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    rerun from last Sunday's call ft. Myron rice
    Peace and Love
    remedies that shall return next week. 
    1/23/2016 at 8 pm eastern

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    Alison J Kay | Vibrational UPgrade Energy Medicine

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    Vibrational UPgrade Energy Medicine 

    We are now learning what it means to be a conscious co-creator on our planet. Where what we desire to create is NOT out of reach, instead it is completely within our power to learn how to, with increasing ease and comfort and adeptness, choose FOR ourselves, our lives, our living, our communities, our planet and less choosing AGAINST all that we desire. We’ve spent the past few years clearing out the blocks to being more able to go for what it is we desire, and where we’ve sabotaged our own thriving, so that by now, anything that remains in the way of you choosing more of what you desire to birth is more subtle and nuanced. We’ll be addressing these more nuanced aspects of how we’ve been programmed to not believe nor go for what it is we really want, and instead continue to exist within the new level of status-quo the past few years of work in consciousness has created. How do we go for more than we ever have before? How do we allow ourselves to move forward into unknown newness even while our little ego-mind is programmed to prefer the familiar? How do we open up our systems to have a more finely attuned receptivity that pulls towards us more support, guidance, and power to create what it is we’re desiring? All of this, including Clearings and Activations with high vibration downloads and transmissions, and more, we’ll be playing with - so come play and free up even more of you! 

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    Alternative Health Remedies while OTR Trucking

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    Alternative Health Remedies while OTR Trucking

    Thursday 1/21/16
    6PM ET
    Call in # 347-826-9170

    One of the biggest challenges that an OTR driverr can face is becoming ill while trucking. Many times you can be miles from the nearest drugstore or emergency facility.  So what do you do?

    Tonight we will discuss some of the best alternative remedies  should you become sick over the road;  from toothaches, migraines, cuts, colds, bronchitis, UTI’s,  and so many other ailments that can occur.

     Our guest Carolyn O’Byrne of LifeCoachService.net, will share her many years of APPLIED experience using alternatives to conventional medicine.

    Join us and learn the essentials to carry on the truck should a health illness or an emergency arise. Every Trucker needs to listen to this show.

    Call in and join in the conversation; Ask questions or share your ideas
    347-826-9170 Then press “1” on your keypad

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    child support remedies

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    child support remedies and strategies to deal with child support enforcement agency and how tittle IV-D of social security 651

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    Relationship Remedies with Dr. Linda and Paul D. Jones

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    Well respected for his sage financial guidance and practical self-help modules, the nationally known author and Certified Financial Education Instructor, Paul D. Jones is set to take on 2016 with a plethora of new platforms, including a fresh new title, "I Quit" (Being Broke).As CEO of Jones Marketing Group, Inc., he is afrequent guest on radio and TV, taking his mission to 'Improve the lives of as many people as possible' across the country and throughout the airwaves as well. After the back-to-back successful releases of "Who Told You...You Were Broke?" "Schedule for Success," and "What You and Your Kids Need to Know About Credit," Jones is offering yet another impressive perspective to one's financial advancement with his latest book, "I Quit" and a subsequent book/lecture tour accompanying it-commencing early spring of 2016.

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    child support remedies 7 the final

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    what remedies are avialable to you and how L.E.D.S can help you get right

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    child support remedies part 5

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    how to deal with child support and what remedies you can apply

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    Manifest It Now - Vibrational Familiarity

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    Discovering what this unique Law of Attraction concept is all about, what it means for your life, and how you can use your awareness of your individual vibrational familiarity to create positive change in your life.

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    Vibrational Messages Rebroadcast

    in Spirituality

    Learn about Vibrational Mediumship and energy with Melissa Boyd. www.melissaboyd.net 

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    Your Highest Vibration is the Energy  Vibration for you to experience optimal 
        Mentally, Emotionally,   Physically, and Spiritually

      Here at the Vibrational Institute we help you do just that.  We use the latest and most advanced techniques in all areas to help you achieve     
       your Optimal Wellness


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    Don Dennis: Bach Flower Remedies-Orchids High Vibrational Plants

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    Don Dennis  born in California in 1956, but came over to the UK when I was 19 to attend a school founded by J. Krishnamurti.returned to the US to attend college, and went to St. John's College in Santa Fe NM for just over 2 years before transferring to Marlboro College in Vermont, where I got my Bachelor's Degree in Ancient Greek Literature and English Literature.I returned to England to teach at Brockwood Park, the school that had first drawn me over here as a student. After 3 years teaching, I then got married, left Brockwood, and ended up becoming a wood turner, making wooden bowls. I then founded a small timber (lumber) business with a nearby cabinetmaker, after a hurricane blew down 17 million trees in our part of SE England. During the 9 years of that business I was heavily involved in sustainable forestry issues, and participated in the founding of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a body which helps to certify and promote truly sustainable forestry practise globally.However, when I first arrived at Brockwood Park nearly 40 years ago now, I was introduced to the Bach Flower Remedies. These intrigued me, and over the years I had many conversations with people in the UK about these products, though I could not have claimed at that time to understand them well at all. But my simmering interest became suddenly very powerful when I learnt that there were other flower essences being made in other parts of the world, using the same technique that Dr. Bach had employed in the 1930's...My response to discovering this outrageous behaviour was to start my own essence-importing business, to provide an ethical alternative to these others. That was how the International Flower Essence Repertoire got started, in 1985 See Creative Consciousness Guest Blog