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    Vibrant Types! Understand People and How they Think

    in Self Help

    Join Nicole Greer, PPCC...a.k.a. "The Vibrant Coach" for a 15 minute illuminating coaching session where you'll gain understanding about people and how they think.  Using the time tested and scientifically proven MBTI or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Nicole will light up the second dichotomy of preference.  

    People take in information differently. Some people are intuitive while some are sensing. The intuitive types prefer vision, the big picture, and new concepts. The sensing types prefer what's proven, visible now, and research. Both approaches are valuable.  The key is to understand your own preference while appreciating the other.

    Chocked full of valuable information, this coaching session will give you strategies, systems, and smarts to lead yourself and others vibrantly.

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    Rhythms, Rites, and Rituals: Building a Solid Foundation for a Vibrant Life

    in Self Help

    Just like the sun rises and sets each day, so do you.  You rise to greet the day and fall into your habits that either serve your life our slay you.  You can stand in choice about the quality of your life by stopping to honor life itself.  Let's examine the habits you have in your life then, consider how we might add more meaning, value, and a sure footing that would support you throughout the day. 

    Ask yourself this powerful question, What would your life be like if you stopped to acknowledge what is true, a blessing and possible in your own life? 

    I imagine your life would be grounded. Your mind, your heart and your soul would be full of positive energy that would carry you through the day in a vibrant way. Join Nicole Greer, PPCC, The Vibrant Coach for a coaching session where you'll learn strategies, systems, and smarts that build a solid foundation for a Vibrant Life. 

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    The Four Meta-Factors that Characterize a Vibrant Life

    in Self Help

    Character development is a key strategy for leadership, team building, and organizational culture change. If you want your life and your organizations to shift in a really powerful way, you need strategies, systems and smarts to create serious character development.  Character is an individual's mental and moral qualities.  Instead of falling into complacency stating, "This is just the way I am." We can wake up to the fact that there are four meta-factors of character development that need our intention and attention.  Join Nicole Greer, PPCC to learn about resilience, courage, wisdom and humanity. Take away fresh insights, a tool for transformation, and an inquiry to carry forward.

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    Vibrant Websites!

    in Internet

    Join Nicole Greer, PPCC aka The Vibrant Coach and her partner Lisa Barnett, The Vibrant Website Coach for a show packed with key concepts to help you create, conceptualize, and communicate your message and product.  We'll explain how the SHINE Coaching Methodology structures your website's purpose and outlines how you can capture more clients.
    Take away...
    10 Tips for more Effective Websites.
    Vibrant Coaching is on a mission to energize, impact and influence you and your organization to lead more Vibrantly through engaging the possibilities!

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    Define Your Values and Live a Vibrant & Moxie Life!

    in Self Help

    Values guide our lives and give us a foundation in which to guide the choices and decisions we make. Join Nicole and Kimber as they discuss the importance of knowing your values, honoring them, and allowing them to guide the decision making process.

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    Radio Show: Vibrant Health and Youthfulness at Any Age

    in Health

    In this show you’ll learn:

    Raw food nutrition and belly dance fitness
    Proper sleep and time to relax and rejuvenate
    Taking time for quiet time, self reflection, and self appreciation

    Background and Guest Information:

    Preventing or reversing signs of premature aging, losing weight, and balancing hormones naturally are just a few of the many benefits of a lifestyle that includes raw foods, sleep, and exercise like belly dancing.

    Join Dr. Ritamarie and Jisele Tuuri as they discuss the set of beliefs and habits you can perform to support and promote an ageless lifestyle.

    Jisele Tuuri has been living the raw food lifestyle for over 9 years, empowering women for more than 20 years as a Belly Dance Instructor, and is just a good listener for so many women.

    She tried anti-depressants, building her adrenal glands, different supplements and herbal combinations.  It all was helpful……temporarily.

    Check out Dr. Ritamarie’s VITAL Health Community for additional resources on the role that plants and herbs play on your hormones and digestive health, as well as strategies to include in your daily routines to achieve more vitality.

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    The Creativity Series: The Visioning Process

    in Self Help

    Visioning is the FIRST thing you must do and the number one technique to master in order to live a Vibrant Life.  A vision informs your decisions, your words, your actions, and ultimately your results.  Join Nicole Greer, PPCC, also known as The Vibrant Coach, for a strategic and systemized process for formulating a vision.  

    STRATEGIES! Put three strategic perspectives to work in your life.
    SYSTEMS! Learn the Six Creative Stages in the Vision System
    SMARTS! Take away and apply the concept of Meeting Your Future Self

    Let's Get Started!


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    Creativity & Innovation: Brain Storming 101

    in Self Help

    Odds are you've participated in a Brain Storming session or even tried one solo with some degree of success.  That is to be celebrated!  The world is changing so fast. It is imperative to harness your own genius while tapping into the collective intellect in the organizations you serve. Innovation is the name of the game in every facet of your life. Businesses are competing with a globe full of entrepreneurs. Faith based institutions long to share their message.  And educational institutions desire to share, teach, and empower people far and wide. To take on these causes, creativity is key!  

    In this episode, Nicole Greer, The Vibrant Coach, challenges you to get creative using the technique of Brain Storming.  This often referencedbut poorly conducted technique can be powerful but only within a well-defined set of collaborative behaviors in service to a vision.  Join this Vibrant Coaching Blog Talk to:

    Compare Traditional Problem Solving with Brain Storming Technique
    Learn the Brain Storming Do's and Dont's
    Understand the Facilitators Responsibilities
    Gain Strategies, Systems and Smarts to Apply the Results of your Brain Storming Session


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    Your Vibrant Heart with Dr Cynthia Thaik

    in Spirituality

    In Dr Cynthia's revolutionary book, Your Vibrant Heart you will discover

    How to recognize warning symtoms and your risk of heart disease.

    Strategies to improve your health.

    Tips to gain physical strenght and improve cardiovascular endurance

    Steps to achieve mental clarity and spiritual enlightenment.

    How to harness positive affirmations

    Listen to Dr Thaik show you how to integrate meditation, mindfulness, yoga and self awareness in a powerful program that brings forth inner personal health. Her book is chicked full of vital, valuable inforamtion for living a long, health, vibrant life. Her revolutionary book on heart health is the most complete study ever done to show you how to live logner, better heappier and more vibrantly than you ever thought possible.

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    Three Perspectives to Create a Vibrant Life!

    in Goals

    In this episode, answer the quintessential life questions of all time with help from the Vibrant Coach!
    To move forward...get unstuck...and realize your potential, you'll need to answer three questions that provide the insight necessary to fuel desire, formulate plans and take action.  Aimed at creating INTEGRITY in your life, these powerful but simple questions open up your thoughts so you can create your best life yet. 
    The first question is:
    What am I most longing for? 
    This question insists that you turn the mirror inward and see what is missing in your life. Odds are you have untapped potential and there are a myriad of possibilities that could be acted on but the problem is you haven't taken the conscientious time and energy to get CLEAR on what you really want.
    The second question is:
    Where am I right now?
    This question begs you to take a good look around your life. What are your realities, responsibilities, and most importantly your response to your status quo? Taking stock can creates clarity and opens up intuitive threads of thought that can light up the possibilities.
    The third question is:
    What is my NEXT RIGHT step?
    This question helps you lean into action. Now that you are clear about what you want and where you are...you can take a calculated step! You need written down goals and a set of priorities that order your steps. A purposeful intention moves you.
    Let's get started! Join Nicole Greer, PPCC aka The Vibrant Coach at 12:30pm EDT on Monday, July 22, 2013 to gain fresh perspective.  Listen in or call in. The choice is yours!

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    The Soul Matrix: Organic Farming, The Path to Vibrant Living, and Weight Loss

    in Food

    Organic Farming: The Path to Vibrant Living and Weight Loss through Divine Guidance. 

    What would it take to completely change your life and live with purpose, good health, and peace?

    When divine guidance says, it’s time to uproot and shift into an entirely new life,  there’s no stopping it. As Jane and Glenn Karuschkat followed their hearts, divine guidance brought these native New Yorkers to the mountains of Tennessee!  Cow pastures and misty morning dew hover over the hills that now make up their back yard.

    They live vibrant, healthy lives, and grow most of their own food.  Their vision is to help as many people as possible adopt a healthy lifestyle in which purpose and serving others leads to inner peace and longevity.

    Join us as we take a journey with Jane and Glenn, and learn about organic farming, raw food, and change!  Their story is inspiring!    

    Jane is a Raw Chef, Ordained Minister, Spiritual Therapist and nutritional consultant.

    Glenn’s career was in electricial engineering, and audio recording until he became a Reiki Master Teacher, Accesss Consciousness practitioner, and Minister. Together they have created a new paradigm life, which models the future on living vibrantly!

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