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    Weekend Open Lines

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    Open Lines.

    Discussing everything that is on your mind. expect tinfoil.

    Moving on from the last show that included a call in from The Jester https://twitter.com/th3j35t3r


    Co-Host: SickGirl

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    Tuesday Takeover

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    Tuesday Takeover of the Tinfoil Radio Network.
    Hour 1: Social Engineering and how it can be used for both good and evil. Hacking the human mind, and taking control of emotional responses. from trickery to trolling at it's finest. 
    Example of emotional response live on the Vince In The bay Show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fepGtAEY2xc
    Hour 2: We will discuss the threats Social Media has on brainwashing the weak minded. how this is used by Alex Jones and Jeff Rense to control their followers.
    MKUltra is a hot topic when it comes to brainwashing, and we're lucky enough to have on Vince in the bay to discuss his experiences being a lab rat for brainwashing experiments.
    pandora_kush will join us to discuss brainwashing in the catholic church and how religion depends of such activities to keep their followers in line.
    Hour 3:  open lines.
    @Caffsec @VinceintheBay @pandora_kush
    More guests are currently being scheduled, and this will be updated.

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    Todd Morris confronts Bath Tub Girl LIVE!

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    It started off as another unusally quiet night on Prankville's last episode of 2012 when suddenly Bath Tub Girl, (who has nearly sent Blog Talk Radio Late Night to war with her recent back Stabbing of The Queen Desert Rose for no apparent reason) shows up on the switch board.
    For most of the program BTG sits on Prankville's switch board not wanting to address her recent actions, but a personal plea from todd asking Tubby to address her actions and lay the issue to rest moves Angela to call in to the program.
    Upon her arrival live on air, it seems as if Bath Tub Girl does not want to answer any of Mr. Morris' questions. it was until othe overtime portion of the program that BTG as she is known finally begins to make her case, the show doesn't end however without todd calling Tubby out on some very interesting points.
    it's an epic must hear confrotation between two of the most controversial figures on Late Night!

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    186pointDUCE (WWR) "Suspended BALLER FRIDAY"

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    186pointDUCE (WWR) "Suspended BALLER FRIDAY"
    A California district selectman said Friday he regrets forcefully grabbing Blogtalkradio board of directors member Tod Morris during a tense campaign suspension update on the Jewish producers show last night but insists he was not threatening his Blogtalkradio board of directors with violence. The confrontation Thursday Night between California district selectman GoofyBone and Blogtalkradio board of directors member Tod Morris came during the stretch run of a nasty campaigning for Blogtalkradio presidential seat. "I touched him, I put my arm around his shoulder, I should not have done that," GoofyBone told The VinceInTheBay Press in a telephone interview Friday. He said the confrontation "is not emblematic of either of our careers." But Morris told Blogspot.com said GoofyBone was "parsing words to develop a new rationale for unvoting activity." After one Town hall meeting of a small debates on a desert Rose Radio "I've never had anybody before come even close to threatening me or trying to start a fight," Tod Morris said. "It was like in the eighth grade, `You want to go over to the park on the corner and fight this out?"' The taller GoofybBone seized the shoulder of the Little B-itch Tod Morris during a campaign suspension update at Jewish producers show, yanked him toward his chest and shouted, "You want to say I’m Cheating in votes I suggest you watch cheaters and see what happens to the host?" The 2 men later stood nose-to-nose exchanging words before a sheriff's deputy Mr MidNight Movie emerged behind them & briefly placed his hand on GoofyBone's shoulder. GoofyBone sat down, & the Jewish producers Ended the show.

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    Dead Air Radio - Ripping Paper

    in Lifestyle

    A little frustrated by the amount of homework I had to do this week, the show Hoarders, my art stuff, ripping paper and a nice talk on air with Mr Bill W and Vince in the Bay.

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    Desert Rose Radio - Live

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    Workout update, beautiful weather after a day af rain and hail, more memories and thoughts. Thoughts on Art and life. Nice talk with Vince in the Bay, Nikki Smokesalot, NickNak, FRD, and Hammi; news, teachers, and donuts.
    Muted - Unmuted
    "Snap Crackle Pop" - FRD
    Imagine Dragons - On Top Of The World Apocalyptica featuring Corey Taylor - I'm Not Jesus Creed - Good Fight Papa Roach - LIfeline Bowling For Soup - Turbulence

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    DISORDERLY CONDUCT - with guest Boots Riley

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    Interview with Oakland based hip hop artist and activist Boots Riley of The Coup. We discuss the new release from The Coup entitled "Sorry to Bother You" which is both an album and musical soundtrack to a future movie penned by Boots. We preview tracks from the new record, discuss the making of, touring, other collaborations and Boots' take on the Occupy movement, which he was a vocal part of in Oakland.Joined on air by surprise guest - filmmaker Alex Rivera who is the director of the movie for which Boots penned the screenplay and will star in. Plus, activist and former Oakland occupier/anon "JustSikko" calls in to reminisce about Occupy Oakland and activism in general.Stream episode on BTR here or direct download mp3 of the show and/or subscribe as a podcast on iTunes!!!!

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    Preview of The Returning Prankville Variety Hour 11/5/2012

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    Get your sneak peak at the returning Prankville Variety Hour coming in November feat:
    "The Half Hour of Power!" - w/ Reverend Todd Morris
    :Call Tyrone Show w/ Tyrone Shoelaces
    The Live Jive Late Night Lounge w/ Ric Flair
    Southern Sports w/ Ol Rooter
    The Knights of BTR w/ Vince in the Bay
    & many more.

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    Todd Morris becomes an ordained Reverend!

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    Todd Morris host a special edition of the Jive Lounge just minutes after being eliminated from the btr presidential election in which listeners share in a life changing moment for Todd

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    186pointDUCE (WWR) "Sunday NiteZ Main EvenT"

    in Self Help

    186pointDUCE (WWR) "Sunday NiteZ Main EvenT"

    1st HR  “Current Events”

    2nd HR "PARTY TIME”

    The wreckage of a small plane believed to be carrying Jenni Rivera, the U.S-born singer whose soulful voice and unfettered discussion of a series of personal travails made her a Mexican-American superstar, was found in northern Mexico on Sunday. Authorities said there were no survivors. GOP remains resistant to Obama's demand to increase debt ceiling, despite a growing group of Republicans who say the party should concede to raising rates on top earners as part of negotiations to avert looming fiscal crisis. Referee Kenny Bayless, calls the fight as Juan Manuel Marquez, from Mexico, rushes from his corner after knocking out Manny Pacquiao, from the Philippines, in the sixth round of their WBO world welterweight fight Saturday, Dec. 8, 2012, in Las Vegas. Online social networks like Facebook and Twitter let you revive old relationships, share musings on current events and tell acquaintances about everything from your new job promotion to the cute thing your dog did.

     And Twitter Shot outs





    and much much more call in