post as "Out-of-Home" Media Specialist and Account Executive included media buying, strategy and planning, and production for "Outdoor" media.  

    The above experience provided a sturdy foundation for the my next role as Senior Media Planner at Media Space Solutions in Norwalk, Connecticut. This position was twofold - both creative and analytical.  I not only oversaw national print campaigns and managed the RFP process for national brands, but I also worked closely with the IT Director to specify, develop, implement and communicate enhancements to PlanET (a proprietary planning tool) and APEX systems.
    With solid marketing and advertising expertise, I worked in a consulting capacity for several years at both Connecticut and New York-based firms to include Team GAT (German American Technologies) and G.E. Pharma. In addition to Print, and Outdoor Media, these varied roles led me to obtain a firm grasp on planning and analysis for trade show marketing, online advertising, and social media management.  

    With varied marketing and media experience fifteen years strong, I decided to launch my own firm (CT Virtual) in 2011. Our "Virtual Assistant Solutions" provide strategy and creative direction to a growing niche. In a time where the publishing industry is undergoing drastic changes, so are the methods for driving traditional PR and Book Marketing services, and this is where my firm comes in. We partner with Authors and Speakers to provide them with cutting edge Marketing, PR, and Creative Services that drive exposure and help them sell more books. Our drive for innovation and excellence is unsurpassed. We form winning strategies and our forte is versatility, as evidenced by our wide-ranging portfolio.

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    Is It Time for a Virtual Assistant?

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    Sometimes a business owner needs a little help but can't justify the expense of an extra employee. Other times, he might need some specialized help that he can't get locally. Today, many business owners are turning to the services of a virtual assistant. And as the industry is evolving, VAs who offer more extensive services are becoming known as online business managers or OBMs.
    In this episode of Business: Engaged!, we talk with Denise Griffitts. She is a nationally recognized virtual assistance industry expert, online business manager (OBM), thought leader, coach and mentor. She is the founder and CEO of Your Office On The Web and Your Virtual Assistant. She'll talk about what a virtual assistant can do for you and how to find one. She'll even share insights for those who might want to become virtual assistants.
    Click here to learn more about Denise Griffitts' company.
    Click here to listen to Denise's Your Partner in Success radio show on Blogtalkradio.com.
    And who hasn't burned a bag of microwave popcorn at the office? I exploded a bag in our microwave, and what I was left with was a smelly, yellow microwave. I'll share how I got rid of the smell.
    Visit our website at www.businessengaged.com to listen to past episodes. And don't forget to connect with us on Twitter at @businessengaged and Facebook (just search for "Business Engaged").

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    Virtual Vision FM Test Run of Webinarjam

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    Join us on our test run of a new visual platform!!  As always you can listen from Blog Talk as you are used to doing but now you are able to see us deliver the show!  

    To join the visual platform for this show just visit the Virtual Vision FM page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/VirtualVisionFm?ref=hl and fill out the registration form with your name and email address.  That's it!!  That's all you need to do---and it is free!!

    Feel free to call into the show qat 646.716.9336 from Blog Talk as you would normally do and be a part of the fun!  Don't worry---we won't see YOU---but you will see us if you have registered your attendance.

    We look forward to your participation!

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