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    From 81 to 88 there was a show those of us who were bored with mainstream culture gravitated to friday nights and saturday  nights on usa for a little show called night flight. From movies to music and some of the best short films ever this was how a lot of us got out intro into non mainstream arts and culture. so listen to the steves video store crew and our guests tony straus of wengs chop fame and Gordon L Lee as we talk about this amazing show.

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    It was this day on 1973 when poor neil howie of the west highland costalbery vanished on a routine search of the summerisle islands for a kidnapped girl but what happened is the story and listen and watch this with us as we watch the 101 min cut of the wicker man

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    Feminism and Motherhood with Dr Penny Griffin

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    Feminism is a word that can conjure up all sorts of ideas and negative conotations from the way the so-called Feminist has been portrayed in the media.   This is interesting given that the definination of a Feminist is a person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes.  How can this phrase or topic be 'passe'?  Our guest Dr Penny Griffin has a PhD in Politics and International Reations and a passion for Feminist Theory.  As women, and as mothers we are consuming an ideal image of ourselves which is often misaligned to our own personal values and needs. Is consuming high-end products really the epitimy of feminism?  Not according to Dr Griffin.  

    "We are surrounded by choices that are problematic", she says and a "System that regulates women in terms of motherhood."


    Show notes:

    Are we in a post-feminist era and what does that mean?
    How does the media agenda effect your expectations as a woman?
    Do we even want what we are expected to want?
    The mythology around motherhood 
    What do we hear when we hear the words feminist and feminism
    The sea-change since Julia Guillard's mysonginist speach
    What does feminism mean for motherhood in 2016?
    What do the youth of today have to say?

    "To me, Feminism is about paying attention to the apparently trivial, mundane and intimate aspects of our lives."   Dr Penny Griffin.

    You can buy her book "Popular Culture, Political Economy and the Death of Feminism" here


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    Another Primary Tuesday With Five States Voting, Viral Videos & Search For Truth

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    It's Another Primary Tuesday with Almost Half Of The Original 13 Colonies Set To Vote.  Could we see a Trump & Hillary Sweep? Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island head for the polls today.  Sam, The Good News Girl reports on the best viral videos of the week, and is our country settling for less than the truth.

    Plus "God, Israel, and You: The Scandalous Story of a Faithful God" New Book for Millennials Reveals Jesus’s Work in the World Today, The GOP's urban problem, Alex Kendrick Talks War Room and the National Day of Prayer set for May 5th, and First Call's Second Birth.

    It's three more independent hours of compelling conversation covering today's politics, our culture, entertainment and the day's biggest stories.  And remember to email me to win two free tickets to see "Climate Hustle" a 5/2 Fathom event on 400 screens nationwide. Email me at Bill@BillMartinezLive.com. For all the details, go to http://www.climatehustlemovie.com/

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    Shieka Da Diva Speaks With 1st Fam Radio On Viral Video on Media Take Out and Mo

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    Tune In Tonite (7:30pm til 9:30pm Eastern) as we Speak with Female Rapper Shieka Da Diva Who's Freestyle Video To Dej Loaf's Beat "Try me " goes Viral due to graphic visual content Listen live www.blogtalkradio.com/1stfamradio and on Demand at www.1stfamradio.com To Call in and speak with us (917)889-8297 NYC area NJ Area (609)218-6024

    here's the Link to the Video http://mediatakeout.com/300017/female-rapper-does-the-unthinkable-she-has-relations-wih-a-man-and-then-raps-a-entire-verse-with-you-know-what-on-her-face-hip-hop-is-lost.html

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    Will Trump Sweep New York, The Latest Viral Videos and The Cruz Kasich Playbook

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    New York, the primary that could firm everything up for Trump and Hillary.  Meanwhile, Cruz keeps acquiring delegates.  Reganbaby.com's Megan Barth breaks it all down for us.

    The best viral videos of the week...The Good News Girl, Samantha Mills reports and are the people just about done with all the politics, debates and campaign ads?  More are questioning why Cruz and Kasich haven't shut it down by now.  Come Cleveland in July, perhaps we'll understand why.  Domestic and Foreign Policy commentator, Dan Perkins explains.

    Join us for 3 hours of very independent Talk Radio, 9-12n (ET) Monday thru Friday.  Bill Martinez Live is heard in over 270 markets and around the world via shortwave. Plus join us for our after show, Mucho Más Martinez at 12:15p (ET) where the conversation continues and we're looking for your comments.  Go to Facebook.com/MartinezLive.

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    Be There for Your People with Melyssa Griffin

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    Melyssa Griffin is a major online course powerhouse. She made over 100,000 in March ALONE! Melyssa shares specific ways to use pinterest to grow your email list, how she stays balanced and her biggest business flop. Melyssa Griffin teaches online courses and workshops for entrepreneurs and bloggers who want to turn their passion into a full-time business. 

    Read more at nicoleculverblog.com

    CHEAT SHEET: Reduce Stress + Get Focused!

    Connect with me on Twitter and Instagram! 

    Read more at nicoleculverblog.com

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  • Viral Videos Who's Watching? Sharing? On RichkidRadio

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    Viral Videos...The Danger of this madness has become out of control! The right to record and the freedom to publish, when does it become a crime? Who's sharing? Who's watching? When should the Gov'T step in and change the rules, policies, LAWS! Too many children are loosing their lives due to Viral Video Violence!  Everyone wants to be a "Video Star" these days and all for the attention of the public view on "Social Media"  for "LIKES" Unfortunately, these fights are sometimes vicious, inhumane, and deadly! Whose to blame? The person recording the video or/and the person(s) sharing them? 

    Call in tell us your thoughts or join us on the chat line and voice your opinions. 

    Follow&Like us on FB&IG:RICHKIDRADIO

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    Video Games 2 the MAX: Xbox One going strong, Call of Duty, Battleborn, & More

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    It’s that time once again for us to discuss what’s happening in the world of Video Games. We are starting to get into the hype for E3 2016 and some small details are beginning to come out about what could be revealed at the show. This week, the big one is more rumors spreading about Microsoft having new hardware and even a new controller to unveil at E3, but that’s not all as Microsoft is doing a big fanfest at E3 and even an ID@Xbox event for May.

    There’s also the announcement that we shouldn’t expect Nintendo NX to be sold at a loss, details on the new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Lara Croft casting revealed for the Tomb Raider movie, FOX and possibly Disney pulling out of Comic-Con and more.

    Marc talks about some Duck Game and Crypt of the Necrodancer as well.

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    Black Wallstreet project and other Ventures...

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    Can Trump Close It Out In Indiana? Climate Debate Has Re-opened & Viral Videos

    in Politics

    The Indiana Primary is Today and is this Ted Cruz's last stand and does Trump Close The deal?  A quick review of last night's Climate Hustle movie, It's small business month and we have tips for entrepreneurs, Sam is back with her latest batch of Viral Videos, and Tied Up In Knots, Andrea Tantaros talks about her new book and How Getting What Women Wanted Made Them Miserable.  Really?

    Plus Miss USA, Bill Clinton's former welfare architect shares lessons and insights after decades of experience, Alex Kendrick of War Room discusses May 5th, National Day of Prayer and America's need for it more than ever,  And comedian Michael Loftus drops in to alugh a little over President Barack Obama’s final White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

    We have the experts and the topics that everyone is talking about or should.  Join us for three independent hours of compelling talk radio, Monday thru Friday 9-12n (ET/6-9a (PT).  It's all about the truth and solutions that will get this country back on track.  And tune in to see how you can win the movie, War Room, in honor of May 5th National Day of Prayer, only on Bill Martinez Live.