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    December 10,2012

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    Dr Charles Parker Author of New ADHD Medication Rules, a psychiatrist with 43 years of experience   Venanzio Arquilla is the senior founder and managing director of the Claro Group.   Carol Parks  is the best-selling co-author with Brian Tracy of the book Cracking the Success Code. She is founder of New Heights Marketing and Publishing, a boutique marketing, copywriting, and info-marketing firm based in southeast Michigan. Carol is considered one of the nation’s top direct response copywriters, “mar-com” writers, and marketing minds… and has helped many companies transform their businesses with her bold, proven, and sometimes even radical marketing strategies in addition to corporate communications.       

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    INTERVIEW: Rick Arquilla, Roto-Rooter President, UNDERCOVER BOSS

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    Undercover Boss Rick Arquilla from Roto-Rooter spills the, um, beans on hit CBS reality show!

    Roto-Rooter, America’s largest plumbing and drain cleaning service provider has announced that it will be featured on an upcoming episode of the hit reality show Undercover Boss on CBS.

    President and COO Rick Arquilla will experience several days in the life of a Roto-Rooter technician fulfilling various job duties and learning about his company from the front lines.

    Each week, Undercover Boss follows a different executive as they leave the comfort of their corner office for an undercover mission to examine the inner workings of their companies. While working alongside their employees, they see the effects their decisions have on others, where the problems lie within their organizations and get an up-close look at both the good and the bad while discovering the unsung heroes who make their companies run.

    For more original interviews with your favorite reality TV stars, please visit Mr. Media Radio.

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    Arquilla: New Rules of War

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    Dave Schuler and I will be joined by a special guest, Dr. John Arquilla, co- author of the classic book Networks and Netwars. We’ll be talking about his new Foreign Policy essay, “The New Rules of War” and related topics.

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    "What I learned by going Undercover!" with Undercover Boss Rick Arquilla of Roto-Rooter

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    Rick Arquilla took off the suit and put on the work shirt (complete with a first name patch) to learn what really happens on the front line of his company. He spent time clearing drains and managing customer service calls. I know Rick as a savvy business executive and the president and chief operating officer of Roto-Rooter Services Company. He is also a sensitive guy who cares about his team. He has a lot to share!

    Roto-Rooter is North America’s largest provider of plumbing repair and drain service. Rick oversees the operations side of Roto-Rooter’s business and spends much of his time at branch locations working with general and regional managers to ensure that Roto-Rooter is providing top quality plumbing and drain service. Let’s discover what he learned on the front line...undercover!

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    Get to Know Red Snapper & Arquilla Todd

    in Books

    Get to Know Me Mondays on AAMBC Radio is filled with two authors and once full hour of chats, reads, and more. Get prepared too get exposed to many readers and members as we discuss the authors journeys to this point and their latest novels