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    Bible Discussion :: Ac. 5 - 7 ::

    in The Bible

    Bible Discussion :: New Testament :: Acts 5 - 7 ::

    We will discuss Chapters: 5, 6 & 7 of Acts:

    The bible will be read daily .. and discussed passionately.

    Hopefully, our love, loyalty, submission and appreciation for God and Jesus will grow exponentially  from our daily read, study and discussion of the bible. 

    May you be Encouraged, Empowered and Enlightened from listening .

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    in Culture

    Maria Iliou is your Director, your Host for ANCA 4 The Human Condition on Friday's Maria Iliou is Ambassador for Long Island, NY

    Maria Iliou is Photographer

    Maria Iliou is Photography



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    Appreciate.....Don't Hate!!!

    in Self Help

    Empower radio is designed to empower you to empower your life.  Our host, Wynette Richardson, is a burst of energy, passionate, engaging, and empowering.  Richardson is an educator and motivational speaker. She uses the gift of speaking from experience and passion to empower others that dreams are destined to manifest. Our host is also the Founder and CEO of Verbal Elations Motivational Speaking.

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    D/s Radio: Dominant and Submissive Training

    in Relationships

    D/s Radio: Dominant & Submissive Training
    Nature, or nurture? Can Doms and subs be created through training?  Or are they a product of their genes and upbringing?  Were you trained, or have you ever trained someone to be a Dominant or submissive?  
    Join host Michael Makai, author of Domination & Submission: The BDSM Relationship Handbook, and co-host LB Shaw as they take you on an exploration of the D/s and BDSM lifestyles.  Adult discussion on a wide range of topics, including D/s relationships, fetish groups and events, BDSM toys and equipment, scenes and skills,  safety and social protocols, and much much more.  
    Join Michael and his guests, or call in yourself with your questions and comments! The guest call-in number is (347) 857-1862.  

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    NMEMINDZ: Words Cause Dis-Ease

    in Education

    Every word has a vibration to it, & that vibration will or will not resonate with aspects of your higher self. If it resonates with your lower self, you should expect complications or irreversible damage to the God Self. Let's deal with "Curse Words", Verbal Abuse, The Science of Language & Etymology. The call in # is 347-633-9644. 8pm EST / 5pm PST. Peace! 

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    The Entrepreneur Series: So You Want to Be Your Own Boss

    in Entrepreneur

    Tune into The Conversation Café™ live TONIGHT at 7PM EST and join co-hosts A.Raquel and Mahoghani Dawn as they engage in a verbal exchange of sentiments, observations, opinions and ideas about getting started as an entrepreneur. They will surely inform, educate, empower and enlighten you with this Entrepreneur Series during the month of June.  Also, Celebrity & Entertainment Blogger Ray Cornelius (http://raycornelius.com/) will fill you in on the latest news out of Hollywood. Listeners are invited to call in and participate 773-897-3986 or contact the show via Twitter or Facebook.

    The views, opinions and conclusions expressed on The Conversation Café™ are those of the guests and callers, and are not necessarily those of this show, its producers, hosts or any of its affiliate. These shows are for entertainment, educational and informational purposes only. If you have comments or suggestions about this program, contact us at theconvecafe@gmail.com. This is conscious radio for conscious people. "Remember…where there’s no dialogue, there’s no conversation!” 



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    Spoken word artist, Michelle Troxclair, joins Kori on the Back Porch

    in Poetry

    Michelle Troxclair is a mother of three: a daughter and two sons.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Master’s degree in Public Administration.  Currently, she is pursuing a second Master’s in Fine Arts in Poetry all from the University of Nebraska at Omaha.  She has been writing poetry and performing as a spoken word artist for 15 years. She’s hosted open mics at Cartier’s and Love’s Jazz and Arts Center, and is co-hosting Verbal Gumbo at the House of Loom, with Felicia Webster.  Michelle is a member of the poetry troop The Wordsmiths, a traveling spoken word group performing original works in the African-American oral tradition. Troxclair self-published a book of poetry called The Cleansing in 2006, and was published in 2 anthologies: The Empty Room Poetry From The Series © November 2009 “Gertrude” and Les Femme Folles: Women of 2012 © 2012 “I AM.”  Upcoming projects include a documentary, Grey Matter, discussing and showcasing the plight and experiences of bi-racial people in the US, a verse-play titled “From the Ashes,” highlighting the perception of the role of women in modern society’s roots in Biblical scripture, and a non-fiction  novel titled, “The Skeptics Guide to the Unorthodox Christian.”


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    #ManicMonday w/ @tweetybyrd334 @herukhutireborn

    in Radio

    Come through and chill with hosts @tweetybyrd334 @herukhutireborn #ManicMonday... Internet radio's finest... We expose those hidden artists to the public... It's as simple as a submission of your music bio and picture... If interested send your submissions to tweetybyrd334ala@gmail.com We can get you heard... We also do radio interviews.... Inquire in your email about that if interested...

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    SUSS LIVE with Merlot & Friends on SUSS

    in Radio



    Strut Ur Stuff Sundays!

    #Newmusic #NewBands #Promote #Poetry #Network

    Submit your music or poetry to be played on our Sunday Showcase! We want you to be heard seen and felt worldwide! suss@fomerlot.com for submission/questions.

    While hosting show, we will be on twitter/facebook and in the chat room!

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    Murda Mondays Hosted by Murda Mamii

    in Entertainment

    The Murda Monday Radio Show Hosted by Murda Mamii. Live Every Monday 7p-8p or Anytime on The #RepFamApp & RepFam.com. For Song Submission,Interviews,Advertising or Sponsership Email:repfamradio@gmail.com or Call/Text 410-800-9323.

    Follow Her: @MurdaMamii_AquaFallz on IG & FB. 

    Listen or Download Her Debut CD #MindOfARealist on www.repfam.com or www.datpiff.com

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    Edge Learning Well with Maureen Pelton 6.3.14

    in Spirituality

    Brain Friendly Workplaces

    Join host Maureen Pelton and guest Dr. Erika Garms in a discussion of how organizations can become “brain-friendly” by helping them establish practices that are conducive to the way brains naturally process.

    Brain-friendly workplaces share an emotional component as well as scientific underpinnings. Erika shows how to design and sustain workplace cultures where employees are confident, comfortable, and appropriately challenged. Erika mission is to spread the belief that, “Work shouldn’t hurt.” Building a more brain-friendly organization dramatically improves employee retention, morale, and performance.

    This show is sponsored by Normandale Community College's Integrative Health Education Center, offering classes and certificates in multiple healing modalities.

    Thank you for your interest in the Edge! Please go to edgemagazine.net to view the latest issue of the Edge.

    For information on advertising in the Edge please contact Cathy Jacobsen at 763.433.9291. Or via email at Cathy@edgemagazine.net

    For article submission please contact Tim Miejan at 651.578.8969. Or via email at editor@edgemagazine.net

    And for further information regarding the Edge Talk Radio contact Cathryn Taylor at 612.710.7720 or via email at Cathryn@EFTForYourInnerChild.com

  • HOS radio Monday night..

    in Indie Music

    All undeground music monday,weds,friday night at 8pm with your host Tommy Bishop and Jerzee Joker . We play all indie music from heavy metal, Hip Hop ,Rock,Horror Rap, you name it we'll play it. this is a radio show for adults who love the hardcore and freedom of the art of music. so sit back relax listen to some good music and laugh with your host . check out our pages ..email your submission tracks for rotation at hatingourshineradio@gmail.com free radio play with rotation and get a interview if your shits hot.. www.brikazarecords.com www.facebook.com/keith.r.9 www.facebook.com/tommybishop187 www.reverbnation.com/tommybishop