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    More Veterinary Medical Misinformation – This Time Convenia

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    Dr. Roger discusses the lastest veterinary medical misinformation campaign against the long established antibiotic Convenia that requires only a one time injection, separating fact versus fiction in this latest manufactured veterinary medical "controversy."  Dr. Roger also discusses cases of troubling consequences of this latest wave of veterinary medical misinformation.  Be sure to tune in to learn the truth about the anbiotic Convenia froma veterinarian with 7 years plus experience with the medication.    

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    Is The Cost Of Veterinary Care Skyrocketing?

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    Dr. Roger discusses the increasingly commonly held perception of many pet owners that the costs of veterinary have been rapidly increasing in recent years, when compared to the rise of other general costs of living. Please e-mail comments to be addressed by Dr. Roger live on the air to comments@web-dvm.net.


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    Veterinary Oncology 101 for New Tripawd Pawrents

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    Steve Shaw, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology)
    Northern California's Sage Centers for Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Care

    Join Tripawd Talk Radio as Dr. Shaw helps us cover the basics of veterinary oncology for pets with cancer. We'll take away the mysteries surrounding oncology treatment and discuss important things like:

    How do vet oncologists decide on chemotherapy treatments for their patients?
    What if I have different chemotherapy treatments to choose from? How do I decide which one to use?
    Does chemo hurt? Will my pet get sick? What happens if she/he does? Is there anything I can do to avoid that?
    Is there any way to cut the costs of chemo?
    Are there any foods or supplements to avoid during chemo? If so, why?
    What's your take on holistic alternatives to chemotherapy?
    What is the one thing that you wish pet parents would understand about chemo?"

    All this and more on Sunday June 14, 2015! Please join us in the Tripawds Live Chat during the show or call in with your questions.

  • Marketing Your Veterinary Practice

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    If pets could voice their preference, they’d ask their owners to bring them to you. You have the right touch, you treat them right and you make them feel better. They’ve made new friends in your office. They loathe other veterinarians, but they love you, because you know what you’re doing.

    Unfortunately for you, pets can’t tell this to their owners. Fortunately, we can. We understand the specific challenges of a veterinarian business – no matter how satisfied your customers are, they’re not the ones paying the bill, and they’re not the ones referring you to other potential clients. Therefore, we have to give them a voice.

    We’ll focus on attracting new clients; customer retention is then up to you and the exceptional service you provide. The golden rule in such cases is making sure we reach the right people – pet owners who live or work close by. Geographic proximity is a must, when a dog has just eaten four chocolate bars, nobody has time to drive across town, even if this would take them to the best and cheapest vet in the world. Speed is of the essence in emergency cases. Therefore, when the situation arises, you want your contact details to pop up as soon as the potential client looks up veterinarian services. You want the presentation video to be short and to the point, and to answer all their questions.

    Many marketers make the classic mistake of falling into the trap of cute web content. Most viral videos feature animals, and now there’s finally a business that’s actually related to animals – an online marketer’s dream come true. Let’s cram as many puppies and kittens in a video and call it advertising! We know better. We’re not here to provide entertainment on YouTube. We are here to put you and your business at the top of the list and to be the #1 veterinarian in the area.

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    Prepare Your Pet's Health For The Coming Veterinary Critical Mass

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    Dr. Roger discusses what he foresees is a coming crisis in veterinary medicine and pet health care that he calls the "veterinary critical mass."  He outlines what factors are leading to the veterinary critical mass, how it will negatively pet health care, and how you can protect your pets from what Dr. Roger thinks will be a serious pet health care - and pet health care industry - crisis.

    E-mail questions/comments to Dr. Roger to be addressed on the air to comments@web-dvm.net.


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    Holistic Veterinary Medicine For Dogs And Cats Can Be High Tech

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    Dr. Roger talks about highly technical and cutting edge holistic treatment modalities that all too often dog and cat owners dismiss because from their view they are not "natural."  Holistic veterinary medicine refers to not just treating the disease itself, but also treating the "whole" canine and feline to enable their bodies to do what they do best; which is to heal themselves,  Please e-mail all quastions or comments for Dr. Roger to address on the air to comments@web-dvm.net.  

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    Final Thoughts 2015

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    As has been his tradition since 2010, Dr. Roger has his yearly year's end wrap up show, this one for calendar year 2015.  From the evolution of the Trifexis and Convenia "controversies," to the fading of the veterinary pharmacy, to the increasing difficulties of average pet owners being able to afford quality veterinary care, Dr. Roger covers all of the major themes and pet trends (from a veterinary medical perspective) for 2015.

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    Veterinary Technicians: Trusted Partners in your Pet's Care

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    Tonight, in honor of last week's Veterinary Technician Week, Dr. Roger showcases the veterinary technician, an integral member of the veterinary medical team.  Similar to a human RN, veterinary technicians stand unique in their skill set necessarily enabling them to navigate through multiple areas of medicine at once, from internal medicine, surgery, and radiology, to dentistry and rebabilitation.  Be sure to tune in to learn more about this very special branch of veterinary medicine.
    We will be live, so feel free to call in questions or comments, as well as submit questions/comments by e-mail to: comments@web-dvm.net.  If you prefer to enjoy the show by video, please be advised that in addition to the podcast, we are nowtreaming live video at our blog at:  http://webdvm.blogspot.com . 

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    How to Recognize and Treat Pain in Dogs

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    Tonight on Tripawd Talk Radio, we’ll talk with Dr. Mike Petty, about ways to determine if your pet is in pain and the treatment options that he feels are worth pursuing.

    Dr. Petty is the owner of Arbor Pointe Veterinary Hospital and Animal Pain Center, both in Canton, Michigan. He is the immediate past president of the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management and the coauthor of the 2015 American Animal Hospital Association Pain Guidelines.  Also, he is the author of the upcoming book, Dr. Petty’s Pain Relief for Dogs, which can be pre-ordered on Amazon and will be available wherever books are sold on February 1.

    Read the Tripawds review of Dr Mike Petty's book:

    Learn How to Manage Your Dog’s Pain with Dr. Petty’s New Guide

    Please Note: We will NOT be taking live calls during this episode but will be consider addressing any questions posted for this show the Tripawds Discussion Forums.


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    Dogs are Cancer Scientists with Paws

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    Dogs are Cancer Scientists with Paws

    Learn why clinical trials for dogs and people are the most promising path to treating and ultimately curing cancers, with Colorado State University's Dr. Christine Hardy, DVM.

    Join us as we learn why clinical trials for dogs and people are the most promising path to treating and ultimately curing cancers, when we talk with Colorado State University's Dr. Christine Hardy, DVM.

    In her role as senior director of Professional Veterinary Medicine Student Services and former director of Operations for CSU's Flint Animal Cancer Center, Dr. Hardy is getting the word out about "One Cure," an initiative to share the importance of participating in clinical trials when animals and humans are diagnosed with cancer.

    Also joining us is Dr. Kristen Weishaar, a board-certified oncologist and the Flint Animal Cancer Center's Director of Clinical Trials. Dr. Weishaar earned her DVM from Tufts University in Massachusetts and became board-certified at Colorado State in 2014. Dr. Weishaar is excited to play a role in finding new treatments for animals and people with cancer through clinical research.

    We will Learn:

    - What exactly are clinical trials?
    - Why are clinical trials so important for treating and even curing cancer.
    - How do people and dogs benefit from participating?
    - What are the pitfalls of taking part?
    - And so much more!

    Learn more about the One Cure Initiative at CSU.

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    Animals and magic

    in Self Help

    Do you love animals? Do they scare you? What if animals could give you the keys to step into more of what is possible for you? As a vet, rider and dog trainer, I have learned a thing or two about animal interactions and the magic they can facilitate and yet most people are unaware of the extent of their capacities to bring forth what is true about you; your healing capacities, your leadership, your receiving, your awareness and perception. Would you allow an animal to be your teacher? For upcoming classes and more info, visit www.theresestoa.com