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    T.E.A Time- Atlanta Olive Oil Company

    in Entrepreneur

    This Week's Show: We are live at the all new Atlanta Olive Oil Company a one of a kind Gourmet Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar Retail Store & Tasting Room located in Downtown Atlanta. 

    Atlanta Olive Oil Company was started by two entrepreneurs Hillary Dunson & Verna Cleveland two women with young families and a rich history of community engagement. Their common civic engagements forged a strong friendship, then family kinship, and now a partnership. It is their hope to introduce friends, families, and greater neighbors to the benefits of pure olive oils and the expansive flavors of infused balsamic vinegars that will enhance any meal. Be sure to stop in the Atlanta Store & Tasting Room at 1133 Huff Rd NW Suite F in Atlanta, GA 30318 Find them online: http://www.atlantaoliveoil.com/  FB: https://www.facebook.com/AtlantaOliveOilCompany

    T.E.A Time- A acronym for The Entrepreneurial Academy -slogan "Thrist For Enrichment & Achievement For Your Small Business Development is a interactive project developed by LouddMouth Radio Producer Sabrina Sonny Jones-Smith to provide tools & resources to new & existing entrepreneurs throughout the world through the LouddMouth Media Brand. LouddMouthradio.com reaches listeners online on http://stitcher.com & http://tunein.com two dynamic podcasts platforms reaching over 50 million+ active monthly listeners & 4 million in car dashboards. 

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    MBSFood: Holistic Health Care for Pets with Dr. Rebecca Verna

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    Do you invest in holistic health care for yourself? If so, have you considered using these powerful healing methods for your small pet? Tune in to a special episode featuring Dr. Rebecca Verna, who practices a number of modalities to keep your precious four-legged friend in peak health, including Animal Chiropractic, Veterinary Acupuncture, the use of Chinese, Western, and Ayurvedic herbs and plants for animal pets, Applied Kinesiology, the Japanese healing art of Reiki, the use of Flower Essences and Homeopathic medicines, Essential Oils, NAET for Allergy, and Animal Rehabilitative Therapy ("Physical Therapy for pets").

    Dr. Verna is the owner of Paws for Holistic Pet Care in Marshall, VA. She practices Integrative Veterinary Medicine, which combines Holistic practices with conventional, modern medicine. Dr. Becky, as she is affectionately known, graduated from veterinary school at the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in Blacksburg, Virginia at Virginia Tech, after obtaining her Master's Degree from the University of Maryland at College Park, MD.

    Today, Dr. Becky Verna is officially certified in Animal Chiropractic, Veterinary Acupuncture, Veterinary Chinese Herbalism, Canine Rehabilitation ("Animal Physical Therapy"), and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Food Therapy. In addition to her official certifications, Dr. Verna is a Reiki Master, practices Applied Kinesiology, NAET for Animals (an allergy treatment technique), Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, works with Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Homeopathic Medicines, Animal Massage, Western Herbology, Magnetic Therapy, and several other forms of Energy Medicine. To find out more, visit her website at http://drverna.com/.

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    005: The Power of People with Dr. Verna Price

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    Take care of your package! We are all blessed and loaded with power to succeed! We need to understand WHO WE ARE -- our package -- and take care of it!  Dr. Verna Price discusses The Power of People: Four Kinds of People Who Can Change Your Life

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    HealthStar Adapts The Alzheimer's Whisperer Program

    in Caregiving

    Alzheimer's Speaks gives voice to all dealing with dementia.  Listen in and learn from some great experts in the field of dementia and home care.

    Today learn why HealthStar Home Health has incorporated The "Alzheimer's Whisperer" program and how and why it works to help staff and families alike.

    We talk with HealthStar representative Holly Eide, along with Dr. Verna Carlson, President  and Katherine  Vanderhorst, Vice-President of C&V Senior Care Specialists who developed and license the Alzheimer's Whisperer program.

    For information on HealthStar Home Health or the "Alzheimer's Whisperer" program Click Here

    For additional information on dementia and caregiving check out Alzheimer's Speaks

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    Verna V Nickelberry Founder/Editorial Director Ordinary People Magazine

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    Ms. Verna V. Nickelberry, mother of two sons and the grandmother of two little boys, Zion Truth Oliver and Israel Jadon Oliver, is a graduate of Northside High School and LeMoyne-Owen College located in Memphis, TN.  Ms Nickelberry has completed classes toward a master degree in Theologies at Jacksonville Theological Seminary.

    Ms. Nickelberry is the founder and editorial director of ORDINARY PEOPLE MAGAZINE (OPM).

    ORDINARY PEOPLE magazine is the result of a God given assignment which Ms Nickelberry received in the 2005 but wasn’t birth until March of 2008. 

    “When God gave me the assignment I was excited and reluctant to take on such a huge task. I had no experience in this type of work. I didn’t know where to start, nor did I have the funds. So, I put it off for about two months, this only made the voice of God louder in my ear.  I started in the fall of 2005, but was met with some obstacles and once again I stopped.  On October 18, 2007, the voice of God spoke, “saying it was time to start on the magazine again.”  And once again I had do idea as to where to start and no funds. I began to research the start up cost of producing a magazine. After weeks of spending nights on the internet, praying, and having conversations with God, things began to fall into place.  It was then that I realized that this was not my idea, but God’s idea.  Ordinary People magazine is not my magazine but God’s magazine, I am but the vessel used to carry out the mission that He has given me charge of.” ---Verna V Nickelberry




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    Celebrity Designer Verna Fogg of Vina Amor Jewelry

    in Entertainment

    Verna stopped by to discuss the projects that she's got going on with her new line Vina Amor Jewelry, if you don't know who Verna is you must have been hiding under a rock because her designs are dope! She's had artist such as Pink, Nicki Minaj, Rosic, Eva Pigfod, Jaslene Gonzalez just to name a few rocking her pieces. Check her out at www.vinaamor.com and follow her on twitter @iluvvinaamor! Also come over to my website at www.drdivah.com to keep up with latest in Fashion, Music and Entertainment.

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                Stonye Figueroa’s Bio (short)



                Stonye Figueroa aka {Barbara Jean Cooks} was born in Houston, Texas February 29,1948 to Helen Mcgee and Jessie Cooks.  As Stonye was growing up her mother would always hear her singing and tell her someday she would become an Entertainer.  Well, she did grow up and become just that, a singer as well as a great entertainer giving a piece of herself to all the people that she entertained.


                Stonye’s first break came in 1966 while she was attending San Diego City College, a friend of her’s {Verna Range} called her and ask if she would be interested in singing in a singing with the great Johnny Otis….she was 18 years old fresh out of high school and of course she said yes and the rest is history  during her time with the “Johnny Otis Show” Stonye recorded 6 singles as the lead singer with the “Otisettes” which are still playing in the Far East and in the UK {Northorn England} and back east in the USA…During her time with the Johnny Otis Show she traveled to Japan, China, Guam, the UK Africa, Paris and all over the United States. and Canada.


                After being an Otisette for 3yrs.  Stonye revived  another call in November 1969 from a friend, this time it was her dream come true, the call was from Shirley Alexander, someone she barely knew, asking her if she wanted to come to Los Angeles and audition for the “Ike and Tina Revue”.  The answer was, of course yes! 



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    We're All One In Christ-Minister Verna Johnson

    in Religion

    Join Us Every Thursday For The Message Of The Week

    Vision: Each One, Reach One


    3945 Boynton Beach Road

    Boynton Beach, Fl 33436


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    The show must go on even though Montoya is at BurningMan . taking his co-host seat will be LIITR journalist Brian Fogg .

    News - Taylor shots his cousin at his home and posts bail .

    50 cent explains feud with boxing star Floyd Mayweather 

    Jean Pascal seeks match with Superman Adonis Stevenson 

    Call into the show at 347-215-7598 or tweet your questions & comments to @LIITRBOXING or @foggskies


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    John David Mann: The Secret To Success

    in Motivation

    Our Guest: John David Mann has been creating careers since he was a teenager. At age 17, he and a few friends started their own high school in Orange, New Jersey (called Changes, Inc. — you can read about it in his book, The Zen of MLM). Before turning to business and journalism, he forged a successful career as a concert cellist and prize-winning composer. 

    In 1992 John helped write and produce the underground bestseller The Greatest Networker in the World, by John Milton Fogg, which became the defining book in its industry and sold over one million copies in eight languages. During the 1990s, John built a multimillion-dollar sales organization of over 100,000 people. 

    His books are published in two dozen languages and have sold more than half a million copies. In addition to coauthoring the international bestseller The Go-Giver and Go-Givers Sell More with Bob Burg, he is also coauthor of the New York Times bestseller The Red Circle with Brandon Webb; the New York Times bestsller Flash Foresight with Daniel Burrus; the USA Today bestseller The Slight Edge with Jeff Olson; and Take the Lead with Betsy Myers, which was named "best leadership book of 2011" by Tom Peters and the Washington Post. You can visit him at www.johndavidmann.com.

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    Honoring Mothers-Minister Verna Johnson

    in Religion

    Join Us Every Thursday For The Message Of The Week

    Vision: Each One, Reach One


    3945 Boynton Beach Road

    Boynton Beach, Fl 33436


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