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    WAU The World is on Fire and we fell asleep on the Wall

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    Today join Rick and Denny as they Discuss the continuing crises facing America:  The deluge of Illegal Imigrants, The crrrolation between the ACA and the crumbling Vetrans' healtcare system.  The ineptitude of our current leaders when it comes to things like foreign policy; as evidenced by the continuin Ukraine situation, the recent bafoonery of our secretary of state, Rick not so lovingly has dubbed John "The Raisin" Kerry, and the fact that illegals feel they can now protest right outside the whitehouse with out any consequences,  This and much much more as we continue to try and Wake Up America

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    Finding Common Ground -- Memorial Day Special

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    Join Ricky and Dave on a Memorial day special.  Today We honor those who serve as well as the continuing discussion on White Privilidge. The VA Scandal and much much more.. We may also try to lighten things up a bit since tis is a holiday.

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    Finding Common Ground -- Scandals, Waste, and Abuse OH MY!

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    Today Join Rick and Dave as they discuss the continuing VA scandal including fallout from it such as the resignation of Eric Shinseki and then oddly enough followed a few minutes later by Jay Carney. We also take a look at the flip flopping Senator from Kentucky Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell, in case you missed it now that he won the primary his stance on the ACA well it's a changin'!

    Have you ever wondered were your tax money goes? Well Rick has been doing some checking.  Today we discuss the funding of Mosques and other holy/historical buildings being rebuilt overseas. 

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    What SCARES you America: exposing the American Nightmare.

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    Tonights show will be very important. As with any illness, or injury, to be addressed, the wound needs to be examined, and tonight we will do just that, we will peer deep into the mental wounds that so many Americans are wearing in thier hearts, we will try to expose our fears, we will try to discuss what is keeping them up at night. North Korea, Russia, China, or is it our own Government , is it politicians or policy, law or the lack of law, so many questions, and not any answers, and perhaps thats where the fear is comming from......Also tonight, we will be having a very special guest, this particular gentleman is one of the most charismatic, infectious, positive people you will ever meet, and guess what, this man has literally fought back from the grave, the story of his life will amaze you, and inspire you, there is no way you will leave this show tonight without taking something with you, my guest tonight will be Glenn Williams, he grew up in Chicago, in the heart of the murder capitol of this Nation, this man has held tragedy in his arms, witnessed the last breathe of his hero, and was even shot and left for dead himself...please, join us tonight, as you hear from a man who rose from the ashes of death and defeat, heartbreak and pain, a man who has in his short life become one of the most successful people I have ever met, and it is my honor to have him on the show tonight. Call in tonight, or just listen to the discussion at hand, I promise to provide you with a quality conversation that will hopefully help you in some area of your life, thank you for listening to the Unraveling Mind!..

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    Hair on Fire News Talk Radio/Guest Effie Carlson

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    Guest: Effie carlson Candidate for AZ House LD23

    Effie was born in Scottsdale, in the heart Legislative District 23. Coming from a large family that encouraged individual thought and self-expression, she had no choice but to become a problem solver. Home-schooled until college, Effie graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in psychology.

    Working to put herself through college, Effie learned the ins and outs of a small business, the effects of government regulations, and the benefits of a job well done. After graduating from college, she went to work for a behavioral health organization. Recognizing the organization’s priority should be patient care not paperwork, she developed a system to reduce administrative requirements by clinical staff allowing more time to be devoted to patients. In addition to raising her family and running a successful business Effie has served as secretary to the Church Council of Holy Cross Lutheran Church, is the current Committee Chair for Cub Scout Pack 441 at Kiva Elementary School, and is the Fundraising Committee Chair for Kiva PTO. She sings as first soprano of Full Circle Women’s Choir, and also chairs the fundraising committee, allowing them to perform for non-profit groups such as Sojourner Center. Effie is also a website designer, providing pro-bono work for non-profits such as Glendale Stand-Up for Veterans Event 2013 and her church.

    Also available in iTunes

    E-Mail questions to: haironfire@q.com

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    Up Late with Pinko the Bear - 11/13/13

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    Up Late with Pinko the Bear - Another two hours of musings on all things lefty. I went to a meeting of the SEP (Socialist Equality Party) - I'll have some comments from Chomsky on sports - There will be a new clip or two - Talk about Vetrans Day. Calls will be taken and a host of other subjects will be broached.

    Remember, sharing is caring. Please share this link with your friends of all political stripes. It is no fun to only be preachin' to the choir:)


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    The Heart Break of PTSD - Can it be a Gift of Peace?

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    CNN reported an alarming statistic: 345 confirmed suicides last year among active and non-active military personal. Of that number 182 were active duty suicides. This number is a record according to the CNN report. It is uncertain what the causes are for such a high number, but postraumatic stress known as PTSD and the militaries inability to deal with what some call an epidemic of PTSD vetrans are believed to be contributing factors.
    You don't have be a vetran of war or even be in a war zone to experience PTSD. A car accident, child abuse, witnessing a violent event, terrorism, and even being raised by a PTSD veteran can all cause PTSD. For example, the tragic events of 911 cause a kind of global PTSD. And PTSD is certainly a factor in the record number of suicides reported last year.
    Kosi and Francince will take a look at the Heart Break of PTSD and deeply examine how PTSD can actually be an amazing gift of Peace.
    CNN posted this suicide hotline for vetrans 800-273-8255. Please call this number if you or someone you know is at risk of suicide or are experiencing PTSD symptoms.

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    Dr Cropsey of grantham university and spokesperson for CCME will update on the efforts of this tremendous organization for military education

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    the Other Side of Grief

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    This weeks episode will be dedicated to the menand women who served in the military during war time. We will be having a converstion about the theexperience of war and how the losses accrued and the grief have impacted vetrans, and their families

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    Vet Radio - Hosted by WA VA Director John Lee

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    John Lee, Director of the Washington Vetrans Affaris
    Here how things are going as our troops are coming home after years of war to a economy spiralling in debt, unemployement devestating families and communities.
    Our soldiers are coming home with wounds that can't be seen to a system and society that cannot understand the challenges face these men and woman returning as well as the other 5 millinon plus already hidding in the shadows.  Most not evern realizing that brain injury is the number one cause of death and disabilities in children and adults under 40.
    Most doctors and emergency are able to recognize or treat this silent sinister disability.  People walking through life trying to fit into society.  But it is hard to fit in when your friends and family look at you and cannot seem to understand why this person they remember so well seems so different. 
    The effects of war the loss of ones self, with a pain so great and deep, and the hurt that you feel as you try to be what everyone remembers you to be.  The person that everyone misses so much, the one that keeps many from moving into the future little alone accepting the present.
    Find out how we are helping veterans learn and accept this new person.  To live a life designed by their own hopes and dreams.  To create a person who they can love and share with the world and theri community.
    We hope to have some guests on that will share some of the amazing work they are doing to do just that.  Help build hope and meaningful lifes.  Creating hope for a better tomorrow for everyone.  More awareness has happened in the last 10 year that all years before about brain injury.  As it has been the signiture wound of our returning soldiers.

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