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    Live with Vickie Winans

    in Women

    Tune in for this special edition of BWE Empowerement Radio to hear from Vickie Winans prior to her appearing at BWE's 2014 Extravaganza

    Among all of her many accolades, Winans feels that her most rewarding accomplishments are the significant roles she plays in her family. She is a loving sibling to her 11 brothers and sisters, (the Bowman family). In 2003, Winans married her love, Joe McLemore in a lavish wedding in Las Vegas. Another one of her most satisfying jobs is her role as mother and grandmother. She's the mother of two hit producers and singers, Mario Winans and Marvin Winans, Jr., and grandmother to five beautiful grandchildren.

    Vickie Winans knows she's a blessed woman and she's eager to share her life's experiences with everyone she comes in contact with. Her infectious and humorous personality and her thousand-watt smile will disarm the coldest stranger. "Although I've had my share of heartaches, pain, and sickness over the years, I know that God has blessed me and given me great favor! It's because of Him that I have a fantastic family, great friends, and a rewarding career!" 

    Winans is one of the best-known artists in gospel music with signature songs such as "How I Got Over," "Shake Yourself Loose," "As Long As I Got King Jesus" and "We Shall Behold Him" to her credit. Winans has been profiled in Ebony magazine, USA Today and the Associated Press. Her profile on BET's Sunday morning TV series "Lift Every Voice" remains the most watched episode in that program's history with over 800,000 viewers.

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    The Importance of a Right Relationship with Vickie Covelli

    in Relationships

    How often do we engage in a relationship with someone, knowing that it's not the right thing to do?  Do we stay for children? Is it because I need you to take care of me financially?  Am I afraid of being alone?  There are so many different reasons why we allow ourselves to endure these types of relationships - and we need to understand why!  

    This episode we will talk about the challenges of relationships, from parents to significant others.  Vickie is going to share her heart as a single mother of five about what she's living and learning about relationships.  

    Join us and be Empowered!

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    Vickie Winans Live Interview with Lady Gilmore

    in Entertainment

    Lady Gilmore and Vickie Winans talk about her upcoming Concert at Temple Baptist Church.

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    Meet my new Co-Host Vickie High

    in Spirituality

    Ms. Vickie High is a communications/tv broadcasting major. She is one of the greatest teachers in DISD. Join the ministry/show to find out more!




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    Chakra Aligment - YOUR LIFE FORCE

    in Spirituality

    Tune in with me and Jessica my co - host to find out all about your chakras and how they effect your life force!

    The chakra system is so overlooked but it is the most vital energy source to your life in all ways!

    Your chakras are your life energy source, by balancing them you can  change your life and heal in all ways. Your chakras could be making you ill, week, poor, sad, depressed, crazy and causing you pain and lack of abundance. It really can be as simple as getting your chakras into aligment to heal all areas of your life. Your chakras effect your health, abundance, thoughts, sleep, mood, stress, disease, love life, pretty much everything in life.

    When your chakras get balanced your life will shift into healing and abundance.

    We will be taking callers questions " Live" 917-889-2843.





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    Vickie Beeman on Alabama Horse Talk Radio

    in Family

    Join Becca Salamone as she talks with Vickie Beeman, judge, coach, and show/clinic producer.  Vickie shares her lifelong love of horses and her experience in coaching area youth.  She talks about why horses are important in developing youth leadership and her concept of "equine citizenship" that applies not only to kids but adults as well.  Vickie shares her knowledge of producing shows and clinics and her involvement with the Gulf Central Association and the local 4-H clubs.  Listen to Vickie's story Tuesday, April 1, at 8:00 am CST on Alabama Horse Talk Radio.




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    Spring into your future!

    in Spirituality

    I will be chatting with Jessica my co host on what is coming up for our future.

    We have been having intense energy and still have a powerful full moon eclipse coming up. What do you need to know to prepare to be able to let go of blocks so you can have an awesome future!

    Find out what is coming up this spring/summer for individuals and what to expect nation wide.

    I will be taking YOUR call answering your  questions " Live."




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    Spirit Talk - Spirit Totems & Animal Totems

    in Spirituality

    Jessica and I will be chatting about Spirit world of spirit guides and animal totems.

    We all have spirit guides and animal totems helping us at all times. Have you seen the same animal over and over again? Hmmm, may be a sign.

    Both spirit guides and animal totems can help your love life, career, money, relationshops, health and pretty much everything! Take time to tune in and LISTEN to them and your whole life will become easier!

    Call in "LIVE" 917-889-2843 to ask your questions or have me tune into your spirit guide or animal totem to give you a message.



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    The AWAKENING - New psychic powers coming.

    in Spirituality

    The Awakening - New psychic powers coming.

    Tune in to chat with Jessica and I all about the new pscychic powers we are ALL going to be experincing.

    Want it or not you, your family, children and friends are going to  become more psychic! This is awesome but now it will be eaiser for you and your children to pick up others crap making you feel BLAH!

    This is a very important time to "tune in" to your intuiton and "do" what it says!

    I will take callers questions "live" on this show.





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    What is your Aura saying about you?

    in Spirituality

    What is your Aura saying about you?

    Tune in to this show with my co - host Jessica Spaid and I chatting all about Aura's and color healing therapy.

    I bet you didnt know that every living thing has an aura? That means not just humans but pet, plants, trees and so on. I can tell a lot about a persons health, personality, emotional and mental well being by looking at their aura. The same goes with a tree, flower, plants and so on.

    I will also go over color healing therapy. You already use color therapy and don't even relize it. Colors can help heal on all levels.

    Each color has its own healing vibration.

    Tune in 'LIVE" if you want a question answered.