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    14 Year Old Music Artist T-Star's Videos Promote High Grades And Self Esteem

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    What does it take to be a woman? The message from 14 year old music artist "T-Star", is that a woman must have brains and self respect, which is the true reflection of beauty. As a High School Freshman, she produces music videos that promote self esteem for young girls, and encourage them to focus on inner beauty as well as outer beauty. With a Grade Point Average of 4.8, and all Honors classes, T-Star is focused on her future as a businesswoman. She creates lyrics and choreography for her music videos and entertains her peers with a message that is wholesome, uplifting, and motivating. She discusses the importance of self esteem among young women and how elder women can set a good example for the youth. She explains how her music is setting a new trend for young women who are often misguided by derogatory videos that exploit women.

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    Are ISIS Videos Promoting The War Agenda?

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    On this weeks show, I will be looking at ISIS and the recent beheading of 3 people, James Foley, Steven Sotloff and David Haines. ISIS have threatened to behead another Englishman and I for one would like to know what it's all about. Do you believe the videos are genuine? Why would ISIS kill these men, yet NOT show how they do it, when many many times before they have done just that? The US administration would have you believe that ISIS are the biggest threat to the west, but in fact, America has the backing of MANY countries, including their mortal enemy.

    Also we have breaking information on the identity of 'Jihadi John', who is actually a rapper from London UK. Does knowing this guys identity nullify some of the fear and intimidation that ISIS hold onto so strongly?

    After researching the topic, it seems to be very much the 'chicken and the egg' argument. ISIS want America to stay out of Iraq and America are planning to deploy more troops to combat ISIS because of what they have done to these men. What do you think the outcome will be?

    “Among you there will be lying teachers who will bring in destructive sects . . . And many will follow their wanton conduct, and because of them the way of truth will be maligned.” - II Peter 2:1-2

    The show is live, so please do call in with any comments or questions (646)716-6583. The show airs Friday 19th September at 9pm BST. Chatroom is open 10 minutes before the show airs. Please log in to use this facility

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    Photos, Videos & Social Media for Service Related Business with Janice Clark

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    Everyone knows that a pictures say a thousand words - but how do you use them for promotion when you are a service provider rather than a product oriented business? Join us for Socia Media Help Not Hype with Janice Clark, owner of BizMSolutions as she shares great info and out of the box thinking for you and your business. Janice shares how to create images that will work for you and your business and a special offer for 3 lucky listeners...

    Join us every Tuesday for the business spotlight lunch and learn as we share great information, ideas, marketing tips and networking ideas to make your small business look big!

    Thanks to our show sponsor today - Order Out of Chaos and visit our website to meet all of our sponsors in our Mompreneur Marketplace.

    Please, take a moment to visit us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Google+ and email dori@wordofmomradio.com with questions, comments, and information on how to become a guest on one of our shows.

    Word of Mom Radio ~ sharing the wisdom of women.

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    Should People Post Videos Of Violent Fighting on Facebook?

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    Everybody is a news reporter these days, with their cellphone camera ready to capture action on the street. A growing trend is the video recording and posting of fights between people. For some, this has taken on the quality of entertainment.  Those who regularly post and share on videos of street fights attract a large viewership. What does this say about our culture? Why would people choose to st around and watch men fight, women fight or children fight each other and not try to break it up? Are we becoming like the audiences that watched Roman gladiators battle to the death? How is it fun watching people fight, not knowing if it may end in someone's death? Should there be higher ethical standards regarding what people may post and share on social media sites?

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    Visuals pt.1 (Hip Hop Videos)

    in Culture

    Peace, part 1 of 2 part series called "Visuals," We will be discussing Hip Hop videos.

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    Sex Tapes and Videos

    in Romance

    Whats up room!! With the recent uproar on sex videos from reality t.v. stars in the news, the questions is raised, how far is too far? Or is there not such a thing as too far? Could it start a career or end one? Do you have a sex video?? Call in tonight at 11pm at 646 378 0686 or tune in at www.ATLKINGZ.com 

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    the magar hour vs nuriems home videos

    in Social Networking


    for shame 
     if you miss this grave yard lightbulb party


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    General Mixed Wrestling Topics and more

    in Sports

    DJ of MWU Videos talks about various subjects including his favorite wrestlers, favorite holds and other subjects.

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    Discussing Islamic YouTube Videos

    in Religion

    Tonight we will be opening up the lines for our community to share with us some of their favorite YouTube videos that have been inspiring and/or helpful in learning more about Islam. We ask all of our listeners to either call in or chat with us tonight.

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    Spiritist Talks: Self-Forgiveness by Jussara Korngold

    in Spirituality

    Illuminate your mind and inspire your heart with SPIRITIST TALKS at Kardec Radio!
    Every Thursday at 7:30 pm (EST), Daniel Santos, the founder of Spiritist Network and Spiritist Videos, will broadcast a diversity of Spiritist talks from great worldwide speakers.
    Tune in and rejoice!

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    Addiction / Recovery News, Information, Book Reviews, Videos & More

    in Self Help

    Here's what we have for you this week...

    MAGGOTS, a side effect of the latest drug spreading across the United States
    Ellen DeGeneres' wife, Portia De Rossi goes to rehab
    Ozzy Osbourne's Swedish AA meeting
    Rob Ford (famous/infamous Toronto Mayor) may run down the street naked 
    PRISONERS USED AS CHEAP LABOR by major U.S. based corporations;  why there's resistance to legalizing drugs
    Marajuana affects your sperm
    Videos, book review, and more

    The Addiction / Recovery eBulletin PodCast is a weekly show that highlights the news, articles, information, video, books, and all the other stuff that's happening with addiction and recovery.  This podcast is powered by Writers In Treatment, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

    Writers In Treatment is a social, educational, networking and recovery forum showcasing first-time filmmakers and experienced professionals who make films about addiction and recovery. Our audience is treatment professionals, people in recovery, members of the entertainment industry, media representatives, educated moviegoers and the general public.

    Leonard Buschel is the Publisher and Editor of the Addiction / Recovery eBulletin, and founder of Writers In Treatment and the REEL Recovery Film Festival.

    Steve Thompson, Host / Producer.

    You can subscribe to the Addiction / Recovery eBulletin by visiting http://www.writersintreatment.org

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