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    Don Dennis: Bach Flower Remedies-Orchids High Vibrational Plants

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    Don Dennis  born in California in 1956, but came over to the UK when I was 19 to attend a school founded by J. Krishnamurti.returned to the US to attend college, and went to St. John's College in Santa Fe NM for just over 2 years before transferring to Marlboro College in Vermont, where I got my Bachelor's Degree in Ancient Greek Literature and English Literature.I returned to England to teach at Brockwood Park, the school that had first drawn me over here as a student. After 3 years teaching, I then got married, left Brockwood, and ended up becoming a wood turner, making wooden bowls. I then founded a small timber (lumber) business with a nearby cabinetmaker, after a hurricane blew down 17 million trees in our part of SE England. During the 9 years of that business I was heavily involved in sustainable forestry issues, and participated in the founding of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a body which helps to certify and promote truly sustainable forestry practise globally.However, when I first arrived at Brockwood Park nearly 40 years ago now, I was introduced to the Bach Flower Remedies. These intrigued me, and over the years I had many conversations with people in the UK about these products, though I could not have claimed at that time to understand them well at all. But my simmering interest became suddenly very powerful when I learnt that there were other flower essences being made in other parts of the world, using the same technique that Dr. Bach had employed in the 1930's...My response to discovering this outrageous behaviour was to start my own essence-importing business, to provide an ethical alternative to these others. That was how the International Flower Essence Repertoire got started, in 1985 See Creative Consciousness Guest Blog


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    Rebroadcast - Relationship Remedies for Us

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    Please enjoy the best of The Cocoa Express Show's Relationship Remedies for Us.


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    On this episode of "Rendezvous with Kent"..."NATURAL REMEDIES", you'll discover some Amazing Natural Remedies for your everyday problems(and great music).

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    Whole Foods Market


    Available on iTunes: Search "Rendezvous with Kent" Podcast: www.BlogTalkRadio.com/RendezvousWithKent.rss

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    Vibrational Energy of the Akash with Angela Blaha

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    Join Marilyn, Joeaux and Angela Blaha as they explore the Records of the Akash and how that connects us to the vibrational energy to embody and create our wants, needs and desires.

    About Angela Blaha. With twenty-two years of helping people make positive life changes, Angela is a transformational teacher, mentor, speaker and author.  As a Psychologist, teacher, certified coach and meditation specialist, she has mentored her clients into transforming their thoughts, feeling and emotions, to create new patterns to fulfill their dreams and desires.  More recently, Angela has embodied two councils of light beings that deliver Akash wisdom through a unique energetic experience.  The counsel focuses on strength and courage and is devoted to the surrendering of a perfected state of consciousness, the natural condition of the soul, or pure love.  

    Learn more about Marilyn and Adironnda, and Joeaux at Adironnda.com and their annual Visionaries in Light Convergence, next year in Denver, Colorado.

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    The missing or show that does not exist on the Alim Bey Network

    Before we at the ringing stone network launched, we did a trial run on the Alim Bey Show. The code name of that show was " Remedies that Work" . You can take Niggers out of the country but you can not take the country out of niggers.... more

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    7 months ago

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    Vibrational Energy Part 2 with Healer Debbie Anderson

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    Born in England, Debbie A. Anderson is a natural healer who has worked in the magical sphere of spirituality all of her life, where many modalities have evolved along the way.  She is a Psychic Medium who now lives in Canada, and has been doing intuitive spiritual readings for over 30 years around the world.  She has also developed Vibrational Energy Therapy which she teaches to others & Vibrational Sound CDs.  She has written bodywork meditations which have been narrated & published by others.

    In 2013 she self-published the Vibrational Energy Oracle Deck which is being promoted worldwide both as a physical deck and as a mobile app.  In November 2014 she launched her second oracle deck which is for children, called the Vibrational Earth Children.  She is an inspirational speaker and offers workshops & training. www.vibrational-energy.com


    Awakenings With Michele Meiche is Your place for tips and insight to live a more fulfilling life, and your relationships. Learn how to attract healthy relationships, and how to create a life you really love. Awakenings broadcasts live every Wed. 12pm -1:30 pm PT   Call in for Intuitive Readings #347-539-5122 Michele answers questions about Awakening, Spirituality, Metaphysics and Self/Soul Development. Michele also answers listener questions from email, twitter and facebook On Air.

    Email awakeningspodcast@gmail.com to have your questions answered or to share your insights On Air.

  • Spiritual Remedies for Poverty Consciousness

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    Poverty consciousness can greatly hinder spiritual growth.  The old paradigm preached that you should be poor and meager and expect your riches in Heaven.  The new paradigm affords us the ability to be spiritually mature and abundant in other areas of life.  In this episode we will discuss spiritual ways to eradicate poverty consciousness once and for all!  Also, poverty consciousness does NOT only equate to finances and material gains.  Tune in to find out how to tap into your god-given right to be abundant, fruitful and prosperous.  

    Call in number is 858-365-5534 to listen and/or chime in

    Visit 3rdEyeActivation.com - for metaphysical & spiritual information, products, and services.

    Ali's NEW website Salimyers.com & FREE Spiritual Growth Course

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    Melody Fletcher Talks About Law of Attraction and Vibrational Pull

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    On Thursday November 12th, Going Home with Tony host Tony Scimeca and cohost Claudia Scimeca welcome Law of Attraction expert Melody Fletcher back to the Hot Water 911 Boiler Room Studio.  Melody Fletcher will join Tony and Claudia as a regular guest on the show on the second Thursday of every month to share her expertise in LOA, energy, vibrational pull, channeling and more.  This week, Melody will talk about everything from learning how to "let go" and "clear yourself" to dealing with the stress of family gatherings over the holidays.  Melody is the author of the fabulous book Deliberate Receiving: Finally the Universe Makes Some Freakin' Sense.  You can find out more about Melody Fletcher on her website as well as on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

    Get ready for an enlightening and motivational show!



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    You are wondering how does this Cestui qie vie act of 1666 affect us here in the United States.  Well Brother Chayil will explain in full detail.

    The Cestui Qie Vie Act 1666 is an act of the Parliament of England.  The Act was partly in force in Great Britain at the end of 2010.

    Wait unitl you hear what it has to do with your estate. 

    Join us on Sundays at 8pm EST, 7pm CST, 5pm PST, 4pm Alaskan time and call 1.646.929.0691 to listen in. 

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    Supreme Cour Ruling about how you do not need a driver's license to drive.  Some key points of UCC information from last weeks show.

    Brother Chayiul is BACKKKKKKKKKK so we should not have any interence on his end today.

    Call 1. 646.929.0691  Press *1 to come into the que and Press *6 to eliminate background noise.

    Remember this is grown folks radio and we are here to respect each other even if we have differences. Our time is

    8pm EST, 7pm CST, 4pm Alaskan time, 5pm CST


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