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    Disabled Veteran Radio PTSD Suicide Prevention Bill and Much More

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    In this episode we discuss Disabled Veterans issues pertaining to PTSD and The Suicide Prevention Bill. We will discuss the Free Denistry in New Port Richy, Florida. We will also discuss how people say they support Disabled Veterans Issues but in Reality they truely do not :(  I will bring to your attention how the Director of one of The VA Facilities I attend will not allow my psychatrist speak up about my PTSD and how I should have been diganosised with PTSD on the date of discharge and if my psychatrist comes out and makes this statement she will be fired. We will call this VA Facility Live along with Contact Bubba The Love Sponge Live on Live. Call into the show live this morning 9am to 10am Eastern Time 

    GUEST CALL-IN (646) 716-8912

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    Disabled Veteran Radio

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    In this one hour episode of Disabled Veteran Radio we will hear from current VA Seceretary Robert A. McDonald he discusses Disabled Veterans Issues at the New Orlando VA Facility from 10/2/14. You will also hear Rep Miller, Rep Brown and VA Orlando Director. There were 7 questions asked and I got to ask 3 out of the 7. Can you please help support Disabled Veteran Radio and help keep this show on the air to find out more information got to billapgar.com and yes I am a 100% Disabled Veteran due to Military Sexual Trauma.

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    Disabled Veteran Radio on PTSD PAY ME !

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    I pre recorded tonights Broadcast 24 hours ago. I had to edit this show because I was angry at the start. I discuss how The Veterans Administration are crooks and liars. I explain why Disabled Veterans are not fully compensated. I play a few songs. I ask that you can support Disabled Veteran Radio with a donation or under write or sponsor some Radio Broadcast at http://billapgar.com So please help me spread the word about fulling compensating Disabled Veterans. Also check out HR 975 The Mental Health Review Act that needs paased ASAP.

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    Disabled Veteran Radio On Mary Jane Tonight

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    4 Words That Could Change the Future for Marijuana - Find out tonight on Disabled Veteran Radio. Help us continue the fight for Fully Compensating Disabled Veterans who were misdiagnosed with a personality disorder. Help Keep Disabled Veteran Radio on The Air and Help The Show get On Other Radio Station by Donating at www.billapgar.com The correct diagnoses should have been PTSD on the date of discharge and lets create a National Medical Marijuana Card for Disabled Veterans :) Please Of course I will think I am Tom Hanks of Radio just Talking to a Volley Ball. I hope you give the show a call. I will play couple Bob Marley Tunes and discuss my visit to The Home Shopping Channel Studios to a Testimonial Shoot. call 646 716 8912 Oh I will try to call Disabled Veterans in Colorado who are smoking out.

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    What's More Important Helping a 100% Disabled Veteran or Helping a Preacher G6

    in Music

    I ask the World and America in this special Broadcast of Disabled Veteran Radio. What is more important ? Helping a 100% Disabled Veteran with PTSD get the message out about how The Veterans Administration cooked the books and misdiagnosed thousand of Disabled Veterans with a Personality Disorder. This made the Disabled Veteran miss out on VA benefits for years. The correct Diagnoses should have been PTSD on the date of Disacharge from the Service. Or do you think it's more important to help a Preacher from Atlanta to get his 65 million New G6 Airplane ? If you care about Disabled Veteran Radio and want to help me spread the message to other Radio Stations in Different cities across these United States then please log into my web site bill apgar DOT com and donate or sponsor some Radio Broadcast of Disabled Veteran Radio Today.

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    Disabled Veteran Radio Live Broadcast For 2 17 15 on WWPR Bradenton FL 4pm to 5p

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    This is the Live Radio Broadcast of Disabled Veteran Radio from today down in Bradenton, Florida on AM 1490 WWPR. In this broadcast we discuss PTSD. I talk about how The Veterans Administration still cooks the books and does not fully compensate the Disabled Veteran. I try to reach Robert A. McDonald the VA Secretary. I talk with Captain Dencil Powell of Rajun Cajun fishin Charters out of Brooksville, Florida. I call The HoneyBaked Ham Cafe by The Radio Station noluck and The Radio Shack by The Radio Station is packed with stuff. I purchased a Cincinnati Reds Bobble Head 26 Pena Pepsi Doll - Bat Broken. I also call The Sunshine Skyway Bridge to check on wind conditions. I am asking if you can help me keep Disabled Veteran Radio on the air in Bradenton and help expand the Radio Broadcast to other stations and hopefully Sirius Satellite log into http://billapgar.com to make a donation

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    Disabled Veteran Radio Searching For Rand Paul Supporters

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    In this one hour blog talk episode of Disabled Veteran Radio. I will try to reach out to Senator Rand Paul supporters to call into this live show from 11 30pm to 12am eastern time. I will utilize the callers in Tuesday Live Broadcast on WWPR 1490 AM in Bradenton, Florida from 4pm to 5pm live eastern time. Disabled Veteran Radio still need sponsorship or an organization to under write more broadcast for Disabled Veteran Radio http://billapgar.com Tonight I will discuss why I have not filled out my briefing for my rebuttal for retoractive pay through my case at The United States Court Of Appeals for Veterans Claims. I will discuss how The Veterans Administration still cooks the books. Your thoughts on Mr. Woodward from St. Petersburg , Florida who won the Pat Tilliman award and had good 20  minutes before Super Bowl Started. And it's Ground Hogs Day :)

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    Disabled Veteran Radio On WWPR AM 1490 02 24 15

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    This was from todays Radio Broadcast on WWPR AM 1490 in Bradenton, FL 02 24 15. In this show we discuss VISIN 8 VA Sunshine Health Care Network visn8.va.gov. I discuss the great time I had at HSN The Home Shopping Channel on Monday 2/23/15 . I have two audio clips from VA Secretay Robert A. McDonald. One is where he gets in a argument with a Republican Congressman Mike Coffman. The second piece with VA Secretary Robert A. McDonald is the latest AP Story. I play a few songs and still remind you that Disabled Veterans were misdiagnosed with a personality disorder. This made thousands of Disabled Veterans miss out on VA Benefits for years. When the correct diagnoses should have been PTSD like my VA Psychatrist told me but is afraid to speak up because she will be fired by the VA. I am also requesting if you can help keep Disabled Veteran Radio on The Air log into http://billapgar.com

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    Disabled Veteran Radio For 1 20 15

    in Politics

    In this Episode of Disabled Veteran Radio we continue discussion on PTSD. We will discuss scuba diving find treasure Jim Wright of Executive Scuba Educators, Hayden Page Oldsmar Computer Repair Oldsmar Florist, Don From Largo and Keith Allen. We Try to get to Former Governor Charlie Crist and super sexy actress Vanessa Guimoye said she was coming and then not. So I wonder if Vanessa cares about Disabled Veterans issue, hopefully Yes :) Also please help keep Disabled Veteran Radio On the air sponor or under write some broadcast today billapgar.com or call me on my cell (727)678-1219

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    Disabled Veteran Radio Live Broadcast on WWPR for 02 03 15

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    This Disabled Veteran Radio Broadcast for 2/3/15 from 4pm to 5pm eastern on WWPR AM 1490 in Bradenton, Florida. We discuss PTSD, What Senator Rand Paul said on CNBC yesterday the Host was trying to trash him. Vaccines on Disabled Veteran Radio you will hear about. We discuss the Suicide Bill Passed by Congress The BS. Why The Governement still will not fully compensate Disabled Veterans. We call Disney Land to check on the measles. And we have Senator John McCain your scum Arrest Henry Kissinger on war on crimes song. Also seek business, people , ideas to keep Disabled Veteran Radio on the air http://billapgar.com

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    062: Let's Keep Talking About Suicide featuring Donleigh Gaunky

    in Health

    Donleigh Gaunky is an Army veteran and he recently spoke at a TEDx event on veteran suicide.

    He was kind enough to join our program and share his experiences with suicidal behavior.

    Tim and Don dig deep into where we're missing a big piece of the conversation on suicide and how some organizations are forgetting a large demographic.

    Tweet at us and let us know what you think:




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