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    Tough Talk Tuesday

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    This weekend Tommy Karpency upset Chad Dawson, what does this mean for Dawsons future? Vanes Martirosyan defeated Willie Nelson by unanimous decision but should he get a title shot now? Rances Barthelemy dominanted his opponent and then called out Mikey Garcia, would Barthelemy stand a chance? Listen in!


    We will also go over this Wednesday's IBF Super Middleweight title fight between Sam Soliman and Jermain Taylor. Call in and give us your predictions.

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    The Ruckus: A Show About Boxing

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    The Ruckus is all new tonight with special guest Alaw Swyer director of the boxing documentary "El Boxeo." Also joining Jeandra & Ryan, Vanes Martirosyan fresh off his victory against Willie Nelson last Saturday in Connecticut.

    This weeks topics include:

    Recapping last weekend's fight action
    The announcement of Canelo Alvarez pulling out of December bout with Joshua Clottey
    4 fighters you always manage to see on the major cards
    and more.

    Show goes LIVE at 7PM PT. If you'd like to call in and speak to the hosts, the number is 718.508.9852

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    This episode of Rope A Dope Radio will start Recap from the Weekend fights including the Weds Espn2 Card! Plus, Preview of the upcoming fight schedule! Other Topics For Discussion- Canelo Ankle Injury Dec.6 Fight Off. -Demetruis Andrade headed to Showtime? -Whats next for Vanes Martirosyan after his win over Willie Nelson? -Mares switches back to old trainer. -Oscar De La Hoya talking Mares vs Santa Cruz and Khan vs. Guerrero. Plus more current news topics. Follow on Twitter @RopeADopeRadio

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    News, Notes and Highlights Episode

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    After two weeks of vacation on TQBR Radio, we're breaking tradition by putting...no names at all in the title of this episiode! Weird, we know. No cherrypicking of listeners this week! That's also because there simply hasn't been a whole lot to talk about in boxing, apart from non-fighting news and a few acceptable scraps here and there. This week on the show, James Foley of Bad Left Hook and Queensberry Rules' Patrick Connor continue their quest to ensure they will never be hired in the sport of boxing by any significant entity, ever. On the menu: Jhonny Gonzalez' win over Jorge Arce, a fairly weak Showtime card headlined by Rances Barthelemy, Hassan N'dam's victory of Curtis Stevens, and various musings and notes. Thanks for tuning in!

    (Photos: Francisco Salazar and Sumio Yamada)

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    The Ruckus - Mayhem Edition

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    It's Mayhem fight week and we have a full show for you tonight.

    In addition to last minute predictions on the PPV card, Ryan and Jeandra are joined by roundtable stables Ismael AbduSalaam (BeatsBoxingMayhem.com) & Brandon Stubbs (Punch 2 the Face). 

    But wait, there's more!

    Joining us on the show, Julian 'J Rock' Williams, Matt Korobov, Vanes Martirosyan, and Rock Blackwell.

    The show goes LIVE at 7PM PT. If you'd like to call in, the number is 718 508 9852.

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    The Next Round Episode 500: #SolimanTaylor Preview

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    Mondays at 4 pm PST/ 7 EST join Steve Kim and Gabriel Montoya as they break down each week's matches and match-ups and discuss the week's top stories. 

    This week, Steve and Gabriel review last weekend's Showtime card featuring an exciting bout between Vanes Martisrosyan and Willie Nelson and talk Jorge Arec's retirement at the hands of Jhonny Gonzalez. And they'll preview the IBF middleweight title fight between titleholder Sam Soliman and former middleweight champion Jermain Taylor. 

    Plus, news, notes and your calls. 

    Tweet questions live to @maxboxinglive, @SteveUCNlive or @Gabriel_Montoya or call-in at (347) 215-7598.

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    Al Haymon Taking All Fighters to free TV No more Pay Per View?

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    One of the most influential people in boxing Al Haymon is said to be making a multi-million dollar deal with NBC. According to Kathy Duva, “Al Haymon has promised he’s going to take his fighters off premium cable and put Showtime and HBO out of the puzzle. He is also going to do away with pay per view and create an over-the-top network. He is now currently offering NBC around $20 million dollars for 24 fight dates.”

    Kathy Duva has had her own deal with NBC since 2011. Her agreement is soon to expire, and Haymon is said to be taking over. If Haymon’s plan comes into fruition it would overshadow the news of Alvarez’s transfer to HBO. This would better the sport ‘s popularity exponentially. Showtime and HBO are great quality networks but they cannot reach out to the same amount of people NBC can. We will with out a shadow of a doubt be taking live calls on air from you the voice of the people. Call 646-478-3068 to voice your opinion, remember you can voice your opinion in writing by becoming part of the team and writing for the site contact Victor Salazar at Theboxingvoice@yahoo.com Be sure to subscribe to us on YouTube and Blogtalk in order to receive one email a few minutes before we go live. Stay up to date on the sport you love by following us on Twitter @Thaboxingvoice for the most recent news in the boxing world. 

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    Fresh off her Crowd Pleasing 7th Round Knockout of Angel Gladney,"New" WBO Champ Keliesha West stops by the show for An In Depth Interview. Among the many questions we will ask her, it will be great to hear her answer the question,"So how does it feel to be a Champion"? Also an In Depth Interview with Rising Prospect almost Contender Vanes Martirosyan. The Great Miguel Cotto recently turned down a fight with Martirosyan for a bigger payday next year. Vanes scored a great win over unbeaten Joe Greene in his last fight on the undercard of Cotto-Foreman. Plus Recap and News,Debate,Predictions on the upcoming fight schedule.Call in and Let Your Voice Be Heard!

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    Lou Dibella joins Team LeftJab Boxing Radio to discuss the latest on his roster and some of their upcoming coming fights.Dibella discusses what he has in store for Paul Littleton,Frank Galarza,Patrick Day,Heather Hardy,Sergio Mora and Junior Younan.Dibella also breaks down what Willie Nelson has to do to beat his toughest opponent to date in Vanes Martirosyan.Also discussed is how Top Rank Promotions and Golden Boy Promotions working together affect Dibella and Lou makes his prediction for Floyd Mayweather vs Marcos Maidana.


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    Live on the Air - Dr. Rick Harvey - Show #4 - 9/3/14

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    Dr. Rick Harvey

    Yoga Benefits for Athletes 


    Dr. Rick Harvey–Certified Chiropractor with Over 36 Years of Experience, Specialist in Sports Medicine and Co- Author of “Yoga, The Back Pain Cure”

     Unlike many other forms of training, the practice of yoga unfolds over time to reveal many layers of physical benefits and personal revelations.


    “Athletes in all sports are finding that  including yoga in their conditioning routine offers a host of benefits including: improved performance, enhanced focus and concentration, a reduction in injuries and when injuries do occur, yoga can be used to speed recovery.

     In their new book, “Yoga, The Back Pain Cure,” Certified Chiropractor Dr. Rick Harvey and Certified Yoga Instructor Howard VanEs, demonstrate why yoga is the ultimate cure for relieving and preventing back problems, a help with athletic conditioning, as well as being an alternative to expensive treatments and drugs.


    Meet Dr, Rick Harvey:


    •    Certified Chiropractor with Over 36 Years of Experience

    •    Specialist in Yoga for Back Care

    •    Co-Author of “Yoga, The Back Pain Cure”

    •    Specialization in Sports Medicine

    •    Worked with Many Pro Athletes

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    Discovery Channel's Dukes of Haggle Star James Sandzik

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    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Discovery Channel's Dukes of Haggle star James Sandzik. He will discuss his the show and his background.

    For many Americans, cash is king, but things work differently along the back roads of the American south.

    A cash-strapped economy has given rise to a whole new breed of savvy tradesmen who barter for a living. Deep in the heart of Appalachia, these barterers spend their time scouring farms, flea markets, backyards and junkyards for items they can sell at the weekly auction.

    DUKES OF HAGGLE takes viewers inside the underground barter and auction economy, where one man’s trash is truly another man’s treasure.

    In the foothills of Hickory, North Carolina, four rival barter teams leave no stone unturned in order to find the items that will earn them a weekly paycheck. This comical group remains fiercely competitive as their livelihood depends on finding valuable items to flip for big profits at weekly auctions.

    From Prohibition-era kegerators to Civil War swords, from classic Chevy pick-ups to Colonel Sanders weather vanes, these barter sharks go head to head with every tradesman in town to talk the sellers into the most profitable deals. The best swappers in the south only have a few days to fix up their items and flip them at Neal Auction house every Friday night.


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