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    Special Tribute to Virgil Fox on the Positive Experience Channel

    in Entertainment

    Virgil Fans REJOICE!!! WE are honoring the KING of Organists on the very day he passed 34 years ago with pieces played by him and interesting Virgil facts and reflections.

  • What are the Basics to Investing? Virgil Hooper, Financial Advisor. Part 3

    in Art

    Virgil Hooper is owner of a financial service business that help families eliminate debt, get the proper insurance and create wealth for retirement.  Prior to his experience in the financial services industry, he had over 20 years in engineering management and design.  A graduate of The US Air Force Academy Virgil believes that everyone should have a plan for their financial future.  He has a life insurance license for Georgia and Colorado.  He also holds a Series 6, and Series 63 and Series 26 license for investment.

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    Former WWE Superstar Virgil on KingJordanRadio

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    World Wrestling Federation (WWF), he first appeared in 1987  He then went on to debut in the summer of 1987 as Virgil, the bodyguard for "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase.Eventually, Virgil got tired of being humiliated by DiBiase and turned on him, hitting him with his own Million Dollar Title belt at the Royal Rumble in January 1991, making him a fan favorite.[5] After forming a friendship and training with Roddy Piper, he defeated DiBiase by count-out at WrestleMania VII and pinned him for the belt on August 26, 1991


    www.kingjordansportsandmedia.com    Twitter @MrKingJordan

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    "Virgil" from NBC's IRONSIDE

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      Pablo Schreiber stars as Virgil, a man who wrestles with the dichotomy of being one of NYPD’s toughest cops in the city and a loving family man at home, in NBC’s gritty police drama “IronsIDEide.” With a multitude of roles in film, theater and television, Schreiber has proven his range and versatility as an actor.  IRONSIDE airs Wednesday nights @ 1opm on NBC.

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    The Pope

    in Politics

                                                            The Pope

    Now the Pope must rewrite the Bible, because of the fact that Irland is now in disagreement with God and what is written in the Bible that do and it does concern same-sex marriage, homosexuality, crossdressing, and every immoral way of living alone with immoraity.

    In 1917 the Soviet government had to rewite the Bible, in 1949 China had to do the same in 1950's North Korea had to do the same, in 1960 Cuba had to do the same, in 1975 Veitnam had to do the same. 

    Yes even nation that did just what Irland did had to do the very same and this is why we are talking about this in politics.

    Well in truth religion has a lot that seals with government and has to deal with both moral and imoral things and just is moral and immoral in the ara of morality and immorality.

    Seeing that the Pope is a vicar of Chirst and Vicar does mean to be a substitue; therefore the Pope is saying that he is better than God, and he can and is the only one who can rewite the Bible if he likes. This si what Irland wants him to do.

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    Obama puts stricter controls on military-style for police

    in Politics

    As all in the United States of American well that in the past two years the police in the United States of America do need to have riot gear, but Obama would like to see the police wear less riot or military gear at all.

    Just what doesw this mean to all Americans?

    It would mean that Obama does not want to se a police force and to bring in a communist style of police force whereby the policeing is like the KGB that we have seen in Russia or the former Sovit Union, and what it is like in North Korea and China.

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    Obama is the reason why the United States is loosing the war against ISIS

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    Obama is the reason why the United States of America is looing the war against ISIS.

    As we can see pictures of Obama in the news and it is when he said this about ISIS and when the question about the war we have against ISIS Obama says it is just a setback. 

    In translation this means this that Obama loves the fact ISIS is winning and as a true musilm that he is would also even prove even more that Obama does hate the United States of America as well and would like to see ISIS come and take over America so that all muslims can behead America, and that is what Obama want to see.

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    Obama wants to help ISIS

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    As we can see Obama is still undecided with what to do when it comes to ISIS.

    In truth Obama is stalling because he does want to see the United States of America attacked by his Muslim group or part of his Muslim group named ISIS.

    see that Obama is a Musilm is very interesting that he does not have any plain to eve stop or attack ISIS

    If Obama even had any type of plain he would of done it already like the dictator that he is, ans would have in place like an exective order like he loves to do. in truth Obama is scared to attack his own god

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    A confession by a Liberal

    in Politics

    George Stephanopoulos is a liberal Democrats and has donated to Hillery Clinton's Campain by donating to the Clinton Foundation. This would make George Stephanopoulos as lover of communism, and a hater of freedom and liberty.

    Now a true confession is the best thing and this does mean that just one and only one liberal can tell the truth, but here is that other side to the story.

    Geraldo Rivera sees a double standard at work in ABC News, for ABC did fire Geraldo Rivera because he did just very samething as George Stephanopoulos was able to donate over $75,000 and Geraldo Rivera donate just 200 dollars. As we can see if a liberal and a democrat has money they can work and that means just the rich can work only, plus see that the liberal democrat George Stephanopoulos a true hater of freedom and liberty mean that everyone that works for ABC is a lover of slavery, lack of integrity, and eithcs.

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    Obama does love poverty.

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    Obama is a lover of poverty and is a true hater of the middle class and the poor.

    TPT is a one thing that the liberals, and democrats hate the most, for this would mean no job or economic growth for the poor or middle class. We happen to know that ABC news does back up Obama and the taxing the poor, and middle clas without any jobs for Americans to have.

    Did you know that this is a communist way of thinking to have to poor and middle class unemplied without any means to even help support the economy. Is that the same as a dictorship type of government? Let us say yes, for this is where Obama gets his idea of having the poor and middle class out of work

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    Obama is now trying to dictate what one eats

    in Politics

    It is very clear that Obama is now telling America just what we can eaqt and cannot eat.

    Empire Obama says every American will not have any choice to just what Americans can and cannot eat.

    Okay to some of you that is no big deal but the deal is if Obama now has the means to dictate to everyone just what they can and cannot eat then what is to stop  Obama for  telling you what to wear or not to wear or even to say or what to say, even what books all Americans are to read or not to read.Thus sayth Hitler Obama.