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    Cityballers Episodes #11 featuring East English Villiage Emani Mason

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    Featuring Detroit East English Villiage OL/DL Emani Mason & Open Forum 12/07/2014

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    Measure B – Part Duex

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    Our guests this morning are Eric Pendergraft of AES and Redondo Beach Mayor Steve Aspel.

    Steve Aspel is currently serving as the 29th Mayor of the City of Redondo Beach, having won the 

    election in May 2013.

    Steve began his public service career in 1998 as a Planning Commissioner. In 2005, he was elected to the 

    Redondo Beach City Council representing District 1 for a 4 year term. He was successfully re-elected in 

    2009 for another 4 years.

    Eric Pendergraft is currently responsible for AES's business development activities in California, which 

    include plans to modernize several existing natural-gas fired generating plants, and the development of 

    the world’s largest battery storage system.  These new development projects will be built at the 

    Company’s existing power plant sites in Los Angeles and Orange County.  

    Eric is also leading the effort to transform the Redondo Beach waterfront by giving the voters the 

    opportunity to phase out the existing AES power plant and eliminate all future industrial uses on the 

    property forever. Measure B would rezone the 50-acres of land where the AES power plant now 

    operates, changing it from “industrial” to “residential" and “mixed-use” and allowing the development 

    of an attractive harbor-side village.

    Eric joined the company in 1998 when AES purchased three power plants in the greater Los Angeles 

    areas from Southern California Edison, where he previously worked. 


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    Village Creative Radio

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    He's BACK! the host William Herriott is back on air! His guest? The Network's President Klarque Garrison drops by to talk shop and more... TUNE IN!



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    Is blood Really thicker Than WATER?!?!?!

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    You ever notice that you can have a closer relationship with strangers than you can with you're own family?  Does you family put you down and never let go of your failures even though you have moved on from them.  Friends seem to accept your and help you through your struggles.  What's up with that?  Finally, you know that scripture Honor Thy Mother and Thy Father so that all you days may be long?  What does that really mean?  Is that a green light for parents to go off on you or is it more than that?  Join us tonight on House of Harley Talk Radio, and our special guest Pastor Aaron Bishop, Teka Downer, and David Calef as we discuss these issues and more.  It Take A Villiage Family!!!!!

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    Thanksgiving Special: Peter Lamont Talks with Marie Reger of Eva's Villiage

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    Join us for this Thanksgiving special broadcast.  Host Peter Lamont will be speaking with the Executive Director of Eva's Village about the organization, the importance of charitable giving, how you can help those in need and more. As we get ready to sit down to our Thanksgiving dinners, let's keep in mind all of the people who are less fortunate and then let's do something about it. 

    Eva’s Village is a non-profit, comprehensive, social service organization.  Our mission is to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, treat the addicted and provide medical and dental care to the poor with respect for the human dignity of each individual.

    At Eva's Village holiday and end of year donations account for more than 40% of our yearly donations.  Starting with #Giving Tuesday and throughout the holiday season, donations to charitable organizations increase dramatically compared to the rest of the year.  Many people want to show appreciation during the holiday season and as the year comes to a close.  "It is a time of year when people feel particularly generous and caring and making charitable donations is ever-present in many people’s minds; the holidays simply bring out the best in us" says Marie Reger, Executive Director at Eva’s Village.

    To support Eva’s Village visit http://evasvillage.org/donate.shtml


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    iTAV - It Takes A Village

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    House of Harley Talk Radio live at the Kids and Famlies Winter Expo!!!  Join us as we will discuss the village, and if it exist.  If it doesn't exist how can we recreate it?  Interviews with the vendors and more!!!  

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    Does it still take a village to raise a child ?

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    Does it still take a villiage to raise a child? are their any villages left? Are you your own empty village? 

    I want to know what it takes to actually step up , speak up, and get involved with children in the community that aren't our own. How often do you go out of your way to let a teenager know that they're heading in the wrong direction? How often do you tell a young mother that she's crossed a line in parenting and public? How often have you watched a loved one react in a way, towards their child, that you would normally speak up or act out against, had they been a stranger? How about stranger, from lack of knowing them? How often have you said something to your child that you would judge another person for saying to theirs? Do we care about our children and others or do we TOLERATE the childre?  

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    Philmchology w/Brenda B: Billy Elliot (2000)

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    Do you have a dream or a talent that you want to pursue, but everything seems to prevent it?  Maybe you should take a second look at your dreams or your talents steps towards them even if they be baby ones!

    Trailer for: Billy Elliot (2000)

    Sometimes people make assumptions about us based on our interests, talents, or dreams.  People say things like "Who would ever want to do...." or "Only ______ people do that" which are judgmental and have nothing to do with the truth. Only you can speak and decide your truth or life's outcome. Take charge of the dreams and talents given to you, because you alone can and will manifest them, are responsible for them.

    Join me for a discussion about pursuing your dreams and filling the hole you may feel in your heart if you aren't pursuing them.

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    More promotion of marraige before children,in the black culture!

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    Kickin'It w/ Donna & Ro ft. Writer/Director, TaNisha Fordham

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    Welcome to Kickin' It w/ Donna & Ro, as Donna Walker of The Bigg Chat teams up with Romay, courtesy of STEEL Magazine to introduce you to writer and director, TaNisha Fordham. TaNisha Fordham is the host of hit internet show, "Smile With TaNisha Fordham" and she recently played in the movie, "It Takes A Villiage".

    Join us as we discuss allof TaNisha's accomplishments and plans, along with why she chose entertainment.

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    Kicking an Unruly Child Out The Nest Without Guilt

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    Shalom everyone. Tonight I will talk about Black children and the hardship of Black women raising them in racist white America. Often without the aid of their Fathers or even a cohesive Black villiage to  turn too the way we once had. History shows us there has aways been a WAR on the indigenous North American Black woman and her children. In many cases without her or her children even knowing it. As usual my own personal experiences will be used as a source of reference to help other mothers or wanna be mothers know when it is ok to (demand) that your child go and find their own way in life. Some of us feel so fortunate to have children who were not killed or sent off to prison that some Black women find ways to keep their children dependant on them when they should be preparing them to be responsible, self sufficient tax payers. Sometimes though we have that very rebellious and dominant child whos personality is so atrocious that getting rid of them may reuire more than just asking them to leave. These ones often times require YOU to totally cut all ties with them and for whatever reason we just won't do it. In some cases the results is the lost of someones life and the ultimate ruin of others. From all sides, noone comes away a winner. If you have any good parenting stories, call in, lets talk let's share. Often times parents, especially single ones need to find ways to do the right thing and let their disagreeable dependants go without it sending them into depression or unjustified guilt. 9Mind Sacred Sisterhood Class is now in session. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2r_ibT7d44

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