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    Pelvic Floor PT and Health Coach, Laura Ricci, Discusses Nutritional Hope

    in Health

    June 10th at 1:30pm EST, Laura Ricci, DPT, will join us to discuss her expertise on how she utilizes integrative modalities to not only help herself, but help countless others in their quest for healing and reclaimed life. Laura Ricci is a licensed doctor of physical therapy specializing in Women's Health and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation, as well as a certified Women's Health Nutrition Coach (WHNC) through the Integrative Pelvic Health Institute (IPHI). Through her own medical challenges, including cancer and major orthopedic surgery, she found a passion for nutrition.  Since Laura had so much personal experience with surgery and recovery, she wrote and taught the Nutrition Pre- and Post- Abdominal and Pelvic Surgery course for the IPHI, due to her extensive experience in both areas.

    Laura enjoys learning and expanding her knowledge in the areas of functional medicine and nutrition. She has completed a one-year certification in holistic health coaching and nutrition through the IPHI, and is currently completing a two-year Nutritional Endocrinology Practitioner Training Program through the Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology.

    Laura teaches nutrition classes and provides private, one-on-one nutrition and health coaching for clients at Live Well Fit.

    She strives to be a light in the darkness, offering hope for others with her personal story of love and healing. She lives with her husband in Amarillo, Texas, where she loves healthy cooking, going to Tai Chi class, and spending time in nature.

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    Alliance For Pelvic Pain - Interview

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    NEW DATES (the date was changed due to weather in NYC, updated 3/5/14):  The Rescheduled Conference will be held on May 31 to June 1, 2014 in NYC.

    We are pleased to talk with Amy Stein, PT and Dr. Robert Echenberg of the ALLIANCE FOR PELVIC PAIN. They are here to discuss the 2nd Annual Patient Conference, designed to help women and men figure out how to truly heal and help living with chronic pelvic pain.


    Please join our conversation by listening live at 3:00 pm Pacific time or 6:00 pm Eastern time

    The Alliance for Pelvic Pain is offering a special discount to Pelvic Messenger listeners:  $50 of the registration fee or $100 off for patients that will be flying to NYC to attend the conference (maximum discount is $100).  To redeem discount, when registering, under comments, write in, “Pelvic Messenger Listener”.  Those using this discount must pay by check, money order or wire transfer (Discount not valid with paypal payments).

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    Summer Of Sex: Is Sex Is Suppose To Hurt?

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    Painful sex,called dyspareunia is normal when you first have sex. Because your hymen may still be intact when you lose your virginity, sex often hurts in the beginning. But after a while, the pain should lessen and then resolve. If it doesn’t, a variety of conditions can be responsible, including vulvar vestibulitis (inflammation of the vestibule), vaginismus (involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles), allergic reactions to things such as latex condoms, and endometriosis (when lining from the uterus gets on the ovaries, bowel & pelvic lining).  As women age, they also have lower levels of estrogen, which can make the vagina thinner, leading to atrophic vaginitis.  Many of these conditions can be treated, but it’s important to know the reason for your pain.  If you find yourself having sex regularly and are still having pain, be sure to tell your gynecologist. There may be a simple solution.

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    Susan Bilheimer

    in Women

    Do you suffer from…

    …Vaginal/vulvar itching, burning, stabbing/throbbing sensations; painful sex; urinary urgency/frequency/pain? If so, then you’ve just found a “Hope Chest” filled with information & support.

    We’ll explain how the conditions that trigger “chronic pelvic pain syndrome” (such as irritable bowel, interstitial cystitis, painful bladder syndrome, vulvodynia, vestibulitis, endometriosis) cause sexual pain and what you need to know to get help.