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    072115 The Vince Anello Show - Open Mic

    in Politics

    In this segment of the Vince Anello show, the host refutes comments made by a caller. A back-and-forth debate breaks out. The upcoming Niagara Falls mayoral election is discussed. The big question is, why is Niagara Falls New York in the shape that it's in? Who can best lead the city back to financial stability and economic progress?

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    Programming note for WHEELZ UP RADIO brought to you by SNOW SIGN'S LLC. We are very proud to announce that we will have on as a very special guest. Doug Herbert. Not only is Doug a Championship Caliber Driver. But is the Founder of PUTONTHEBRAKES Organization. BRAKES is a teen driving safety program that will be making its debut at New England Dragway Saturday October 31st. We are looking forward to talking to Doug not only about his Racing ventures, and many business interest's. But what BRAKES means both on a personal and a parental level. We will also have result's from this past weekend but also a preview of upcoming events. SO BE SURE TO TUNE IN AND CHECK US OUT LIVE WEDS AT 7PM EST.. WWW.BLOGTALKRADIO.COM/WHEELZUPRADIO

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    070215 The Vince Anello Show - Open Mic

    in Politics

    In this segment of the Vince Anello show some information was made available regarding the projections for the 2015 primary races in Niagara Falls.

    The open mic for today's program made it possible for some of the callers to change the subject.

    Some of the callers discussed what they consider the downward spiral for the city Niagara Falls. Other callers expressed frustration with the neglet, they believe, New York State has demonstrated toward the city Niagara Falls.

    Also, the difficult environment for businesses in New York State.

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    112515 Seth Piccirillo, NFNY Community Dev & Chris Stoianoff NF NY Bus Advocate

    in Politics

    In this segment of the Vince Anello Show, Seth Piccirillo and Chris Stoianoff elaborate on the city's efforts to promote small businesses. Mr. Piccirillo is the Niagara Falls Community Development Director and Chris Stoianoff is The Niagara Falls Business Advocate.

    They discuss the new local businesses that have opened up in the last 12 months as well as, businesses planned to open  in the near future. The main focus is to shop locally.

    Saturday, November 28 the city Niagara Falls will join the rest of the country and promote small businesses. Shop Small Saturday. Your support is necessary and appreciated.

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    Afterglow - Live with Tim and Vince

    in Religion

    Refugees are coming and the governors are saying no.  Is that the right answer or is there a better answer.   Brussels is on marshall law.  Is it on its way here?  Tim and Vince will study the Bible to find out how we are to react to these and other questions tonight.

    Tim Roden Speaker, Host

    Vince Tarquini,  Apologist, Chaplain.

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    060415 The Vince Anello Show-Open Mic

    in Politics

    In this episode of the Vince Anello Show, callers discuss a variety of issues from the current municipal races to the old days of Urban Renewal. Niagara County is gearing up for legislative races in every district, for the first time in a long time,  the mayor of all three Niagara County cities are running for office at the same time. The other county wide races are: County Clerk and District Attorney. Many local municipal races are also in competition this November's election.

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    081115 The Vince Anello Show - Open Mic

    in Politics

    In this segment of the Vince Anello Show, the upcoming local elections are discussed. One of the points made in the program is that, in Niagara Falls, no one is talking about getting the financial house in order. On the contrary most candidates remain silent.

    Silence as a strategy should not be acceptable to the voters. For the next nine years the city of Lockport NY has to submit their budget to the state controller 30 days before adoption. That's because they borrowed money from the state last year to address a major budget deficit.

    Residents in Niagara Falls, NY are wondering why isn't the state controller reviewing our budget 30 days ahead of time. How big a hole does it have to be before the state controller shows some concern?

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    Afterglow - Live with Tim and Vince

    in Religion

    11/13 is a day that will live in infamy along with 7/7 and 9/11.  Viva Paris.  Decisions have consequences.  Lets find out what is going on.  Not to be outshadowed other stories fall in the limelight compared to this.  As always, bible study. 

    Tim Roden Speaker, host

    Vince Tarquini, chaplain, appologist


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    Clestine Herbert the Purpose Coach

    in Entrepreneur

    Clestine Herbert is the Purose Coach. She is an author, speaker, trainer but most of all a child of the most High. God purposed Clestine to impact the lives of others with love, humility and excellence. Clestine is also the CEO of a life development company called Divine Discipline. Below Clestine shares a small portion of her story.

    " I was born in Sheffield, England. Shy, insecure, but for a purpose. I had problems speaking to people one-on-one never mind large crowds! But I discovered that your ultimate destiny is written before you are born. Mine included. Life dropped me hints that I was created to empower people through speaking and coaching.Hint#1: As a little girl when I played with my friends, I always wanted to be the teacher. As shy as I was, I enjoyed getting up in front of my group of friends. Hint#2:An Elder of the church I attend told my parents I was going to be a preacher one day."

    Join me as Clestine shares more of her story and sets the stage for her upcoming event "Elevate."

    ELEVATE is a mind transformation experience to be held Friday October 9, 2015 @The Hilton Garden Inn, 10309 Highland Manor Dr., East Tampa, Florida, 33610.

    Get more info here... Elevate Retreat or The Purpose Coach



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    Cassandra Herbert,Lisa Mininni,Sumati Sparks,Rutanya Alda

    in Business

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    Afterglow - Live with Tim and Vince

    in Religion

    Tim and Vince Will explore where we are with the signs. Then we will study to show ourselves approved unto God and workman who needs not to be ashamed.

    Tim Roden Speaker, Host,

    Vince Tarquini Chaplain, Apologist.