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    Pick Your YOGA Practice: Megan McCrary

    in Self Help

    On the suface it may appear that yoga is yoga is Yoga, but you take a closer lookand you'll dscover myriad different yoga systems and lineages. There are dozens of yoga tyles to choose, and while yoga is for evryone, not every style is the perfect fit for every one.

    My guest today is Meagan McCrary she is the author of the new book "Pick Your  Yoga Practice. And she is helping us to explore and understand different styles of Yoga to help improve our health and ultimately our entire lives. Please visit Meagan at www.MeaganMcCrary.com 

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    Yoga Journal - Tantra Series with Gary Kraftsow

    in Radio

    The Tantra Immersion happening September 30th-October 1 in Estes Park, CO as a part of Yoga Journal Conferences could not be happening at a better time for the yoga community. In our opinion, the deeper meaning to the practices needs to be revealed! While standing on your hands and hula-hooping sure is fun, that is not what is changing the lives of millions of people.  
    Master Teacher, Gary Kraftsow, founder of Viniyoga joins in this special podcast to share his thoughts on the state of yoga today, the teacher student relationship and what message he would give to students if he was sitting in front of the classroom for the very last time.
    This podcast is made possible by Namaste Light, Back Joy and is a part of the Yoga Journal Conference Series.

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    Tracy Liebmann Welcomes Roy Holman

    in Spirituality

    Who is Roy Holman? 
    I discovered yoga and meditation and began the inner journey in 1995, at a very challenging time in my life, when my life was a mess and I was struggling with depression and an eating disorder.  Yoga helped me ground, center, and find myself.  I’ll never forget the feeling after my first yoga class – it was a revelation.
    I completed a two year Hands-on, Heart-centered Energy Healing course in Seattle in 1998, then completed a Meditation and Healing teacher’s training course in 2000, and was also ordained as a Minister. I was then certified as a reflexologist in 2005. I am a 500 hour Certified Yoga teacher, in the Viniyoga tradition. The style of yoga I teach is a grounded, breath-connected, meditative, flowing traditional hatha yoga - a meditation in motion really. 
    My newest passion is for the Awakening process that is facilitated by "Deeksha" which is the Indian word for the Oneness Blessing  .I was initiated as a Oneness Blessing giver in 2011, where we act as conduits to transfer divine grace to help assist the awakening process. I then went to India in late 2011-2012 for six weeks to Oneness University, (photo below) where I studied  yoga, did some deep inner work, and got trained as a Oneness Trainer to train others to be blessing givers.Our goal is to awaken as many people as possible to assist the shift into the Golden Age in 2012 and beyond.

  • Élizabeth Lima, Régine Cannas et Cinthia Sabetti nous parlent de Claude Maréchal

    in Health

    La tradition VINIYOGA est la perpétuation fidèle et respectueuse en Occident du contenu et de l'esprit de l'enseignement du grand Professeur Krishnamacharya, tel qu'il l'a dispensé en Inde pendant une grande partie du 20è siècle.

    Il faut se rappeler que le Professeur Krishnamacharya a formé, parmi tant d'autres, de grands professeurs de yoga dont son fils TKV Desikachar, Pattabhi Jois, Iyengar et Indra Devi.

    Krishnamacharya lui-même a insisté durant les vingt dernières années de sa vie sur l’importance d’une application appropriée du yoga en tenant compte du lieu, du temps, de la culture et avant tout de la personne elle-même et c’est à cette cette pratique qu’il a donné le nom de VINIYOGA en s’inspirant de Patanjali. 

    Par ailleurs, le professeur avait coutume de regrouper les aspects majeurs de son enseignement du yoga, sa philosophie, sa technique, son application, sa transmission en  PANCHA ADHYAYA: étude présentée sous forme de formules à cinq membres. 

    TKV Desikachar m’a transmis cet enseignement et j’aimerais le partager avec vous en l’adaptant le plus correctement possible à l’Occident et à notre temps, donc dans l’esprit VINIYOGA.  

    En plus des enseignements philosophiques et théoriques regroupés en pancha , cette rencontre comportera des séances de yoga  appliquées à plusieurs pancha,  particulièrement ceux en lien avec  âsana (postures), au prânâyâma (respiration), aux mudrâ (geste  qui scelle) et à l'organisation des séquences elles-mêmes. 

    Cette rencontre est ouverte à tous, formateurs, enseignants et simples pratiquants.