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    Donna Ghanney Interviews Christian Song Artist "Mai Banda"

    in Christianity

    Kingdom Empowerment, Inc. Radio - Host Donna Ghanney interviews Christian Song Artist "Mai Banda" on May 13, 2015 at 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time USA.

    Short Bio: Plaxedes "Mai Banda"

    Plaxedes Banda; based in the USA, Known on stage as Mai Banda, is a Renowned Gospel Recording Artist, song writer, worship trainer, Music director and founder of  Mai Banda Outreach Ministries. Her outreach ministry hosts many various musical programs, which are platforms the ministry uses to raise funds for their orphans in Zimbabwe.  Mai Banda also holds an MBA degree, with emphasis to Health Systems Admin.  She is an accountant by profession and a financial analyst.  Mai Banda has recorded a total of 3 albums. Her latest album titled "A call for true worship and praise, " released on March 9th 2014 has successfully sold thousands of copies in the USA , Mexico, Canada, and UK. The success of this album landed her an invitation to Veracruz Mexico, where she ministered  during RCCG Holy Ghost service to thousands of Mexican natives in May 2014. She has also traveled to minister in the USA, Nigeria (in December 2014),  Uganda Kenya, Australia, Canada, South Africa ( in August 2014)  and the UK.

    Read More about Mai Banda here: Kingdom Empowerment Magazine

    Join us and be inspired!

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    Just Guy Talk w/Vanessa Veracruz - Revisited

    in Entertainment

    Tonight we have a special episode of Just Guy Talk. Vanessa Veracruz, Elle Alexandra and XXX Vaporizors join us. Recently Ms Vanessa was voted runner up in the Twistys "Treat of the Year" only to have the results overturned. Tune in as we discuss the story behind the scenes.

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    Special Guest: Amanda Loveland, Lisa Mae, Angel Ray

    in Lifestyle

    Guest: On at 10:00 am

    Amanda Loveland Amanda is well known for her unconventional approach to building businesses, which fosters dramatic and consistent financial results for entrepreneurs in record time. She is the founder of Wealth University, an online school for entrepreneurs who want to make money AND make a difference, and the creator of the Genuine Sales system which empowers people to sell in their own unique way. 

    Guest: on at 10:30 am

    Lisa Mae Lisa Mae is a Creative Visionary, Speaker, & Social Innovator that is committed to impacting humanity on a global scale.She is founder of Wonder Women Tech, a conference celebrating women in STEAM, two hackathons--Hacks 4 Humanity and Wonder Women Hacks, and EqualityTV, a digital media and e-commerce platform highlighting marginalized and underrepresented communities. She has also launched various social campaigns like the ‘Love, Hugs and Inspiration Campaign', '21 Days of Fearlessness' and '40 Days of Kindness.' She is passionate about human rights and issues surrounding gender equality, LGBTQ, and racial equality.

    Guest: on at 11:00 am Angel Ray ANGEL RAY is a Mexican producer, singer songwriter who released two albums; ‘Si tu no
    estas’ (‘If you are not here”) in 2007 and ‘Unico’ (“Unique”) in 2012. A third album is
    scheduled to be released later this year after the single “‘ES TU AMOR” (“It’s your love”)
    released January of this year.
    Borned in Veracruz, Mexico, Angel was influenced by his parent’s love for music. He is the
    youngest of five brothers and three sisters.
    At 16 Angel lost his mother to cancer; this caused him to move to the US. Angel only took
    refuge in his faith and music.
    Angel’s third album, not yet titled, was arranged and produced by BMI award winner, Salo

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    Vanessa Veracruz

    in Entertainment

    XXX-Actress, web model and student. Loves being with women and in front of the camera.Join us as we talk to her about her film and acting career.

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    Spies Like Us

    in Self Help

    1526 San Miguel de Gualdape/(Sapelo Island, Georgia, Victorious) 1570 Gaspar Yanga's Revolt/(Veracruz, Victorious) 1712 New York Slave Revolt/(New York City, Suppressed) 1733 St.John Slave Revolt/(Saint John, Suppressed) 1739 Stono Rebellion/(South Carolina, Suppressed) 1741 New York Conspiracy/(New York City, Suppressed) 1760 Tacky's War/(Jamaica, Suppressed) 1791-1804 Haitian Revolution/(Saint-Domingue, Victorious) 1800 Gabriel Prosser(Virginia, Suppressed) 1803 Igbo Landing/(St.Simons Island, Georgia, Suppressed) 1805 Chatham Manor/(Virginia, Suppressed) 1811 German Coast Uprising/(Territory of Orleans, Suppressed) 1822 Denmark Vesey/(South Carolina, Suppressed) 1831 Nat Turner's Rebellion/(Virginia, Suppressed) 1831-1832 Baptist War/(Jamaica, Suppressed) 1839 Amistad, Ship Rebellion/(Off the Cuban Coast, Victorious) 1841 Creole Case, Ship Rebellion/(Off the Southern u.s. Coast, Victorious) 1842 Slave Revolt in the Cherokee Nation/(Southern u.s., Suppressed) 1859 John Brown's Raid/(Virginia, Suppressed)


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    First Contact Radio

    in News

    First Contact Radio 7/16/13 Show #952 hosted by Joshua PoetCOSMIC WEATHERAstrologyhttp://www.mooncatsastrology.com/calendar/7-13.htmMoon Phasehttp://www.calculatorcat.com/moon_phases/phasenow.phpMayan Oraclehttp://www.starroot.com/cgi/daycalc.plSpaceweather.comhttp://www.spaceweather.comUFO NEWSUFOs Caught With Night Vision Scope Over Melbourne, Australia July 2013.Cube Returns To The Sun, Caught In SOHO Photo, July 2013UFO Chased By Jets, Men In Black, FBI - Ohio State ParkUFO ovnis over Banderilla Veracruz, Mexico on 13th July 2013UFO lights above South Bend, Indiana on 13th July 2013Cigar – shaped UFO over Kingman, Arizona on 12th July 2013DAILY STORIES3MIN News July 16, 2013: NASA Confirms Flare-Maker, Major QuakeSubversive Use Of Occult Symbolism in the Media Pt 1Occult Symbols, Magical SymbolsWater emergency declared in Prince George’sHAARP Facility Shuts DownNanosized aluminum being sprayed in the atmosphere, causing degenerative disease, says neurosurgeonMedia Whores Want You Divided #n3Strange Things Are Happening To Returning Astronautsangel message 4 uhttp://www.angelmessage4u.com/Galactic Federation of Light, The Arcturian Group July-14-2013MUSICWake up Up by UFOetryhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTyaEkiifEMhttp://www.firstcontactradio.comOur Youtube Channelsfirstcontactradio at youtubehttp://www.youtube.com/firstcontactradiofirstcontactlive at youtubehttp://www.youtube.com/firstcontactliveFair use, educational purposesPlease share

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    First Contact Radio

    in News

    First Contact Radio 5/20/13 Show #911 hosted by Joshua PoetCOSMIC WEATHERAstrologyMoon PhaseMayan OracleSpaceweather.comUFO NEWSUFOs over Moore, Oklahoma on 18th May 2013Multiple UFOs Observe Oklahoma Tornadoes?Disk Caught On Live Can Near ISS On May 19, 2013.The All Time Top UFO Hotspots From Around The WorldUnknown lights filmed over Xalapa, Veracruz 19-May-2013Citizen Hearing: Congressman Merrill Cook (R-UT) - Closing ThoughtsDAILY STORIES4MIN News May 20, 2013: 6.8 Quake, Tornados are Back, M Flare from LimbAE911Truth.org's - Blueprint for Truth-The Architecture of Destruction-114min.British National Archives show a son was born to Obama Sr. in 1961 in KenyaMedia Now Openly Admitting The Government Controls The NewsLoose Change Final Cut (FULL VERSION)May 20 - 26, Doreen's Weekly Angel Oracle Card ReadingMeet Archangel Raziel, the Angel of MysteriesGalactic Federation of Light Hilarion May-19-2013Closing Prayer and MeditationRelax - Buddhist Meditation Music - Zen Garden - Kokin GumiMUSICWake up Up by UFOetryhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTyaEkiifEMhttp://www.firstcontactradio.comOur Youtube Channelsfirstcontactradio at youtubehttp://www.youtube.com/firstcontactradiofirstcontactlive at youtubehttp://www.youtube.com/firstcontactliveFair use, educational purposesPlease share

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    The Nebraska Girls Lit Hour Presents Xanath Caraza

    in Poetry

    Xánath Caraza is a traveler, educator, poet and short story writer. She was named number one of the 2013 Top Ten “New” Latino Authors to Watch (and Read) by LatinoStories.com. Originally from Xalapa,Veracruz, Mexico, she has lived in Vermont and Kansas City. She has an M.A. in Romance Languages. She lectures in Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Her short story collection, Lo que trae la marea/ What the Tide Brings In (2013) is from Mouthfeel Press. Her full-length book of poetry Conjuro (2012) is from Mammoth Publications and her chapbook Corazón Pintado: Ekphrastic Poems (2012) is from TL Press. Caraza writes the US Latino Poets en español column, a collaboration between Letras Latinas and Periódico de Poesía. She won the 2003 Ediciones Nuevo Espacio international short story contest in Spanish and was a 2008 finalist for the first international John Barry Award. Caraza is an advisory circle member of the Con Tinta literary organization and a former board member of the Latino Writers Collective in Kansas City. She has taught in Mexico, Brazil, China, Spain and the US. Caraza is currently working on a collection of ekphrastic poems with the artist Juan Chawuk. Her Day of the Dead Art work has been exhibited at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, MO.

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    Jose Rafael "Palillo" Santiago (El Poeta del Deporte)

    in Sports

    Calle de la Veracruz Para q tu me oigas Puedo escribir los versos

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    El Poeta del Deporte Jose "Palillo" Santiago

    in Sports

    Los Poemas de hoy son:
    La Princesa esta Triste Calle de la Veracruz

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    in Art

     In the United States, Cinco de Mayo is a happy, popular and exceptionally vague celebration of Latino culture. In Mexico, and especially in the historic state capital, the celebration is mostly a martial one — with jet flyovers and a military parade — to commemorate the Mexican army’s decisive victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. Little realized fact, however, the pursuing Mexican army was then contained by the French at Orizaba, Veracruz, on the 14th of  June, YES a month later.   Tampico, Tamaulipas &  Xalapa, Veracruz, taken by 12th of December, 1862.