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    You Need Systems That Work Together! - Integrated Marketing Principle (IMP)

    in Business

    You Need Systems That Work Together! - Integrated Marketing Principle (IMP)

    For more information go to: http://www.networkleads.com/imp.

    With over 17 years of experience in Training and Systems, Network Leads has established itself as one of the top companies, offering a full-range of Network Marketing, Business Opportunity, Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing and Work From Home Marketing Packages with or without leads. 

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    Fresh Wind, chosen to change Atmospheres

    in Christianity

    Join us this Sunday morning as we bring you a fresh wind of the anointing which is a fresh word: that will cause your total man to advance and shift to the next dimension and bring increase to everyone around you, as you go to your local body of believers and unbelievers. Know that,  !we were chosen to change the Atmosphere! so it is imperative that we get fresh wind which is fresh manna daily from on high to live and breeze and have our being: just as we eat natural food. Lord give us this day our daily bread, Amen. so blow winds blow.

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    Ra and Ausarian Initiation Systems - Shekhem Mehab Neter Sakusumen

    in Lifestyle

    Jawanza4Life!! - Introduces Shekhem Mehab Neter  Sakusumen

    Our special guest is Shekhem Mehab Neter Sakusumen, a Kemetic Priest and Chief, Lecturer, Teacher, and Counselor in the Ausar Auset Society in Washington, DC.

    This show focuses on the principles and meditation practices that are to be applied in the initiation work which will enhance success in one's life.

    Topic of Discussion - Ra and Ausarian Initiation Systems - This is a Pre-Recorded Broadcast

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    Computer America - Uniden; Software and Computer Systems; News!

    in Technology

    Computer America

    Hour one: Uniden.  Mark LessorManager of New Product Development.

    The Uniden WDVR4-2 HDD is an integrated digital wireless DVR system that supports up to 4 wireless cameras.  With HDMI out to a monitor or TV, full time live viewing of all cameras is possible or remotely using the free Uniden WDVR iOS or Android app.


    Hour two: Software and Computer Systems. William V. Wagner, President.

    SCSC developa their own products for use on the Mac OS X  and IOS operating systems.  Their current product line up for Mac OS X consists of Scannerz, Performance Probe 2, Phoenix, FSE, FSE-Lite, and SpotOff 2 with Spot-O-Meter 2. Scannerz is an SSD, HDD, and system scanning and testing tool. Performance Probe 2 is an abbreviated form of Apple's Activity Monitor that allows a user to easily and quickly monitor system performance and loading without needing the full screen that Activity Monitor typically requires.


    Hour two: News, brought to you by Slimware Utilities!

    Craig and Ben do Computer and Technology News, brought to you by Slimware Utilities, the Official Optimization Software of Computer America, and answer your computer questions!

  • Real Estate Menu Systems, creating win/win for buyers and sellers. Eric Vormann

    in Real Estate

    Real Estate Menu Systems was created to allow buyers and sellers the opportunity to customize their buying

    and selling process without being alone,yet they can save money and be involved. 2nd half is Well known Spiritual 

    Healer Eric Vormann who travels worldwide teaching healing, working with hospitals hand in hand and giving back.

    He has started a healing center in Ganna, his hometown as a child. We all either know or have experience illness.

    It is wise to always works with doctors and also learn about natural ways to heal your body. The two can go hand and

    hand and we have so much more control than we realize. What we eat, how we think. Our show is dedicated to cover real 

    estate and issues that we all deal with in our homes, families, and communities.

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    in Paranormal

    Join Nick as he explores some of the more metaphysical aspects of what is taking place around us.... and to us. There are numerous factors to be aware of, many which appear peripheral and even unrelated. A certainty is that many can feel a strong wind of change, complete with numerous symptoms, which he'll be analyzing. It would appear that the predictions made by several belief systems - from across the globe -  are beginning to converge, suggesting an imminent passage to a new age. He'll discuss how these play a part as well as examine some of the efforts of the opposition to transmute this powerful incoming energy for their purposes.

    To find the links to what Nicks been discussing on his show go to Nick's Website:  http://therazielremnants.wordpress.com/

    CDE's FB group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/112690372148470/

    Commercial: Corrine DeWinter's of BTR Supernatural Radio Show- website: http://www.purpleplates.com/

    Music Info: Ermina...  http://www.erminatsounis.com/

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    A Prophetic Wind with Pastor Paul Morgan - "Forgiveness"

    in Christianity

    Pastor Paul Morgan is the Founder of Chosen Generation Ministries, a nondenominational ministry established in 2012, located in Richmond, VA. The mission of the ministry is “Edifying, Enriching, and Transforming Lives by introducing individuals to a personal encounter with God’s unconditional love”.

    Chosen Generation is not church as usual. Pastor Paul’s approach is very interactive. He guides and encourages the congregation to participate in a 2-way open dialogue; which allows openness and transparency about their Christian walk. He fosters a safe and nonjudgmental atmosphere of mutual ministry and exhortation.

    Pastor Paul has an independent counseling ministry with over 16 years of experience in individual, marital and family counseling, as well as facilitating workshops and seminars. In addition, he has extensive experience in emotional trauma, depression, and inner healing, as well as being a Certified Professional Life Coach. 

    Phone: (866) 333-9505          Email: ministermorgan@verizon.net             Website: www.paulmorgan.org


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    Each Wind That Blows, author and horsewoman Susannah Cord

    in Spirituality


    Each Wind That Blows, author and horsewoman Susannah Cord

    In Each Wind That Blows, author Susannah Cord returns to Kenya after a thirty year absence. A horseback safari across a famed game reserve, draws her back to the land that gave birth to her most cherished childhood memories. Susannah soon finds there is much more in store for her than just an exciting holiday. An adventure of mind, body and spirit, Each Wind That Blows gallops across the savannah in the company of lions, leopards and elephants, a journey underlined by the joys and sorrows inherently found in the African wilderness.

    Finding her inner struggles reflected in the life of the savannah, Susannah seeks to come to terms with the eviscerating grief and regret following the loss of a loved one, and the struggle to discover and define a sense of purpose. The echoes of childhood still heard by the adult and the yearning for a connection to the greater mystery that underlies all life, will hold the key to her future.

    For more information visit: http://www.susannahcord.com/


    in Education


    Our guests are, all the way from Lincoln, NE, Mary Reiman, Director of Library Services for Lincoln Public Schools and Mitch Coulter,Product Manager for E-Books at Follett Learning

  • Blog Talk Radio is Experiencing Problems With Their Systems, No Program

    in Motivation

    Huge changes in the stock market, shift in energy, new data coming out, rumors on different RV/GCR issues.  What is happening in the world along with updates about upcoming worlshops are this week's topics.

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    The Creativity Series: The Visioning Process

    in Self Help

    Visioning is the FIRST thing you must do and the number one technique to master in order to live a Vibrant Life.  A vision informs your decisions, your words, your actions, and ultimately your results.  Join Nicole Greer, PPCC, also known as The Vibrant Coach, for a strategic and systemized process for formulating a vision.  

    STRATEGIES! Put three strategic perspectives to work in your life.
    SYSTEMS! Learn the Six Creative Stages in the Vision System
    SMARTS! Take away and apply the concept of Meeting Your Future Self

    Let's Get Started!


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