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    Family of a Vet Gives Thanks

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    Family of a Vet invites you to join us as our listeners and fans across the country tell us what they're thankful for this year.  Submissions can be sent in advance to radio@familyofavet.com or you  are more than welcome to call in live to the show and offer up your thanks for this year.  Join FOV radio hosts Heather Hummert and Sean Taylor as we invite everyone to give thanks for the blessing in their lives.

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    Pastor Vet Pendgraft on the NiACOM Platform @ 7pm!!!

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    Pastor Vet Pendgraft on the NiACOM Platform-  @ 7pm!!!

    NIACOM welcomes Pastor Vet Pendgraft to the platform! Join us as we talk about revelations in God's word that Pastor Vet has uncovered and where God is leading him. He is a pastor here in the Dallas metroplex. His church is Greater Grace Restoration and they are currently worshipping at Timberglen Recreation Center in Dallas at 3810 Timbeglen Rd. Dallas 75287

    Greater Grace Restoration Ministries


    Greater Grace Restoration Ministries - Dallas, TX. “Restoring creation back to the Creator” New Ministry


    The contact phone for the Greater Grace Restoration Ministries is 214-731-3140, where you can contact Pastors Vet & Veronica Pendgraft.  See church website for service times at the church.

    Don't miss this show. Pastor Vet is part of our NIACOM Promo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qIBwFhpuUQ

    Tune in or call in!

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    Turning Problems into Possibilities with Miz Vet

    in Self Help

    Waters getting kind of choppy?  Life's challenges getting you down. Tune in tonight and hear how Yvette "Miz Vet" Waters (yes, "Waters is her name) of "Miz Vet properties" rides the waves.  Tonight's discussion will address numerous thoughts about "Turning Problems into Possibilities."  Just trying 1 or 2 could change your life for the better.  Join us at a special time tonight, 10:30 pm or catch the recorded broadcast. Like the Four Tops, "Miz Vet Waters run deep." Oh some of you know "Still Waters Run Deep."  Visit http://fourtopsenterprises.com/ for the official page of the Four tops according to my Google search.


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    John Adamo US Army Vietnam Vet

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    (135) John Adamo US Army Vietnam Vet


    I was setting up for our Whittier Museum Veteran Show Friday 7-18-14 when John walked up and said “Is this where I am supposed to be?”

    John is a US Army Vietnam vet. He was wearing a Fort Ord T shirt, (My Dad Served there) so we got to a chatting and I was so interested that I had to stop and pre-record the chat and now I want to share it with all of you

    Just two vets sharing a story enjoy 

    link to Museum vet show 


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    The Vet Benefit: Compliance, Skills, & Money on the Table

    in Business

    Need an employee who's been trained to be trainable, holds high-level skills, and the character to tackle any problem?  Host Bart Jackson celebrates Veterans Day by bringing aboard Jack Fanous, CEO of the G.I. Go Fund designed to give military veterans better careers and you a better business.  Together they discuss compliance, tax credit cash, improved work forces, and other benefits of hiring vets.  As as an ART of the CEO Exclusive: Fanous will be launching his new Vet career training organization on our airwaves: www.YourJobPath.com.  Look  and listen for it. 

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    Vet to Vet

    in Religion

    Conversations about today's events that affect vets and all others.

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    Vet to Vet

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    Conversation about issues and problems with a few solutions tossed in.

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    Vet to Vet

    in Religion

    Conversation discussing today's issues and a few solutions.

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    Vet to Vet

    in Religion

    Call in show talking about issues and problems specifically to vets but affects all of us. 

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    HEY ITS SARGE!....Open line calls, political debates, and passionate perspectives. I talk about world news, politics, & entertainment. Call in and get quick to your point. Trolls are welcome but better come with there A game! I do this for fun,so my shows are not always on the same nights.

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    Vet to Vet

    in Religion

    Beginning August 11, 2014, A Twist of Faith will host a live call-in radio show designed to address any and all veteran issues.  These conversations will not only be for you but about you.  We will do more than just talk about them, we will fix them and nothing will be off-limits.  The call in number is 347-945-6183 and the lines will be opened at 10 am central standard time.  This event will air every Monday and Friday each week at the same time, so mark your calendars.  We share our BLOOD in basic.  We share our SWEAT in the foxhole.  And we share our TEARS in memory.  We, Band of Brothers and Sisters have a new mission.  This mission will not end while one of us remains in need.  A new Call to Arms has been made and it’s our duty to answer that phone.

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