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    The Power Is Now Interview with Vicky Silvano

    in Real Estate


    Vicky Silvano

    Century21 SGR, Inc.
    CDPE, CIPS, CRS, ABR, Equator/REO Certified
    AREAA National Vice Chair, 2015
    Asian Real Estate Association of America
    1823 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL 60616
    312/326-2121 - Office
    312/326-7911 - Fax
    773/848-1201 - Cell

    With over fifteen years of experience as a real estate broker, Vicky Silvano brings a high level of professionalism, personal attention, and customer service to the home buying and selling experience. She graduated college from the University of the Philippines with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. Vicky Silvano worked at the National Economic Development Authority, or NEDA. Then, she went on to introduced a new product line that was sold nationally.

    While working as an administrative assistant at Northwestern University Medical School and Law School for four years, Vicky Silvano stumbled on newspaper advertisement for “Career day at Century”, starting her career in 1990. She has the following designations: CIPS, CRS, ABR, and the CCIM designation series. Her involvement with AREAA has opened her eyes to the challenges the Asian American community in homeownership. She desires to give back to the community, and she is thrilled to have that opportunity now as the New Vice Chair for Asian Real Estate Association of America.


    Eric Lawrence Frazier MBA
    California Real Estate License: 01143484
    President and CEO
    The Power Is Now, Inc.

    Corporate Headquarters
    3739 6th Street
    Riverside, CA 92501
    O  800-401-8994 x 703   |  D ? 714-361-2105  |  C 714-475-8629
    Skype: 714-845-7263  | Skype ID: frazier.eric
    eric.frazier@thepowerisnow.com  |  www.thepowerisnow.com


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    WAR part 2-Supreme the VOODOO King,Save-A-Hoe ALI,Oral Hoe Oracle,Sticky Vicky

    in Politics

    Supreme say he God But do voodoo, Ali trying to save that HOE vicky, I know he really want to use her nasty ass trick mouth, Oral Oracle keep running her mouth cause she want some vice lord in it, the HARD way, know what Im talkin bout? All yall Dead, you got the wrong one...shoulda never popped slick to a vice lord 55 hoes

    Tonight I break down the shit, I got yall asses, snitch ass supreme,and nuben you a hoe ass nigga and you dead too, path1 I know you plottin on me so you gone too BOY, VICE LORDZ NIGGA

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    P4P Real Talk with DFAC's own, Vicky McCann

    in Sports

    I do have to apologize to the many listeners about our Tuesday show. There was simply a technical glitch that could not be fixed in a timely fashion. We will most certainly make up for it with this redo of an episode. It will hopefully show many of us that not everything works out as planned, but if you want to do something, you just have to keep working at it.

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    Heart of a Toastmaster, Vicky Ferrer

    in Lifestyle

    On Wednesday, August 21, 2013 the Heart of a Toastmaster book by Sheryl Roush had an unprecedented global release at the Toastmasters International Convention held at Duke Energy Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Over 1,600 members from 122 countries were in attendance. Jean Bailey Robor, a contributor to the book, interviewed several fellow contributors. This episode is one of those interviews.

    Heart of a Toastmaster by Sheryl Roush can be purchased through heartofatoastmaster.com. 

    Listen in as Vicky Ferrer shares in this special Heart of a Toastmaster episode. 

    (Brought to you by that "No Buts About It" motivational speaker, Jean Bailey Robor of Celebrate Life. Find out more about Jean and what she can do for you at her website: www.JeanBaileyRobor.com)

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    its ricks pick

    in Entertainment

    fig it out

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    The Perception Deception Show 1-18 NCPW-Jury Nullification-Gaylord's Hot Irons

    in Elections

    Join Us at 8PM EST for a 2 Hour conversation on the future of Cannabis in Michigan.
    Tonight, from 8-9pm  we talk with The National Cannabis Patients Wall with Co-Founder Jennifer Atkinson and
    Director Vicky Anderson.   In the 9 to 10 hours we speak to Ben Horner, Al Witt & Chad Morrow from Cloud 45, Frank and Vivian from All Well Natural Health as we discuss the many irons going on over the last few months in and around Gaylord.

    Guest Call In Line:
    (646) 668-2239

    Tune In, Join In, Get Heard, Not Done!

    This isn't your controlled talking points Cannabis Minded Radio Show.
    This is a show to discuss the unthinkable, Actual Repeal of Prohibition in Michigan.
    You can keep up to date with upcoming shows, guests, and
    other show informaiton including Archived shows at

    Join us on PalTalk here in the Abrogate Prohibition Michigan Campaign group.
    Paltalk is Free, Easy to use, and allows 250 of us to communicate at once.

    The views and opinions expressed on the MichICAN Nightly Radio Show are those of the
    hosts, and guests, authors or organizations, and are not necessarily those
    of this station, it’s management or other Hosts or advertisers. The shows found on
    the BlogTalkRadio can promote any lifestyle, belief, religion, political affiliation
    or other personal practice. These shows are for entertainment purposes only and are
    not intended to offer legal advice, or to treat, diagnose and/or claim any cure of
    disease or condition.  Although the Host of this show have made every reasonable
    effort to be factually accurate, no responsibility is assumed for editorial or clerical
    errors or error occasioned by honest mistake. All information contained on this Website
    is subject to change.

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    War 3-SUPREME the SELLOUT/White Man ALI/Sticky Mouth Vicky/Transexual Nuben

    in Politics

    Tonight I expose Supreme for the sell out nigga white man lover he is, this even surprised me a damn VICE LORD....I have a clip of the nigga telling the white man that the black man aint shit and should be killed and shot. That the black man never did shit, Nigag NUBEN youw as right about this nigga, I mean you a bitch ass nigga too but this nigga is ...ALL YALL IS SOME BITCH ASS NIGGAZ....vicky come holla at a vice lord dont worry where i put it you wont get pregnant again, i know you got like 8 kids BIOOOTCCHHHH

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    in Lifestyle

    Family drama, spirituality, life issues, entrepreneurship, drug issues, relationship challenges, life goals, positive thinking, paying it forward, living in life you desire, forgiving others that hurt you, rising above your obstacles, live your best life ever, striving to be the best human being ever, embracing and loving who you are, Vicky you're higher power, loving every day....

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    Dedicated to my new Granddaughter coming in January 2016

    in Music

    Playing Forgotten Music of the old 78 records      Techstoryteller

    Peter Pan records

    Henny Penny

    The Little Red Hen

    Little Brave Sambo Parts 1 &2 edited and merged

    Dedicated to my new Granddaughter coming in January 2016

    (I cannot wait) 



     All credit due to the artist, musicians and Record Companies. No profit or income derived from this podcast. Have a historic 78 RPM and story you want to share with my listeners?  Contact me at: www.facebook.com/s3productions2 or curthahn74@yahoo.com

    Musical Nursey tales

    Peter Pan records

    2251 A Henny Penny

    Sung by Dick Edwards and Toby Deane

    Directed by Vicky Kasen

    2251 B the Little Red Hen

    Sung by Dick Edwards and Toby Deane

    Directed by Vicky Kasen

    2239 (A-B) Little Brave Sambo

    Narrated by John Bradford & Bobby Hookey

    With the Peter Pan Chorus and Orchestra

    Directed by Vicky Kasen

    Peter Pan Records is a record label specializing in children's music. The label was introduced to the public in March 1948 The label was owned by the Synthetic Plastics Company of Newark, New Jersey until the 1970s.

    The label became one of the largest and most successful children's specialty record labels in America, manufacturing unique, quality Peter Pan enjoyed their greatest success as a children's label during the 1950s. Many of their most famous releases were issued on 78-RPM 7-inch records and on 45-RPM 7-inch records. Releases credited a variety of performers, including Dick Edwards with the Peter Pan Chorus and Orchestra, the Singers, The Peter Pan Players and variations on these titles.


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    Broward LifeStyles Magazine +Dining/Fashion/Health/& More

    in Lifestyle

    Greetings, welcome to Radio Time Productions with host Valerie Jarrette Bass broadcasting live @ 4pm from beautiful South Florida. Call-ins welcome 347.857.245

    We have special guest Victoria Hagendorf, Publisher of "Broward Lifestyles Magazine". Restaurant Reviews, Health Spas, Gift CertificatesHoliday Ideas!

    0ffice: 954.771.4407 / Cell: 754.246.7774



  • Out of the Darkness walk for suicide prevention

    in Sports

    Vicky from OOTD walk joins the show to talk about the stigma of suicide and the Out of the Darkness walk for suicide prevention this weekend right here in #BeerCityUSA, Grand Rapids MI

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