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    The Victorian Veil ,

    in Paranormal

    Join us as we discuss all thing victorian from every day life to social norms and clothing, death and photograhy and lets not forget the victorian ideas of the after life
    Victorian "Dead" Locks... Tonight we will be discussing Victorian jewelry made from the hair of the dearly departed and other post mortem trinkets. 

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    The Victorian Veil

    in Paranormal

    Join us for another episode of the Victorian Veil , as we discuss all thing victorian  from society and hair to clothes and death , feel free to bring your ideas to us in the chat or  by calling in

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    Historicals -- Victorian

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    Let's turn back the hands of time and travel to yesteryears and visit the old West in the late 1800s. Of course I 'm talking about Victorian times but west of the Mississippi. Join Host Donna Wright on the couch with authors Heather Gray, Debra Holland and Andrea Downing as they discuss their historical romances. Also, Tonya Kappes will be here to talk about the Sweet Tea and Chocolate Cake Luncheon in Augusta, GA on November 8th. Mallory Kane will have the latest in Romance News. And a little hummingbird told me that our hostess has a special surprise to be revealed tonight. So sit back as the temps cool down and listen to this week's episode of Hummingbird Place -- Your Home for Romance. Coming to you live from the Secret Cravings Publishing Studio.

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    The Victorian Veil , cooking victorian style

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    Join us as we discuss all thing victorian from every day life to social norms and clothing, death and photograhy and lets not forget the victorian ideas of the after life
    tonights topic is cooking victorian style , we wil lshare with you some victoian recipes and proper dinner etiquette

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    Victorian veil , undressing victorian society

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    Join us as we discuss all thing victorian from every day life to social norms and clothing, death and photograhy and lets not forget the victorian ideas of the after life
    tonights episode is all about those kinky victorians what really went on behind closed doors or sometimes open windows , we will be talking about why some taboos are taboos and why some piercings have a royal name , we will even tell you the stories those naughty civil war soldiers didnt tell join us tonight for a very adult episode that will surprise you and excite you

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    ANYTHING GOES Candace Bowser

    in Pop Culture

    Bennet Pomerantz talks to media guests on the Betty Award winning ANYTHING GOES. His guest tonight is author Candace Bowser


    Candace L. Bowser is an award winning author and a Top 100 Amazon Seller. She writes horror, paranormal, and paranormal romance. During the 1990's, she was a featured columnist with PRS and was voted one of the top 20 Most Prolific Authors of 2011 by AKG Magazine. Candace's books are an unusual blend of historical places and events blended with fictional characters and settings spanning the Ancient World to the Victorian Era. She also has a growing body of works under the pen name of Hargrove Perth and was named the 2014 Author of the Year by Double Decker Books in History/Horror. For more information, please take the opportunity to stop by the author's website at www.candacelbowser.com for additional offers, contests, and release information.

    Hargrove Perth writes paranormal, para-romance, and horror in both modern day and historical settings. She is an award winning author and was named the 2014 Author of the Year in Historical/Horror by Double Decker Books. She is a Top 100 Author with Amazon. She also writes paranormal erotica under the pen name of Angelique Dark.


    new website. www.anenchantedquill.net

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    Naples Hotel: Investigation & Evidence Reveal

    in Paranormal

    Friday, January 29th   10pm ET / 9pm CT / 7pm PT

    On January 15th, Anthony and Luci, along with a few friends, traveled to Naples, NY to investigate the infamous haunted Naples Hotel. To see part of the LIVE investigation, click on the the link here:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqFplDyjujg

    They will reveal some of their evidence as well as the whole investigation details. Tune in!!!

    History:    Dubbed "The Finest Brick Hotel in Ontario County", The Naples Hotel was built in 1895 by Jeff. R. Brown. The Federal style building five bricks thick walls, three stories, Victorian Dining Rooms, a tap room and bar area, antique claw foot bathtubs, bay windows and five available rooms (Delaware, Catawba, Sake, Cabernet and Niagara).

    The hotel is known for its fine dining and accommodations as well as a few famous visitors. Back when Senator Robert Kennedy was the U. S. Attorney General, he made a visit to Naples, New York and gave a speech from the front porch of the Naples Hotel. Another well known visitor was radio News Commentator Paul Harvey. One possible former guest is making a name for himself....from the afterlife.

    In the 1920s, a man supposedly hung himself on the third floor. Named after a character in a '30s or '40s movie, "Topper" is believed to haunt the hotel. During TAPS investigation, they were unable to verify "Topper's" existence. Of course, the lack of records doesn't mean it never happened. Either way, there are reports of voices, objects moving or being thrown, pictures suddenly becoming crooked on their own, shadow figure, and a male spirit in period clothing.


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    Grave Message | Ghosts, Paranormal, Supernatural, Horror

    in Paranormal

    We talk with April Miller about her horrific experience living in a haunted Salt Lake City Victorian home. We learn about the hidden door that led to the place where a polygamist’s children were imprisoned and tortured. We also hear about the evil images and apparitions that appeared in the house; including the sound of crying children and babies screaming. Don’t miss this compelling and horrific story!

    If you have a real ghost story or supernatural event to report, please write into our show or call 1-855-853-4802!If you like the show, please help keep us on the air and support the show by becoming an EPP (Extra Podcast Person). We'll give you a BONUS episode every week as a "Thank You" for your support. Become an EPP here: http://www.realghoststoriesonline.com/become-epp/

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    Ep20: The SK Pierce Victorian House

    in Pop Culture

    Ep20: The SK Pierce Victorian House

    Last weekend I spent the day in one of New England's reputed most haunted houses.

    This episode will review the history of the house, some items that be contributing to the home's bad luck.
    Is it haunted? Or is it just a drawn out series of unfortunate events? Either way the house is amazing and has a very interesting back story. 

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    David Morrell returns to discuss his passion for music and writing. LIVE

    in Books

    Professor David Morrell returns to Authors on the Air in a rare interview about his passion for music, especially Frank Sinatra.  David and host Pam Stack will discuss the reasons why he believes that Sinatra was the most influential singer of his time.  We'll also discuss his extensive backlist of books, the International Thrillers Writers, love and loss and more.  This will be the most personal interview you will hear about this legendary author.  Check out David's Amazon author page at http://amzn.to/1NepYoh.  David Morrell is the author of FIRST BLOOD, the award-winning novel in which Rambo was created. He holds a Ph. D. in American literature from Penn State and was a professor in the English department at the University of Iowa. His numerous New York Times bestsellers include the classic spy trilogy that begins with THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE ROSE, the basis for the only television mini-series to premier after a Super Bowl. The other books in the trilogy are THE FRATERNITY OF THE STONE and THE LEAGUE OF NIGHT AND FOG. An Edgar, Anthony, and Macavity nominee, Morrell is the recipient of three Bram Stoker awards and the prestigious Thriller Master award from the International Thriller Writers organization. His writing book, THE SUCCESSFUL NOVELIST, discusses what he has learned in his four decades as an author. His latest novel is the highly praised Victorian mystery/thriller, MURDER AS A FINE ART.

    This is a copyrighted podcast solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.  Sponsors for tonight's program are JCarso Bkac, Robert Gregory Browne, D.D. Corbitt, Regan Black, Kay Kendall, Bete Lee Crosby, Shane Gericke, Clara Grace Walker, Toni McGee Causey, Will Graham, Kindle Alexander, LA Fiore, Gennita Low, Deborah Coonts an Tracy Weber. Underwiriting provided by Poised Pen Productions, Inc.

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    The Tufts Get Going! "Corset Myths, Busted!"

    in Entertainment

    Thursdays, 9 am Eastern, "The Tufts Get Going!" host Rosanna Tufts:

    "Corset Myths, Busted!" Meet a lady who lives with her husband as 24/7 Victorians, complete with corsets and pennyfarthing bicycles! (Replay.)