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    New Vegan Lifestyles

    in Food

    The trend towards a vegan/ vegetarian lifestyle is on the rise. " According to a recent poll conducted by the independent research firm Harris Interactive, the number of vegetarian youth in the United States has increased 70% in just the last few years. Another poll conducted by a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on vegetarianism, revealed that 0.5% of all U.S. children aged 6-17 are vegan.

    Although some parents may be initially puzzled about how to prepare vegetarian food, many families report that having a vegetarian child quickly improves the entire family's eating habits, and some say they wish they had changed their diets sooner." - Suprememastertv.com

    This Week join us as Stella Halpern shows us the ease of transitioning to a vegan lifestyle and the social impact that eating compassionately has on our bodies and our world. Join us for this powerful 15 minutes!