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    The Minnesota Vikings vs The Green Bay Packers Thursday Night Football

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    The Minnesota Vikings vs The Green Bay Packers on Thursday Night Football. Teddy Bridgewaters second start as a Minnesota Viking. Aaron Rogers will lead the Packers at lambeau Field. The Packers will be the Vikes first division game of the season. Its Packers week. Skol Vikings!!!!

    The Packers-Vikings rivalry is an NFL rivalry that is one of the most heated in the NFL. The rivalry began in 1961, when the Minnesota Vikings entered the league as an expasion team. The rivalry is known for very close games, both in all-time series and in each game. It also considered to be one of the most intense rivalries in the National Football League, due to their close games, the fact that both teams have often fought for the NFC North title and the fact that the two states in which these teams reside (Minnesota and Wisconsin) have a rivalry in many sports leagues such as the Big Ten Conference.



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    The Minnesota Vikings vs The Atlanta Falcons

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    The Minnesota Vikings will do battle with the Atlanta Falcons Sunday. The Vikes are 1-2 and home for the second time this season. The Falcons are 2-1 and on the road to take on a young Vikings teams with Teddy Bridgewater making his first NFL start. The Vikings must win Sunday or their season will continue its downward spiral. That would be three games in a row our beloved Vikes would have lost. They haven't won a game since Adrian Peterson was told not to come back into the building. 

    This is my first Minnesota Viking show. I hope you will join me and lets talk Vikings football. The call in number to the show is 646 200 4913



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    Vikings Under Fire; NFL; Podcast Picks; Random Q's (09-17-14)

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    Let's Go Mex joins Dave to get into the state of the NFL during a tumultuous month.  Last week it was Ray Rice.  This week we cover Adrian Peterson's ongoing issues with child abuse of his children, the Vikings' response, and the NFL's response.  Was it too sudden for the Vikings to activate Adrian Peterson after keeping him out a week ago and with new child abuse allegations in effect?  Will the Vikes' move to start him even stand as sponsors decline their support of their team?   PLUS a look at the upcoming NFL matchups, as the game continues on the field.   Next, we have Week 3 of our Podcast Picks with a four way tie in the standings!  Will Ron, John, Andy, or Ottis break the tie with their NCAA and NFL picks?   An exciting week of picks ahead AND Kevin on the Cape returns for "Random Questions" in Hour 2.  We'll begin the second half of the cfcl.com 100 question survey and throw in our own thoughts about football, fall, music, and life.  Perhaps we'll get Junk-man's thoughts about who will do best in the Baseball Postseason.  A busy show for a wild week in sports.

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    Season 6, Episode 4

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    No more messing around.

    The 2014 NFL regular season is about to get started. For the Rams, that means opening the doors of the Edward Jones Dome to the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday.

    To preview the game and look at the Rams' first opponent of the year, we'll be joined by Ted Glover from Daily Norseman, the SB Nation community for fans of the Vikes.

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    Speaking On Sports: Minnesota Vikings Preview

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    Sports talk and discussion with an attitude for the passionate and hard core fan. Today, we welcome back Vikings correspondent Ted Glover @purplebuckeye to talk about Minnesota's offseason progress; the change in culture under new coach Mike Zimmer, the QB battle between Matt Cassell and Teddy Bridgewater; Ted's thoughts on where the Vikes will stand in the NFC North; and more as well as other developments in the NFL as we inch closer to the kickoff of the regular season.

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    He Took his Last Pill Every Day for the Last Three Years

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    Within months of his first go around with Vikes he knew he needed more.  Later a shady Doc gave him a prescription for 240 Norco a month and he managed to use that in two weeks.  He knew he was out of control and it went on for another seven years.  He graduated to oxy somewhere in that time span and had to hustle to manage enough of it to avoid getting sick at $80 a pill.  Stealing, “borrowing” from friends and hocking valuables became a way of life.  He needed to get off the merry-go-round and promised himself every day for the last three years he used that the pills he took that day would be his last.   Join us this Sunday to talk to Dan about how he finally got to his last pill.

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    Grab your life jacket & sword it's Buccaneers & Vikings time

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    Remember we are the lighter side of fantasy football with more entertainment & jokes then all the other guys put together. We are here to entertain & enlighten you, but mostly make you laugh. We will be talking about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers & Minnesota Vikings. We'll be breaking down each team’s rosters discussing if any of the players on the Buccaneers & Vikings have fantasy football value.  Spoiler alert, we both know each team is loaded with talent. We will give our opinions on when to draft what player & who to keep in keeper leagues. Depending on what the Vikes do @ QB they could be full of hidden gems for fantasy football. The last 15 minutes are open forum of entertainment. Please enjoy in moderation & tell your friends about us. Why because we hate our jobs & want to do this for a living.

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    24/7 Sports Hub Radio: NFL Week 8

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    It's that time again for an all-new episode of 24/7 Sports Hub Radio with your hosts Jonathan Ragus and Jim Williams. 
    JR & Jim will recap the Monday Night Football game between the New York Giants and the Minnesota Vikings. Did the Giants get their first win of the season or will the debut of Josh Freeman be the answer for the Vikes? 
    The hosts will also take a look at Week 8 in the NFL and pick their winners as well as touch on the MLB World Series, the NBA and NHL. 
    Also, JR and Jim will discuss some of the hottest stories in sports today.

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    Light them UP

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    Talking week 7 of the NFL season. We will bring up trades to try or pull off. Rick Allen challege with players to start / sit that week. Injuries & most important watch Chad try to drink beer. We are the only fantasy football podcast with humor & entertainment. Big game Broncos @ colts & Vikes @ giants. ANd what not to do in fantasy football & maybe in life.

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    All Packers Talk from ALLGBP.COM: Vikes? Yikes!

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    The Packers tried to close out their season with a win against the Vikings to secure a first round playoff bye. That plan failed, so now they will be playing this weekend - against the Vikings again! Your hosts will look at what went wrong last week and how to keep the same thing from happening again.-----------------------------------------------------Join the writers at AllGreenBayPackers.com for a fast hitting discussion of all things Packers for the current week. There will be plenty of talk about the previous game and a look towards the next. Some regular features are "Game Balls and Lame Calls" and the "Packers Stock Report.Be sure to check out ALLGBP.COM, where we are "All Packers All the Time"http://AllGreenBayPackers.com

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    D and Davis Show

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    D and Davis time everybody, hope you've had a productive week; here are some of the topics the boys are going over today. D and Ken discuss last week's NFL action, plus the Bears victory over the Vikes. We'll preview Sunday night's match-up versus the woeful Steelers. Go over college football; discuss Johnny football and Texas A&M's performance against the Alabama Tide. What are your feelings regarding NCAA athletes receiving payment. Arian Foster recently admitted to accepting cash and benefits while attending the University of Tennessee. Should student athletes from revenue driven sports receive some type of payment? Since we're based in Chicago we will discuss D-roses upcoming return to the court, the Sky loss to Indiana, plus the state of Chicago baseball. Intern formation is in dual effect as Twan aids lil Mike with D and Davis production. Nice job guys! Sit back and enjoy the sports talk. Follow us @DAndDavisShow, listen to D and Davis Live every Sunday at 12:00pm on Chicagolandsportsradio.com

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